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Full Version: Shadowrun chat room
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I think it would be fun if there was a chat room here, for members to just chill and enjoy a soy caff. I know there was/ is an irc channel but that is so archaic. I mean half of being a good little cyberpunk is using obscure techs that work to communicate, but frankly I am trying to turn down the nerd volume in my life.
So use Mibbit to connect to the IRC channel.
IRC will never die, and will likely still operate when the crash virus hits.

Further any chat client a given website likely runs is usually a skin over IRC. As someone else said use mibbit.
For the record the shadowrun chat room is #shadowrun right?
No, I only see people in #dumpshock, really.
there one and the same :O
In what sense? #Dumpshock has people in it, while #shadowrun does not. Seems different.
Prime Mover
IRC chat via mitbit has been taking forever and a day to load and is a bit sketchy in it's connection. Not that I've ever seen too many people in there.
Hmm. It *should* work. Mibbit is quite popular and capable. Check for help re: your computer settings, maybe. Failing that, mIRC is quite popular, and there are a number of other free/non-free options (Windows); on Mac, LimeChat is the simplest, then Colloquy is pretty.

Another option is to use an IM client with IRC (on Windows, Pidgin or Trillian; Mac, Adium.)

I usually see 6-12 people in #Dumpshock.
I general use pidgin to connect to IRC how ever its neither simple nor the best option its more a convenience thing.
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