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Full Version: ShadowRun Costumes
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It's Halloween! Yay!
Did anyone else wear a ShadowRun themed costume this year?

Here's my costume, wish I had a Datajack or something to complete it though.
Apparently it was somewhat realistic, I got security called on me at the mall, that'll teach me to go in without matrix overwatch.
Image tags don't work on this forum, and you might want to move this to the main Shadowrun area.

That said, welcome aboard!!!
Couldn't find a way to actually move the thread, so I just made a new one. feel free to delete this or whatever. XP
I meant re-post by "Move", sorry. It was rather late when I was posting.

Maybe an Admin will delete this, maybe not. Welcome to DumpShock! Leave your sanity at the door.
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