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Full Version: Browser Crashing?
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Not sure what's going on but lately when I bring Safari up and the surf to Dumpshock, I see a fast window pop up and about a third of the time, the browser goes into a loop and I have to bring up a terminal to kill the stuck process.

Any ideas on what the popup is? It's just a flash.

Maybe a PM?

Done your software updates?
PM says no new messages and I'm pretty on top of upgrades and patches.

Ol' Scratch
I just installed and tried out Safari (albeit on a Windows machine) and I didn't see anything like that after a few reloads. Maybe you should run a malware scan or two?
No Mac malware, unless you install it yourself. Are you running any InputManager plugins or funny proxies, like GlimmerBlocker?

You may find some useful info from the Console (~/Applications/Utilities/Console) and String-Matching for 'Safari', although these messages can be hard to read.
On a Mac? smile.gif

Nothing that I'm aware of. I did a quick search and nothing popped up. I am a reasonably safe surfer and haven't been infected yet.

And checking the Safari crash log in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter only indicates a Bad Instruction. Same as last night. A more detailed view in the log shows out of the 26 crashes documented, about half are flash plugin related, a quarter are javascript engine related, but the rest are various issues which includes this morning and last night.

It's just that it happens pretty consistently when I pop in to Dumpshock. Heck, it happened a few minutes ago when I came in here again.

Hmm. Well, did you already do the voodoo litany of clearing caches and things?
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