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Full Version: How to make a Shaman Face?
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I have been lurking for a while off and on for years really.

We have just started up Shadowrun(I haven't played since '97). The GM was wanting someone to play with the magic system and I am the only one in the group who has ever played so he wants me to, but we also need a 'face'. Is it possible to do both?

I have been tinkering with it but can't seem to make it work with any reasonable success.

I figured a dwarf Shaman with a Trickster mentor spirit.

Any one of you who like to make characters feel free to come up with something for me. smile.gif

It is very easy to do both.

Many spells lend themselves to social situations such as Analyze Truth.

Additionally, a Shaman uses Charisma as his linked attribute. This means a shaman face lets him/her use charisma as "double duty". You get more dice to both social skills and drain, as well as any other test that uses the magically linked attribute.
Yep, shaman and face go very well together, mostly because of Charisma.

It's not like you really need much to be a decent face. Charisma and Influence group.

Sure, you can go all out and get your dice pool up towards 20, but it's not like that was really necessary.

The biggest problem you will face is cost... since magicians do need quite a lot of stuff already. smile.gif

shaman face:


hermetic face:

An anchored Influence spell cast on a business card with a trigger of whoever is holding it when you say "give me a call" and instructions that they are to pay their whole budgeted amount from their corp may help your payout. Putting a quickened False Impression on it so instead of an anchoring focus it looks like something more innocent might help a bit too.

Oh, and detect sensor. Totally. Know who's listening!
You may want to check out the alternative traditions in Street magic, also new mentor spirits.

Shaman face? Go msytic adept, snag Aptitude: Spellcasting.(you're going to need it, after the magic split), and Restricted Gear(power focus). Enjoy both spellcasting, high charisma- and social-adept powers like kinesthics. You've still got ten points of qualities left over, which should be enough to season your character to taste. If you're feeling more powergamey, then consider Mentor Spirits, Martial Arts, or Surge(glamour, metagenetic improvement) for your last ten points of qualities. Possibly First Impression or Trustworthy, or Astral Chameleon(it combos quite nicely with the flexible signature metamagic)

You're going to need to min-max out the door to be effective, but from there........ its not too bad.

Elf: 30bp
Mysadept, aptitude, restricted gear: 25bp
100k in cash, power foci 4, 20BP
Bonding to foci : 4bp
spellcasting 7: 32
Magic 5 40 OR 6: 65
= 151 OR 176.
Might as well go for max magic, though. As long as you start in your role strong, you don't have to worry about increasing it in play, which means you can make up the difference in karma fairly easily.

As for your adept powers, split your magic with 2 points or so into adept powers, maybe more. (and, for the love of god, use 4th anniversary's mysadept rules, and ignore the outdated FAQ. it'll save you so much headache). With Spellcasting 7, 1 magic split into casting, and a power foci 4, you'll be rolling 12 dice for your spells, before Specialties and Mentor Spirits.
Good choices:
Kinesics! Always good for a social adept (0.5/lev)
If you plan on meleeing at all, consider Counterstrike.(0.5)
Commanding Voice - because compelling people to drop their guns is surprisingly effective. (0.25/lev)
Enthralling Performance(con). Because faces live by the Con, and making people pay attention to you is never a bad thing.
Improved Reflexes - your choice. You'll should using the Spell version for your passes, but this one can't be counterspelled.
If you plan on going the disguise route: Voice control.(0.5), Facial Sculpt(0.25/lev), melanin control(0.5)
Any remaining power points should be sunk into Improved Ability. Because... it costs 0.25 a level for Physical, Social, Technical, and Vehicle skills...such as con.

After that, all you need to think about is whether you want a point of hardware or not.
QUOTE (Tzeentch @ Jun 25 2010, 05:14 PM) *
shaman face:


hermetic face:


Beaten to the punch because I was working overtime ... /sad
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