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Full Version: Sixth World Wiki online
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The Sixth World Wiki is back online.
It is significantly locked down at the moment to keep spammers out and due to a lack of admins, but the historic data is there.

I'm interested in helping update/admin the wiki if you're looking for people.
be nice if we got people like AH and FT to fill it with info . .
Good to see you are back. Unfortunately there appears to be a problem with the encoding. The wiki seems to use UTF-8 but characters with diacritical marks are malformed now. Tr na ng is one example. The article now appears as Tír_na_nÓg. Fixing this by hand, would be a lot of work. So I would suggest to have a look at the import process, maybe there is some issue with transformations between different charsets or forced re-encoding.
QUOTE (lokii @ May 18 2011, 02:09 PM) *
So I would suggest to have a look at the import process, maybe there is some issue with transformations between different charsets or forced re-encoding.
There was no import. The database was cold copied from the old server to the new. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
I have tested "Tr na ng" in my editor and it turns into "Tr_na_nÓg" when I switch encoding from Unicode to cp-1250 or cp-1252 and similar Microsoft Windows codepages. Do the two servers use different operating systems? That might be a problem, though usually that only leads to a malformed end of line. Another problem could be copying between different file systems (FAT32, NFTS, ext etc.), though I'm not sure, that that affects more than file names. Yet another problem could be the software used for copying itself.
So I tried editing the wiki and it is locked down. I was a pretty active wiki editor back when it was active, and I even asked few times for admin rights, to delete junk pages and such, both on wiki and here. I never heard back from anybody with authority, but that's old news.

I suggest that we migrate (copy, transwiki) all content from this wiki to wikia's shadowrun wiki. Why?
1) Wikia is a large corporate enterprise, keeping their custom MediaWiki updated, so it has more features and less security/spam problems, and with all due respect, I'd expect that in x years, it is much more likely to be here than either dumpshock or shadowrun4 sites
2) Wikia is MediaWiki, so we could just copy and paste pages

It can be done, the Polish Shadowrun Wikia looks quite good, with 4000+ articles. And of course German Shadowhelix is humming.

To make our work easier, it would be really nice if somebody would authorize me and some others who would want to help in moving to be admins, so that we could delete/blank with a moved template pages we have moved, to facilitate the moving process.

BTW, is Chrome Tiger still around? A year ago we were talking about fixing the wiki in PMs... back then he gave me the impression that he was somebody who could get things done, but I guess we both went different ways, and now his inbox is full.
See PM.
Sounds good. I will try to do some work on the SR wiki, getting the admin rights there.
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