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Full Version: IPS Driver Error
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Every few days, when I try to load up Dumpshock, I get a blank page with the words "IPS Driver Error" in the upper left corner. This can last anywhere from a couple of hours to (on a few occasions) a day or more. Anybody else get this?
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Never Seen it... Sorry...

Keep the Faith
i did. but i think this is due to board maintenance...
im in the same boat. i wont be able to access dumpshock for several hours at a time when that shows up.
I had the issue last night as well.
This is the wrong forum, but having said that the cause is the admins spilling beer on the server and as we get deeper into summer it will only get worse. Be glad they've been convinced to move it away from the pool.
I had that issue too. Several times.
I had it last night. Probably just maintenance issues... I wouldn't worry too much, the internet is a big place. Plenty to do to keep from getting bored while DS is down...
The error is generated whenever the boards are down, be it for maintenance or other technical issues.

Moving this thread to the appropriate forum.
This actually occurred due to some database issues. Maintenance was performed yesterday morning. We are monitoring to insure that it resolved the issue.
I liked my story better.
You gotta realize we graduated from beer to whiskey about the the time the CGL Speculation threads kicked in. nyahnyah.gif
I'm past Whiskey. I started to mainline Crack around CGL Spec #4... smile.gif
Yea but i figure no true drunk spills whiskey.
Oh, there is a point at which even a true drunk will spill. I think the thought that we may reach that point is very telling..
Just admit it. Non of you can hold your liquor.
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