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Full Version: SCARAB Gaming Convention Columbia, SC Jan 14-16,2011
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SCARAB January 14-16, 2011 Columbia, SC

Mission Statement
To support the roleplaying and boardgaming community and industry by hosting an annual convention that brings gamers together in the spirit of competition and fellowship.

Prepaying for your room has a huge benefit. If you book the hotel room online at Magnuson Hotels website within the next couple of weeks you can get your room for $47.20 per night for a single king or two double beds or $52 a night for a single king or two double bed suite. Conditions are you have to prepay for the room and there is no refund. This makes the price of the room for the entire weekend less than the price of one night at just about all of the other cons in the whole of the southeast. If you're planning on coming to SCARAB, you're crazy if you miss this opportunity!

Don't miss our Shadowrun Tournament!
September 20, 2010
If you think this is a lot of games come to SCARAB and get the full experience!

The list of games we are bringing to XCON World is extensive. Here is a sneak peek:
Savage Worlds, Deadlands, Necessary Evil, Shadowrun, D20 Modern, Star Wars, D&D 4.0, D&D 3.5, Indie Press: (Fiasco, Kagematsu, Geiger Counter, Maid: The RPG, Little Fears, Dogs in the Vineyard, Unending River, Ingenuous, Misspent Youth), Pathfinder, Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies, Dresden Files, Truth and Justice, AD&D 2.0, Call of Cthulhu, Are You a Werewolf and Zorcerer of Zo. We will be running LARP Combat demos, LARP Costume Making demos and LARP Make-up demos. Boardgames, boardgames and more boardgames! We have a full schedule of games and will be running almost 400 hours of game sessions.
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