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Full Version: Dumpshock on Facebook
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Dumpshock on Facebook
Does this mean they will have to add paranormal animals to Farmville? smile.gif
I'm thinking we just hack the whole thing! Mafia Wars becomes Shadowrun Wars!
Don't do it! It's a Horizon trick to get our social information!!!
Prime Mover
Liked....does this mean I should copy and paste my posts nyahnyah.gif. Have to do that twice once we get Google plus dumpshock circle....sheesh gonna be like a full time job.
My thoughts were more a central place to post images, photos, etc.
i'll be waiting wether or not farcebook gets destroyed by anonymous first . .
If only.....
*Dreamy-eyed look*
Yeah, i'd applaud them and try to steer them towards thyspace and mykz next . .
but then i remember:"/b is NOT your personal army!"
So I posted a sneak preview of the cover art for Dumpshock Datahavens Issue #2 on the Facebook page.
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