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Full Version: Great Leap, Improved Acrobatics . . .
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OK, I know this is a bit of a detour from Shadowrun... however, if you need to visualize a person doing some of those 12-dice athletics tests (hehe) that physical adepts can do, you might want to watch this.

- rap background music
- real people
- things that no sane person should ever do unless they have a docwagon contract with several spare knees on order. Ow.

Seriously though . . . I hope you all find this as amazing as I did.
Have to admit that is pretty impressive. I'd be scared sh*tless to even try training towards that. Hell I get queasy about jumping from a 3 or 4 foot high wall.


now imagine a Troll, doing all that stuff in that film clip.
Shanshu Freeman
I read somewhere that this stuff was shot for a european shoe commercial.
Dude has watched way too many Jackie Chan flicks.
Neon Tiger
Yeah, that's what you get when you have Night One ghoul with exceptional quickness, maxed quickness, some bioware, hydraulic jacks, Apditude: athletics and SURGE satyr legs.

Max. vertical jump: 28 meters
Max. horizontal jump: 9 meters
# of dice for jumping(assuming Atletics 6): 14
Average running speed/combat turn: 115 meters = 138 km/h

silly.gif cool.gif eek.gif biggrin.gif
Tiger: You forgot Attribute Boost: Quickness
Neon Tiger
QUOTE (toturi)
Tiger: You forgot Attribute Boost: Quickness

But that character is not awakened. Even if he were, he'd be a burn-out.
Well, don't put too much cyber/bio in, and you can still cram in enough Boost to double your RML, which is still higher than your RAM.
Neon Tiger
QUOTE (toturi)
Well, don't put too much cyber/bio in, and you can still cram in enough Boost to double your RML, which is still higher than your RAM.

Attribute Boost would be useless, you'd have to roll 2-3 dice against TN 7, so there's a pretty good chance you won't get any successes.

Maybe Improved Athletics for some extra dice. That would bring his average running speed to around 135 meters/CT = 162 km/h. Whee!!!

That means he could outrun most normal sedans and somesuch. biggrin.gif
Can we do it without making him a ghoul? What does that get us anyway?
Initiate a couple times, and find a Delta clinic, and you can get enough accelleration that your character should die when he starts running.

Night One adept, with the Satyr Legs SURGE edge, Bonus Attribute & Exceptional Attribute (Quickness), Improved Atheletics 6, Improved Quickness 6 (geased), Move-by-wire 4, Hydraulic jacks 5, Cyberfeet w/ cyberskates, Muscle Toner 4, and a Force 6 Centering Focus. 6 in Athletics and Centering. 6 base Int and Quickness.

He rolls 17 Athletics dice vs. TN 2 for running, for an average of 14.1666... successes. He centers for success vs. TN 2, rolling 12 dice for an average of 10 successes, adding 5 successes to his Athletics check.

So, on an average roll, he has about 19 successes.

He has a quickness of 19(23), and a running multiplier of x7.

So, when he runs, he moves 294m/combat turn (or 98m/s).

He has an Initiative of 5d6+20 (average 37.5), so he accelerrated to that speed in the space of 3/4 of a second.

v=u+at, so starting from a standtill, this mean that his acceleration is 130.666...m/s, or about 13 g's.

I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure than anything above 10g's is nearly instantly fatal to humans.
yes an instantanous 10 g change would kill a human
Sweet Christ. Thread ressurection, anyone?
Well, I am curious What a character with a 12 Ahtletics and Great leap would do for fun?
I dunno, maybe what they do for fun has nothing at all to do with being an Adept, and having 12 Athletics dice. What do you think Olympic athletes do "for fun?"
hay uuuh I lost my copy of SR comp what are the jump rules again? lol I remeber something about a square root. . .?
QUOTE (nick012000)
Cyberfeet w/ cyberskates

Spare the Essence and buy Rollerblades
hay are there any spells that increase the running multiplier?
Not that I know of, but the spirit power Movement will. Actaully, Horse shaman can take movement as a metamagic, I believe.

Err....... *Shoots zombie thread*
Herald of Verjigorm
Too bad beating a dead horse shaman doesn't always stop it.

If you can sneak "Increased Running" past your GM with the same mechanics as increased quickness, you can get some really wrong results. Albino gnome horse shaman with quickness 2, increased quickness and increased running (with sustaining foci). After two easy spellcastings, it's not unreasonable to have a speed of 294m/ct.
So, theoretically, this guy can move so fast he could go UP the side of the Renraku Arc, and pole-vault off the top of it, landing on the space needle?
Albino ghoul nightone horse shaman magician adept. biggrin.gif Try saying that all in one breath.
And he's gay!
QUOTE (toturi)
Albino ghoul nightone horse shaman magician adept ...

With SURGEd Satyr legs! wink.gif
He should probably have a few ninjas too.


(Let the thread DIE!)
It'd be dead -- twice -- if Fionn would leave it the fuck alone -- twice.
As dead as the Drop Bear thread? wink.gif
The drop bear threads rock...
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