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I see "" on the active users list. Who or what is that? (Yes, I know is a website, but what is it doing as a user here?)
I saw that a little while ago too - others have talked about it, starting here.
It's probably the Google spider.
Damned company hackers. Always trying to break in!
Necro'ing this thread just 'cuz I thought this was interesting...

So I'm just messin' around and I decided to check who was "Active" on DS, looking at the front page panel thing. It looks like DS has quite the assortment of bots or spammers or something. So many names that just seem to be random collections of nonsense letters, with nary a post betwixt them.

44 guests, 26 members, 0 anonymous members
phlapjack77,, PaineMalelync, diavaUnloni, Updacceve, HooveHoincBer, vlnjnip, Joydayhof, Jiraffe, Nath, estawinia, lovkoser, Musillumseela, qjenopt, Laxenteellomo, RHat, adorpZorialof, leonjer, tyboalsAssona, Medicineman, Rastus, ReerAllornLom, Daydayerymn, Cibirmvig, SpeeroElery, Visyiodinee, thorya
I remember having a similar situation from my banhammer wielding days on another forum, those kind of accounts tend to show up a lot in HUGE amounts from time to time following the appearance of an XRumerTest (and it's derivatives) account =\

The current authentication system we're using is keeping them from posting at least...I've had the dern things post hundreds of nonsense in minutes and its a royal pain to clear up. frown.gif
Probably not a real account. If you put your mouse pointer over it, there is no link there.
QUOTE (All4BigGuns @ Mar 26 2013, 04:41 PM) *
Probably not a real account. If you put your mouse pointer over it, there is no link there.

clicking on them, they are all Validating" rather than Members ... the checks seem to be working smile.gif

if they are legit, I'd love to know the reasoning behind some of the names though...

I'm looking at YOU PaineMalelync biggrin.gif
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