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Full Version: SPOILERS Review of CMP 2010-05: Lost Islands Found
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Spoilers below

[ Spoiler ]
Spoiler alert from the GM so stop reading if you don't want to see here from the GM side of the screen.

The combat at the safehouse/hotel is supposed to be a bit more drawn out there is are a supposed to have been 5 Halloweeners gangers and their Ghoul mage, and an air spirit, but I only had 4 hours in which to play I had to edit the safehouse scene for time sake, I apologies if it was underwhelming, I had to get a move on for times sake frown.gif

Thanks for the reveiw and after action report, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself

Yes, pay was a bit light but you also had a chance to get some decent loot from the bad guys

Tip from the GM never obliterate an NPC with Grenades you miss out on the chance to search them later smile.gif

The guys I ran this for where awesome, had a great time glad everyone enjoyed the experience.
I can see 5 gangers, an air spirit, and a ghoul mage being a much more reasonable fight. It is not your fault it took us 2.5 hours to clear the first scene.

As far as loot goes, I’d rather just not loot people and get paid more. As you saw, some people get caught up in the book keeping of looting. My character has no reason to take a job for minimal pay with the expectation of loot. That requires me to metagame a reason to take the job. If the mission was “infiltrate X and steal Y, plus steal whatever else you want” you can totally expect loot to make up the pay difference. In a body guard mission, looting doesn’t seem like something you would expect. What if they had just sent several spirits to gank him (say all 3 mages in the adventure ganged up and just kept spamming 3 spirits at a time until they won?)

Tip from the player: Bring as much force as you have to the table on every target, and leave looting in D&D where it belongs (this may be a difference of play style though).
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