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Full Version: Threads not updating
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What I'm seeing on the Dumpschock Forums main page as the Last Post Info is different from what I see when I go into the board in question, and when I go into a thread it doesn't actually show all posts.
When I was on the Dumpshock Forum main page and saw "Troll Cybertank" as the Last Post (I noticed this problem because I was trying to go back into the thread I started) clicking on that link took me to the thread with all of the replies, but when I was in the Shadowrun board and clicked on the "Troll Cybertank" thread it did not include all of the replies.

This happens for every thread. Any ideas what causes this?
Not being able to reproduce your issue, my gut is that it is a local browser cache issue.
Probably. I'm not having the same problem on my home computer.
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