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I am looking for a chat game rather than play by post. I like the idea of persistent worlds where a character can grow to affect the overall world and allows the story lines to merge and progress. Does anyone know of such a site or simply knows of some good chat sites where it is easy to get involved in a pickup game?
I'd be interested in an online game. We might be able to drum up a willing GM out there.
Magus ----> HERE
QUOTE (Magus @ Apr 16 2011, 01:11 PM) * ----> HERE

HAHA... Yes I've read it. and I am a fan.
I am thinking about DMing a game, would you guys be willing to try over Fantasygrounds as it is so far the best virtual tabletop program I have encountered, also would you be willing to go through season 1 of the missions (coverted to SR4)
I would be down for that. I haven't played SR4A since it first came out and am looking to get back into it.

Is the Fantasy Grounds client free or how does that work?
the only downside of the fantasy ground client is its price the version I got was $40 that allows for community addins and a couple $2-3 addins for other systems, the version for shadowrun is incomplete, it does not deal with initiative well, but it deals with images, characters, tokens, storyline and chat exceedingly well I will be seeing if I can get openRPG/Traipse to work if so I can start on that, I am also planning on having the skype running in the background for actual conversation
update: having issues with openRPG it will not open for me at all.
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