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So the subject matter in question is the destruction of new york thread, now stretching into it's fifth page or so of discussion of the quake power.

The thread in question can be found here: Destruction of New York

This post started a bit vague regarding the destruction of New York and how to deal with it. BY post 9 Wraith has made the post even more granular his questions depends on how to deal with the power in the context of a missions game where folks are balancing between the points of keeping things on track for the module and allowing things to run by the rules as written.

Folks answered as best they were able and personally I thought I and some of the others came up with viable fixes.

Then a moderator, presumably Grinder although I have no way of knowing decided to move the whole thing to the general forum and then open the discussion with commentary about Hell on Earth meets Shadowrun. Now I got to say I find the concept intriguing as a fan of both game worlds but at the same time this was basically mod powered thread derailing. I used the report function kind of hoping things would get back on track, queue more folks coming in and then que someone coming in to be all offended and DON'T YOU GUYS REMEMBER 9-11 whargabble!

So I took a few days to gain some perspective especially after I got a warning and unsuccessfully asked for an appeal. For the record if my warning message had contained "Two other moderators have reviewed the issuing of this warning, and we all think you're being a dick and needed it." I would have likely laughed and took the whole thing better and wouldn't have bothered to appeal. Hindsight being 20/20 I figure while I still think the warning is unfair given the gravity of the comment and tone of the conversation I'm sure I've at some point gotten away with a comment I shouldn't have or will do so in the future.

But honestly I still have a problem with the thread move as:

1) It pulls a topic out of the Missions forum which while I am greatfull to DS for hosting it at the same time when I point people towards it I want it to look as vibrant as it deserves something I don't always feel it properly reflects compared to the number of folks playing missions. 2) It was basically moderater supported thread derailment. 3) Said moderator could have just as easily started a similar thread in the main forum regarding the quake power, the destruction of NYC, or the introduction of a suitably destroyed setting for Shadowrun (by the way we've got one, it's Chicago aka bug city). 4) It was a stealth mod move, which honestly while I have no overall problem with the moding here on DS just seems unnecessary.

Anyway that's my gripe, thanks for listening.
It was actually talked about Back STage a fair bit prior to getting moved, and I supported the move. Basically, each forum serves a specific purpose. The Missions Forum's purpose is to discuss Missions, the adventures, and rules when they directly impact how Missions is played (The 4 to 1 downtime rule, allowed and disallowed qualities, etc).

The thread had only the most tenuous of links to Missions in the first place, and after a couple of posts had no link whatsoever, and became a general rules discussion about the Quake power. Since the thread had no real bearing on Missions directly, it was moved (With my blessing).

There was no malice intended by the Mods. It's no different than moving General gaming threads to that forum, "Looking for Group" threads to the Registry, or complaints/questions about the forums themselves getting bumped into DS News and Bugs forums.

The original Moderator who moved the thread probably should have dropped a note into it, and left a redirect in place. I don't remember offhand who it was, but I'm guessing one of the newer mods, who are still learning the ropes. But either way, it's not really a big deal, IMO.

The Missions forum is not a private Shadowrun chat forum for Missions players. We don't want to segregate the forums like that... At the end of the day, there's no real difference between a "Missions Player" and a "Home Player", and as you know, with Season 4 I'm really hoping to help reduce that divide further by making the Missions more accessible and interesting as a Home Game adventure. So unless the thread is specific to Missions itself, it belongs in the general Shadowrun forum.

It sucks that one or two people decided to thread crap a bit, but I believe they were dealt with as well. So please, Lurker, chill out and relax. YOu're really, really wound up about this for some reason, and I'm not entirely sure why...


I moved the thread, yes. I forgot to click the "leave a link to the moved topic"-button when doing so and I apologize for that mistake. The thread got moved since it is of interest to "Home Players" (as Bull called them) too and I thought it deserved more attention than it would got in the Missions subboard. By no means was the thread moving meant as a punishments, evil action, or something like that.
The first step was a Member request that the topic be moved that was made after the second post in that thread. This is not something the moderators did out of the blue on their own whim.
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