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With the recent issues around reCaptcha's vulnerability to spammers, new user validation is currently only occurring via email request.

Send an email to from the email you registered with and we will activate your account.

Just in case you didn't already do this, you should make sure new users know about this without having to scroll to the very bottom of the page...I know that I wouldn't see it wink.gif
Woooo...1st post
I have updated the initial post to reflect our domain now accepting email directly:
This still up to date?
People are asking/waiting ^^
Every single email request I have received has been fulfilled.
Ah, good, thank you for your fast work ^^
Edit: one of them still can't post it seems O.o
I have a surge. There are now 5 requests in queue.
I was wrong, only 2. I hadn't deleted all the old emails.

Welcome to Cynewulf & baronspam.
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