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This is the situation, i am in desperate need of a online SR game, i accept playing any stereotype the group needs, i accept any power level as well as RP/hack and slash level.....
I know that i've made quite bad impressions on the Pimped characters topic, but please.... will you give me a chance anyway?

I'll be gone for a few days, so e-mail me at if you and your group feels like accepting the infamous SolidCobra for a test-session, if nothing else.....
Well you could ask in the Welcome to the shadows forum if a forum game will do you.
or check out shadowland.
Large Mike

I'd let you cut your teeth as a ganger over in the Bleeding Edge, but I'm not accepting any fresh players these days.
I might be running a new game in the next little while over in the Welcome to the Shadows forum (look for a Recruitment thread, since I don't like recruiting in OOC threads). While holding unpopular ideas might not help you with some people, I personally don't care. The one thing that you should watch is your post formating, though. Pay a little more attention to formatting (things like capitalizing I, for instance) and that will open a lot of doors for you. No one's perfect, of course, and I tend to leave out critical words when I type as fast as I'm thinking (generally the word "not" which is so often the whole meaning of the thought), so as long as you're making an effort you should do fine.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of people give preference to people who are running games (for them or games that they just follow). I know whenever I'm starting up a new PBEM, I'll send out invites to people who are GMing for me (on the boards, generally, it's less formal since you know they're looking at the board pretty much every day anyway so they're probably going to ask to get in).

Run a good game and you're likely find more opportunities. Of course, not everyone is up to running, and it can get to be a lot of work. I do it for a lot of reasons, myself. I find that after trying to run SR a lot, I've become more able to function as a competent player (I remember my newbie mistakes.... poor, poor characters... they never saw it coming).
capitalization is, indeed, important!
If your interested Solid I am running a game here in a few weeks called Gate Technologies. You can read all about it on the OOC for it. I am accepting submissions until next friday.
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