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Are there any Mission GMs that are interested and available to get SR Missions going at Gary Con IV (2012) - Thursday, March 22nd, through Sunday, March 25th, 2012 in Lake Geneva, WI?

The registration period should be starting soon.

I know of one GM from Origins that expressed interest, just wondering if there are more. If I can get some GMing experience under my belt before then, I'd like to step up and help.

This map might help anyone looking to carpool.
Hmmm.. I have to see what I can do about getting to this and getting time off. I might be willing to run some SR4 there, but also want to be able to play some games. wink.gif I"m not a Missions GM per-se, but would be willing to learn and become one.
Yeah, me too. I want to learn enough to hopefully be a respectable SRM GM / Demo Agent. It's always good to save lots of time to play.

Gary Con should have a GREAT event schedule this year. The Dead Games Society is contributing in a big way, there should be Pathfinder Society Events (a living campaign), I know a superb GM that is running a dozen Stargate SG-1 games that often intertwine and evolve (what happens in one session shapes and influences what happens in other sessions), plus a lot of other stuff... and hopefully there will be Missions there. Folks are really pulling out the stops this year and are probably going to set a very high bar for future cons / other cons.
How big is this convention? I'm looking into taking the time off of work and I'm just curious to see if it's big enough to make the drive worth it.
Doc Chase
Not sure. I haven't heard of it much before now. Might do some more research on this.
It is fairly small but has very good quality games / GMs. I think last year attendance was in the 350-400 people range. It should grow again this year, I think it has been growing about 25% each year.
The Event Catalog has been posted and Event Registration has gone live.

XLS version:
8 slots got run by myself (four 01-01 and two 01-03) and another (two 01-02). It turned out pretty well. Some players at another game were commenting that they wanted to bail on the game they were playing and come play Shadowrun. I took that as a high compliment, because I know from first hand experience that the GM they were playing with is a fabulous GM.

Hopefully next year I can attract some experienced Demo Agents and take on more of a coordinators role, with a little GMing to continue to hone my skills in a Con setting.

Attendance at Gary Con was around 550 this year.
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