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Full Version: A Karma system for Dumpshock
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Dumpshock has a rating system inside of different profiles, but in order to access it you need to go to their profile and click on it. This isn't displayed in the threads, so it doesn't matter. Can we get a reputation sysem for Dumpshock modled after the Horizon Internal Persona? It would be useful, and metajokes are always fun.
These systems always seem to mean zilch in the end. People negative karma/rep/whatever those they don't like, positive those they do, forget to use it, or just don't care. It's rarely a true reflection of the users getting judged.
Heath Robinson
From what I've seen, the Facepunch system of rating different posts with named awards is much more usable as it demands the user declare the reason for the rating and attaches the award to the post that inspired it. That way, we can tell you what we don't like and why we don't like it.
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