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Full Version: [Bug Report]Marked read?
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When I am in the forums main page, "Dumpshock Forums", and I click on the latest topic and read it, when I then return to the SubForum, say in this case Shadowrun, the post is not marked as having been read. This isn't a huge deal, but does tend to lead to me reading stuff twice. And while I am sitting a ton of free time right now, eventually I'll heal up and head back to work which will put my time at a premium.
You have cookies enabled? How about setting IE to check for updates to the page 'Automatically' or every time? Assuming you are using IE that is.
My tech guy is stopping by tomorrow to game, I'll have him look at your suggestion. If IE stands for Internet Explorer I am not using that, I am viewing web pages on Chrome.
I've been getting this bug since Safari 5 (or 5.1? Lion.). I open the forum (usually 'Posts since your last visit'), and close the page when I'm done. Upon return, everything's unread.
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