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Full Version: Probationary Member to Member, How?
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Blue DragonFly
So I was trying to figure out how I earn my member status to I can make some changes to my account, like adding a picture saying where i am from, and I don't see it. There are probationary members with 9 posts and Members with no posts?

Also, are the green squares related to you number of posts? Are the levels listed anywhere? I ask totally out of curiosity.
Welcome to DS, Blue Dragonfly.

We have had problems with spam bots so you have to make 10 posts to unlock those features.

Also, I'm going to move this to the appropriate sub-forum ("Bugs, etc...")

And if you have other questions, post away (you only need 2 more to get off probation).
Blue DragonFly
Thanks Chummer.

And that is 10!

oops. Posts here in "Bugs" don't count. I forgot that. Post something (on topic) in the main forum. smile.gif
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