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Full Version: Wiki down?
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Apparently I'm one of those annoying people who only register for a site when there is some sort of problem instead of functioning as a productive, contributing member of the community. Sorry!

I just noticed that I can no longer access the wiki here (bookmark I had was: Going directly to just redirects to the blog. The main page just returns a 404 error. I didn't see any notes here in the news forum about it, so I was wondering if anyone knew, if it was intentional, or if it just moved and I couldn't figure out where.

The wiki is a terrific resource and I have come to rely on it heavily. I have almost all the source books, but it is great to be able to quickly look things up in a centralized place. The power of the Internets!

On the plus side, poking around to see if it had moved, I found your terrific e-zine. I'm really looking forward to the next issue... I understand it has a focus on Puyallup, which happens to be an area I am pretty interested in right now, too. I'm digging through the wiki researching details for a (unofficial) Shadowrun novel I'm working on; several important characters are from Puyallup. So, I'm looking forward to mining that as well as the wiki for juicy background details.

The book is going up in parts on my website: in parts. My goal is roughly a chapter a month.

So, thanks for all the work putting the wiki together, it is terrifically useful... is it coming back? smile.gif
The wiki has been merged with I turned on the redirect that I had forgotten to turn on.

Awesome, thank you! Works perfectly now.
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