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I really feel like I should have given this game more of a chance. On paper, it sounds awesome: an open-world space sim, where you can trade, fight, and explore to your heart's content, and oh yeah there's also a story if you want to pursue it. It's kind of like EVE Online, only minus the aggravation of dealing with other human beings. The problem is that after the tutorial mission, it drops you in the middle of this gigantic universe, tells you absolutely nothing more, and says, "Go to it." It's so bad, you need a guide to tell you where the exits from your current zone are! Your starter ship's sensors are inexplicably short-ranged (this being, you know, space and all), and in spite of the starter area being ostensibly inhabited and presumably well-mapped, you don't have anything resembling a navigational chart. It's like the developers went out of their way to provide the player with as little information as possible. I'll probably reinstall it at some point and have another go, but it's just so damned frustrating having to alt-tab to GameFAQs every thirty seconds, not to find out what I'm supposed to be doing, but just to know what I can do.
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Gah! Sorry, yes, I meant to put it in General Gaming. Mea culpa.
I hear ya. I played a good bit of X2: Threat and for that game it was fairly well established, save for having half your economy blown to hell in a random pirate raid. Following a prompt rage-quit I checked out X3: Terran and I agree, its crazy.

Going to check out the new X3:Albion, maybe they've addressed that can hope...
In the interests of disclosure, I'd like to note that Frontier: Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters rank amonk my favorite games of all time. I devoured all of the Wing Commander series. I played Eve online for a year. I have even been playing Dwarf Fortress since before Z-levels were included.

All of that, and I found X3 to be incomprehenisble, awful, and boring because the game would not and could not tell me the first f'ing thing about what it was I was doing or how to do it.

So I feel your pain.
The X serie is great, but I agree, it is quite hard to get "into it".
Here are some advices:
- If possible, play "X3: Terran Conflict" or "X3: Albion Prelude", instead of Reunion. They added some major improvements in the interface and gameplay. For example, you can see if a station has job or opportunities without having to dock on it.
- Usually, taking jobs is a good way to start, but be carefull: at the begining you won't be able to do them all: you will need to upgrade your ship first, and you will need money to do it. So first step is to make some money to upgrade your ship. You should start by doing some salvaging. Fly to a sector controled by a faction, but directly connected with a pirate or Xenon sector. "Elena's Fortune" is a great one. You will see pirate or xenon incursion on a regular basis, but the sector is quite well protected, so most of the time the invaders are shot down. You can then look for salvage, missiles most of the time. Some are very cheap, but some are quite expansive, ranging from 130 to 90 000 credits per missiles.
- You should then be able to upgrade your ship: maximize your speed first, then direction and cargo. Once done, try to beef-up your shield and laser. Then go for a Jumpdrive, it will change your life. Don't forget the asteroid scanner.
- When your ship is "ready", take jobs: easy money and a raise to your reputation with factions. With a good reputation you get better job opportunities, with big pay. It can go up to millions.
- When you start having some spare credits, look for used ship for sale. Never buy a ship in perfect condition, because they are sold at higher price than market. Take only degraded ships, repair them, and sell them. You can even start to keep transport ships to start building your commercial fleet.
- As soon as possible, take a better ship. M4 & M5 fighters are not viable options. You need at very least to flight in a M3 Fighter, or you won't live for long.
- When confortable, don't forget to develop your commercial fleet, equip them with MK3 trade software and make them start whit sector trading, then universe trading at level 8. Having at least 15 trading ship is a good way to have a confortable and constant income.
- Buy a very fast ship (M5) and equip it with an exploration software and some satelites. Then send him make a satelite network. It will give you an eye in every sector, and it will help your trading fleet to find the best opportunities to make money.

- All the way, never stop to explore new sectors, and if you find some pirates, don't be affraid to fight them: if you are good, they will surrender, eject and give away theyre own ships.
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X3:Terran Conflict with mods is truely great. Im looking forward to the X-tended mod 2.0 much. (It will require a restart, so maybe get some experience with X3:TC and wait for the mod.)
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