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The shadowrun timelines Iíve been able to dredge up from the internet all seem to peter out in detail after the 2060s. Does anyone have a link for an up to date one?

Specifically Iím wondering about events in the Summer of í72 as background events for a game so if anyone can point me in a direction of a suitable book that would be great (I have access to most of the recent sourcebooks but havenít had a chance to read through the fluff bits so pointers appreciated. I havenít picked up the Ghost Cartels book or anything from the recent adventure type books but I know there are often gems of timeline information in them...)

Thanks for your help!

Ghost Cartels deals mostly with 2071. Sixth World Almanac has some stuff but not a great deal. Seattle 2072 might be your best bet.
The Dawn of the Artifacts books are supposed to take place in 2072, so from a metaplot standpoint you may want to wait until that concludes.
The 6th World Almanac has a much more filled out timeline. There are still a few issues with the book (Notably a chart on 'what happened in year X' repeated for three different years a good twenty years apart!), but very much worth the read.
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