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Full Version: Can We get back a General Random Thread
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I really miss having a general chatter section without any forced Shadowrun element
Caine Hazen
Negitory on that; DS Lounge and Bulldrek went elsewhere because of the issues they caused. This has been answered many many times by other mods, and we're sticking by it for now. No off-topic genral posting zones.
Yeah! We hate Gernal and genral topics around here. And spelling!! nyahnyah.gif
Mr. Mage
Sorry, I may be misinterpreting the request, but don't we have a general discussion forum? There are certainly threads in there that don't fully pertain to SR.
There's a general gaming forum. It's a little bit looser than the other forums, but generally it's gaming and gaming related stuff. We usually let gamer-friendly discussions slide a little bit (Talking about geek movies or TV shows, and stuff like that), but even that has limits. There is no true "general" forum. It's been tried on several occasions, and it always leads to madness. A few people ruin it for the rest.

Mr. Mage
Okay. I figured tete meant something different than the general gaming section, but I wasn't sure.
Hocus Pocus
I remember the lounge
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