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Johnny B. Good
Concept: The Mages of Creation are a multitraditional group of individuals who hold certain facts about magic common, that magic is the source of all creation, and should be used to create rather than destroy. Because of the nature of their magic all known creation mages are constantly hounded and harassed by members many religions as well as the common populace. Many live alone and in secrecy, but few are sheltered by (and work for) megacorps. They all share the mentor spirit Artificer. Other characteristics are high enchanting abilities, moderate to high artisan skill and moderate to high conjuring abilities.

That being said, I have a concept for a chaos tradition creation mage that I would really, really like to play, but am at a loss for spells which are appropriate, but are not game breaking. I'd like to keep with the theme of "Creating things that should not be" but I have trouble keeping with the concept and remaining within the rules.

Potential spells

-As per book

-As per book

Create memories
- Restricted alter memories, can only implant. Don't like this one as much since it's not creating actual things.

Create Golem
-Seperate from spirits, creates a mindlessly obedient (albeit stupid) golem. Canned due to not being able to create magical objects.

And I am at a loss. Does anybody have any ideas?
Why are these "Mages of Creation" harassed over and above the normal level of prejudice that other magicians have to put up with?
Johnny B. Good
Should've mentioned it in the other post, but a goal of much of their research is to create life and magical life magically, which (as far as my understanding of the 6th world goes) is still strictly the realm of the godly in the pope's eyes.
  1. I advise you to read the sidebar, "The Limits of Sorcery," p. 159-160, Street Magic. What you're talking about is not possible under RAW. If you want to handwave that restriction away, however, be aware that it will break your game.
  2. The Catholic Pope is hardly the absolute theocratic ruler of all the world's faithful. Not sure how many Catholics there are in the Sixth World, but the old torches-and-pitchforks routine is unlikely, to say the least. If you want to introduce an ultra-radical splinter group of Catholic terrorists, however, they might make interesting antagonists for your group (and may even be supported and/or funded on the sly by the Church).
Or have the LDS church (who are a major player in the PCC) or some other wacko american outfit come after them. I don't see how, in a world where brainless clones to be harvested for spare parts are an accepted medical technique, this would cause the general populace to have screaming fits, though.
QUOTE (Johnny B. Good @ Jun 17 2010, 05:10 AM) *
Should've mentioned it in the other post, but a goal of much of their research is to create life and magical life magically, which (as far as my understanding of the 6th world goes) is still strictly the realm of the godly in the pope's eyes.

In a world that already has clones and drones and AIs and cyberzombies and cyborgs and biodrones, I don't see how see this could do more than raise an eyebrow.
Also, magical life (a.k.a. Ally spirits, Watchers) is created in the SR universe on a daily basis. Most religions have made their arrangements with this fact - the Chuch mostly endorses it if certain practices are applied, and even has orders dedicated to 'white' magic. Many protestant or independent wonder healers and preachers are supposed to be awakened, and many non-catholic churches are much more open towards magic (the Orthodox being among these).

Islam is very permissive with spirits anyway - there are very interesting rulings in islamic jurispondence about spirit/human marriages, for instance (really, click here for a fatwa on this matter; the gist: it is usually agreed upon that this is forbidden but the Sufi and Yemenite think otherwise), and Jinn - spirits - are considered to be an intelligent creation on equal level with humanity by the Quran. It is worth noting that, with that Fatwa, despite the con side being vastly overrepresented, only the Hanbali school agrees, which is the prevalent school of islamic law in Saudi Arabia and *nowhere else*. All other islamic schools seemingly would not mind you marrying your ally spirit (provided you free it first, see the ban on marrying slaves). Whether or not some baptist outfit in the Midwest or some Wahhabist terror commandos in Iran have their knickers in a knot about spirits, nobody cares.

The German Catholics are rather strict and only recognise theurgic rites as non-diabolic, and there certainly are some more radical islamist schools that frown upon spirit creation (a.k.a. Ally spirits), but those are the fringe. Judaism is the basis of SR hermeticism, so I think it is fair to assume no Rabbi will raise an eyebrow on the creation of an Ally spirit.

Also, Israel is pretty deep in cloning and AI/drone research in SR, so they're unlikely to protest, except maybe for some weirdo ultra faction.

Most Asian religions are probably oblivious to this or work this in somehow, being essentially polytheist and thus much less dogmatic. I wouldn't know of any ban on creation in either Hinduism, Buddhism or Chinese Spirituality.

So anyway, you can well build such a magical group. Just don't claim anybody would care.
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