All-Con -- -- is a (relatively) young, relatively small, convention for all the DFW geeks and freaks to get together, hang out, browse a vendor hall, and enjoy sci-fi, comics, and anime, a costume contest, a few celebrity guests, and some of the local roller derby chicks. A good friend of mine is also one of the founders and administrators, and Lance has been buggin' me for the last couple years to try and get some gaming going on.

In that spirit, and to celebrate living in Texas (instead of making the trip from Kentucky every year), I'm going to test the waters by hosting a small panel. I managed to talk fellow freelancer and Texan Patrick Goodman to swing by and hang out for the weekend, too! So that's two writers for the price of one, just chatting for a couple hours about how we got into freelancing, what the job is like, what various companies have been like (we've both worked for several different ones), and all that good stuff.

We'll be giving a pair of hour long panel presentations, and while there's nothing official planned yet, my magic eight ball tells me the odds are pretty darned good that one or both of us could pretty easily be talked into running a game or two, while we're at it.