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Full Version: Allowed quoted blocks of text cap misfeature
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So it turns out that, for some reason beyond human comprehension, there's a limit to the number of quoted blocks of text that can appear in one post. Can we get this inconvenient and arbitrary restriction lifted? Getting nested quotes back would be nice too, but that's a little less serious.

Neither the removal of nested quotes, nor any limit on the number of quote were consciously set by us {Rather they appear to be *features* since the upgrade}. What is the specific warning are you getting?
It kicks me back to the post editing screen with the following message:

You have posted more than the allowed number of quoted blocks of text

This occurs when there are more than ten quote blocks, including nested quote blocks (so I guess while this cap is in place it's probably good that nested quotes are stripped).

According to the (miserable) IPB documentation, the setting to enable/disable nested quotes is in Admin CP -> System -> System Settings -> Forums -> Topics, Posts and Polls and is called "Stop Quote Embedding".

There is apparently an option also in Topics, Posts and Polls called Max. Number Quotes Per Post, defaulting to 10. This is the option causing the problem that this post is about.

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