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@Buddha: Okay, thanks. I thought it was perception, but I keep seeing Intuition + Assensing in there and get confused. It's the same dice total, and it was meant for the house. ^_^
Ok I need some rolls from Fleet - who I assume is driving the cars? Or from their Pilot programs if not. Are you going to have them drive around and attempt to blend in with the local traffic or are you having them find an out of way spot to stash the cars? Let me know the plan.

Emilio, Strangeglove, Breeze & Jon let me know if you want to apply any Knowledge skills to looking over the site and of course, you are welcome to make Perception Tests as well.
Checking that my scans match with what Fleet got, then figuring out if they are on the mesh network.
Five hits on a perception test. 15d6.hits(5)=5
I'm not sure how to approach Madam Yin. I'll try to RP it, but if it starts to drag along and there's some rolls to speed things up, please inform me. And Budda, tell me if and when I need to make Etiquette to not stick my foot in my mouth or to make sure it's subtle and Madam Yin isn't going to broadcast our intentions to the world.

I think Emilio and Q are in one of Fleet's cars. Am I correct? I missed that part and wanted to make sure I knew what, if any, vehicle we were riding in.

And if this is the last week on recon, I've several things I want to do before the weekend, at which time I presume we'll plan the attack.
  1. talk to Madam Yin.
  2. get info from contacts. I'd thought to do this in person thus requiring Budda's time. I can change this to a simple roll and IC IMing since the 'in person' is NPC flavor.
  3. subtlety Gather Info (whatever its called in SR) on Zuzane and her personal, connections, and anyone else that might care about her getting messed with. At the same time find anyone important with a bone to pick.
  4. talk to said other.

Do I have enough time to do this Budda? I don't want to absorb all your time and energy. How much time, in game, can Q spend on number 3? I ask because I doubt much can be done in say 6 or 12 hours.

@Bishop: feel free to link Q to original post on Zuzane's attack. You don't have to rehash if you don't want to. And can Emilio and Q tell the car where to go or can only Fleet do it?

@Budda: Here are my rolls:
Negotiation to have Madam Yin meet with us 18d6.hits(5) = (6)
((Does this also cover making the email/IM inconspicuous to random people looking while still telling Madam Yin that this is a serious offer?))

I presumed that getting Madam Yin's business email/IM for the Body Bag was ok since I can default 1 on Browse+Datasearch.
Does low light matter @ night?

Perc: 6d6.hits(5) → [1,5,4,3,1,4] = (1)

Perc: hearing 8d6.hits(5) → [5,5,2,3,2,3,2,5] = (3)

Security Procedures 7d6.hits(5) → [6,4,5,2,4,6,2] = (3)

Security Design 7d6.hits(5) → [4,4,3,2,1,4,5] = (1)

Seattle Regional 7d6.hits(5) → [1,2,3,5,5,2,4] = (2)
Copperheed--i believe the link was already sent to the group, showing her naked as the day she was born, tearing her way through Lonestar cops and then pitching one of their helmets to take out a rotodrone. Let me know if you don't see it.

(Confrmed: There's a link in my first post in the new thread from the ARO. )
Copperheed the roll is fine to set up the meeting and keep the wording neutral but if you are looking to hide the email/message (who sent it, when it came in, etc) you would need to do some hacking or talk to your hacker to cover those tracks. As to the legwork - if you can post regularly during the week we should be able to get it done before next Monday. I will try my best to keep the pace going for this week so let's try it. I will post some tonight including you arriving at the Body Bag. The last post I saw had Eklipse joining you - everyone else was placed in a car and sent out on the recon run.
Ok throwing up some posts right now to move things along. A gentle reminder to please review the posting guidelines and apply them where appropriate - thanks!
Going to have the cars find somewhere unobtrusive to park. A restaurant or something similar, or if there's a commercial business park without lock-access parking that would be evening better. People assume those cars are going to sit there for hours, and with tinted windows, nobodies the wiser without using sensors.

I'll let the car pick their locations, taking a quick second to drop Covert Ops on them for the moment, I'll make Targeting inactive to avoid the system slow down.

Pilot (6) + Covert Ops (4) (10d6.hits(5)=3, 10d6.hits(5)=4)
3 hits and 4 hits, respectively, on Sedan 1 and 2.
The mages had asked me to be in the car with them as I can first aid any stun they land with. Did we still want that?

Emilio perception:

Non-visual: 7d6.hits(5)=4

+3d6 if it's visual: 3d6.hits(5)=1 (total 5 hits)
QUOTE (copperheed @ Oct 2 2012, 12:36 AM) *
Q nods in acknowledgement to Eklipse. His face stays completely calm at Fleet's surprising mention of Ekilpse being in charge.

This is his show?!

I don't how Fleet would got that impression, beyond Eklipse's habit of ordering team around. smile.gif

If there is time to get back to the Looking Glass and change before the meet, then Eklipse will change into his Mr Johnson gear. Otherwise, he has his standard running gear with him.

@Notsoevildm: I've no problem with the roleplaying. When no one but Fleet and the tripping Breeze gives Ekilpse much acknowledgement, than Q will probably notice and readjust. And some of the characters might groan about thier co-workers, but I'm entertained, so no worries if characters shout untrue things they believe. We should have time to change, btw.

@Bishop: I can't seem to find it (Intuit+Per=3d6=0) All I have is this link. It mentions nothing about Zuzane roaring rampage in the raw. It mentions that you all were shown it but I find no link back to the one where you all decided between Zuzane and the other woman.

@Budda: Since the meeting at the Safehouse started at 4pm and our meeting with Madam Yin is at 2am in the morning I believe there's enough time for us to get into nicer clothes. There might be enough time for me to see Meave, Female Elven Talismonger (C4/L2), in person. I'm asking her about Zuzane and her messed up boss, Micheal Nelson. And since I've no idea how to be subtle, I'll roll if necessary.
And I'd also like to know how Q determines if his garb is good enough for meeting Madam Yin; I the player presume she's worked with plenty of shadow runners since our intel says she's some connections to this world, but I'd like ot know about making the best impression. I'm not sure what sort of knowledge this involves. Maybe Logic+Seattle Streets or Logic+Etiquette? Your thoughts?

Disguise (if nesscessary): Physical Mask spell Force 4 - 13d6.hits(5) = (5), maxed out at 4 successes; Drain 3P - 13d6.hits(5) = (5) = 0P damage.

Contact (if we've time): Contact's availability - I believe this is your roll Budda; Contact's knowledge - I believe this is your roll Budda; Socialize to gain info - 20d6.hits(5) = (5). ((Charisma+Etiquette+Loyalty from Run Comp pg131. I presumed this roll allowed me to learn the info at no cost while maintaining the friendship and not upsetting the contact. If this etiquette roll causes them to dislike me, I'll do whatever the normal pay is.))
Copperheed-- here you go.
Thank you guys.

@Notsoevildm: I figure that Eklipse can set the park car distance, close far or whatever from the club and I'll mod the post if its way off.
Buddha--here's my etiquette roll for Tabby. 9d6.hits(5)=4
Notsoevildm you have plenty of time to change clothes before the meeting.

Copperheed I want to keep the timeline clean and easy to follow so I say see your contact after this meeting. I will post something to get that rolling. It will be a rare situation where you get info or help for free from a contact unless the Loyalty rating is on the high end so you do make nice but she will be looking to be paid - this is how the ecology of the shadow world runs and she can't pay rent in polite conversation. smile.gif

Copperheed & Eklipse are you checking your weapons and if not, what are you trying to sneak into the club? Let me know.
Gotcha Budda. I'd thought the Etiquette roll from Runner's Companion looked like it'd break the Loyalty rating. I'm cool with your judgement.
As for weapons, I'll turn over the predator, combat knife, and my massive wrench. If I can convince Zandie that the wrench could work for the kink of this place, all the better, otherwise over it goes.
I stopped at Zandie so that Notsoevildm could hand over his weapons and post for Ekilpse if he wanted too.

@Strangeglove: I offered!
Copperheed my apologies I missed the rules reference - I am fine with the rule though I think there should be roleplaying consequences. If every time I talk to your character I end up giving away information and never seem to make any money out of it - the NPC will have to evaluate that relationship but that would a long term effect.

Connection + Connection (relevant information know by Meave)
Fenris you will have 48 hours of surveillance and recorded wireless traffic which is encrypted. I will need an Electronic Warfare + Decrypt (12, 1 Combat Turn) Extended Test to decrypt it. I will post the results of the surveillance after I get everyone past the initial recon of the site.

Fat Man & Zero what's your plan?
Transferring 1500 nuyen.gif to Tabby. Is the location within walking distance?
Nope but a quick ride there - about 10 mins or so.
Q: Aww, I didn't see. SG would much rather be staring at hookers than a building. Also, he's sure his muscles would seal the deal. Q and Eklipse are just so scrawny.

Buddha: Given the distance to the closest Boeing facility, what's the travel time for them if we accidentally kick the hornet's nest? Put another way, if Fleet's spy eyes see Boeing scramble security, how long do we have to gtfo, assuming a fast car full of goons?
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Oct 2 2012, 08:17 PM) *
Copperheed & Eklipse are you checking your weapons and if not, what are you trying to sneak into the club? Let me know.

Eklipse is not taking any weapons to the meet and can't check his killing hands power in at the door although will keep his powers mostly suppressed/on standby.
@Buddha, Umaro: I was thinking we'd do the same shtick as before. Summon some spirits and snoop around in the astral, and pray there's not another MBC...
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Oct 2 2012, 03:45 PM) *
Fat Man & Zero what's your plan?

We should have plenty of time to discuss it IC; here's what I think is a good plan, based on what each of us can do. JxJxA, feel free to add any input or concerns or anything.

I think we want a Task spirit to scout the place before anything else goes down. Task spirits can get Infiltration, and can be much, much stealthier on the astral than either of us can pull off. I think our best bet is:

Fat Man uses Increase Charisma on Zero, who then summons up some spirit type that has Concealment.
Fat Man summons up a Task spirit with Infiltration and Navigation (the Navigation is so it can match up what it sees with the map; it's probably not very easy since it can't bring the map onto the astral with it).
Fat Man uses Increase Logic on the Task spirit (which makes it more stealthy), and Zero's spirit uses Concealment on it.

If either of us take damage, Emilio is on hand with a medkit and Fat Man can Increase Logic him.

At that point, the Task spirit can check the area out, and hopefully give us a solid layout of anything that isn't warded. If there are wards, we can figure out how to approach things once we know where, how many, and what force.

Sound good?
Sounds good to me (especially since I'm still learning the ropes on planning in Shadowrun nyahnyah.gif). Zero can summon an earth spirit with concealment. He also has Increase Charisma and Willpower, which he can cast for Fat Man while he summons, too. ^_^

Fat Man & Zero agreed you have plenty of time to talk on the drive over. The plan sounds solid - let's get some rolls and posts. smile.gif

IC post for my hacking is up. (Thanks Buddha for approving my transit plan!)

Probing Node 1 -- Admin Access (Threshold = Firewall + System + 6)

1,3,3,2,6,4,4,3,6,6,2,6,2,3,2,4,6 (5)
5,6,2,2,1,2,4,3,2,5,2,5,1,3,3,5 (10)
1,5,2,1,5,5,1,3,3,6,2,4,1,1,4 (14)
6,5,6,2,1,5,2,1,5,4,5,5,5,3 (22)
3,4,4,3,4,2,3,6,5,2,4,2,4 (24)
6,4,2,1,4,3,1,1,6,6,2,4 (27)
3,2,2,6,6,4,6,4,6,6,4 (32)

Probing Node 2 -- Admin Access (Threshold = Firewall + System + 6)
3,5,2,2,4,6,4,3,1,4,1,2,5,6,6,4,3 (5)
6,3,5,5,6,2,1,3,5,6,2,1,3,1,3,6 (12)
6,1,1,4,1,5,2,5,4,1,4,5,5,1,2 (17)
6,6,6,1,6,6,6,4,3,3,4,6,3,2 (24)
1,6,3,4,5,5,1,6,3,6,4,4,4 (29)
4,4,5,6,4,5,5,4,2,2,6,4 (34)
2,3,4,4,5,5,6,2,6,1,2 (38)

--Tasking Agent (Mr. Smith) to Analyze for new Icons, and alert if found.
--Tasking Agent (Mrs. Smith) to Redirect Trace (if any)

Breaching Node 1 (Stealth 5)
Analyzing node 1 (15d6.hits(5)=7)
Alert Status?
Connection to other nodes?
Active Programs running?
Number of Active Users?
Rating of matrix Attributes - Firewall, System, Response

Bracing for the inevitable -- Decryption (Rushing the Job -- half the interval, 1s and 2s count for glitches)
2,3,3,2,6,1,6,6,2,4,6,4,1,3 (4)
6,5,4,6,1,1,4,4,2,2,6,4,4 (cool.gif
1,1,5,5,2,5,3,5,2,1,4,5 (13) -- If it's as bad as Fleet got.
6,2,3,2,2,3,4,3,6,1,6 (16)
6,4,3,2,5,2,6,5,2,4 (20)
1,1,6,3,4,5,6,6,5 (25)
6,2,1,2,3,1,5,4 (27) [Glitch if I get here]
Fat Man doesn't benefit from Increase Charisma, because he has an Intuition tradition, but Increase Willpower would be welcome.

Rolling time:
Fat Man casts Increase Charisma at F7 and then Increase Willpower at F5 on Zero. Both are 6 magic + 4 focus + 6 spellcasting, Increase Willpower is at -2.

First try on Increase Charisma: 4 hits, drain is 7/2-1=1, soaked. He's going to drop it and retry since we're in no hurry: 8 hits (capped at 7), much better. Drain 2 hits soaked.

Increase Willpower: 7 hits on the first try (capped at 5), drain soaked.

Zero will end up with +12 drain resist for long enough to summon a spirit.

After that, Fat Man drops both spells, gives Zero a chance to Increase Willpower him, and summons a Force 6 task spirit. 6 Magic + 4 focus + 1 summoning vs 6 Force. 1 hit for the spirit, 2 hits for Fat Man, which is 1 service (all he needs, since this will be a remote task). Drain is 4S, 5 hits so he is fine.

Fat Man casts Increase Logic then Increase Intuition on the spirit after it materializes, both at f7, then sends it on a remote task. 5 hits on Logic, 4 on Intuition. no drain from either.
Rolls for the spirit: 6 hits on Astral Infiltration (Logic 6 + Increase Logic 5 + Infiltration 6), also the Concealment will subtract dice from anyone looking for it. 7 hits on Assensing, 3 on Navigation (Intuition 6 + Increase Intuition 4 + Skill 6).

Let me know if you want more rolls for any of those skills.
Again, sorry for delay in response, was on a mini two day vacation with my sister

I'm not 100% on what is going on, I understand there are a few cars out there, are some people going into the club and some hanging back?


Perception from Breeze...
8d6 = 2 Hits

Some Knowledge Checks...

Security Design
8d6 = 3 Hits

Security Tactics
8d6 = 2 Hits
Takes you 4 rolls to set up the admin access on Node 1 and 4 as well for Node 2 so 8 hours total for that.

Analyze + Firewall (to detect your entry into Node 1) I need your Stealth rating please.

It is encrypted but no increase in the interval so you'll decrypt in 3 rolls so 1 1/2 Combat Turns.

Analyze + Agent Rating

I need a Hacking + Stealth please.

Are the agents going with you or staying in your commlink? I was assuming in your commlink but wanted to make sure.
Stealth rating is 5. Hacking+ Stealth 11d6.hits(5)=6

The agents are staying in my lik, scanning and redirecting.
Thanks for the rolls and now the results of your Analyze:

Alert Status - not on alert
Connection to other nodes - it is connected to one other node
Active Programs running - an Agent, Analyze, Encrypt and IC (3)
Number of Active Users - just you
Firewall - 5
System - 5
Response - 5

JxJxA just need your rolls for your sprit then we can start the astral recon.
Budda: What does it take to scan the astral subtly? My read of the book is that its blatant, that you're unfocused and not all there, thus preventing me from looking around on the down-low while making small talk and such with Theodore. If it can be done quietly while I talk to him, I'd like to try. I also wanted to give Theo the chance to get back to work so I could astral scan, but figured he'd need to respond and the next time you posted for Ekilpse and Q, we'd be meeting Madam Yin.

Knowledge check Luxury Tastes: Intuition(5)+Luxury Tastes(4) = 9d6.hits(5) = (2)
If this doesn't net Q anything useful, then he lets it stand with a generic compliment instead of specific one, which I'd hoped to use to elevate Theodore's opinion of these two before him.

Judge Intentions Theodore: Charisma(6)+Intuition(5) = 11d6.hits(5) = (6)

I didn't roll whatever witty banter is because Q's not trying anything more than being a pleasant conversation partner.

Judge Intentions Ekilpse for the meeting: Charisma(6)+Intuition(5) = 11d6.hits(5) = (5)

And if my nose can apply to Judge Intentions than: Vomeronasal Organ(2) = 2d6.hits(5) = (2) add to both of them for Theo at 8hits and Eklipse at 7hits. (Rules in Run Com pg116 says any social interaction)
Copperheed you could try a Con roll with a -2 dice modifier for being distracted. Let me edit my post to reflect the skill rolls you put out. We posted around the same time. smile.gif
And I just replied to you! Whoops.
I'll make sure to post OOC a bit before IC.

And thanks for the heads up on the procedure for that subtly. I'm going to forgo it, because Q and I judged that Theo and Madam Yin are probably in his league for social skill.

And if your flavor text is any indication, I think tailored pheromones are doubled when used against me.
Willpower + Charisma + 6 (tailored pheromones - doubled due to your Vomeronasal Organ)

Judge Intentions + 6 (vs Q)

Judge Intentions +3 (vs Eklipse)
Is the Willpower+Charisma roll vs my Judge Intentions? I wasn't aware you could block it. And did the Vomeronasal Organ count so that I have a single net hit or did it not so that I've not a good read on him?

And If maybe so bold, where does the +6 or +3 to judge intentions come from? Tailored Pheromones? If so I'll have to remember to add mine.
Copperheed Judge Intentions is an Opposed Intuition + Charisma Test against the target’s Willpower + Charisma (SR4 pg 142). With one net hit you have a minimal result on the test (he's her assistant and doing his job). Yes Tailored Pheromones - they add to any Charisma and Social Skill Tests (no effect on magical abilities or tests). You should read over your character sheet. smile.gif

All I am going to add to the posting guidelines though I think everyone does it already but detail out your bonuses with skill rolls please. Thanks!
Then here is my resisted: Charisma(6)+Willpower(5)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Kinesics(3) = 17d6.hits(5) = (6)
Theodore sees that Q is quite interested in business with Madam Yin and thinks he's got something that she really wants.
Is that an appropriate response for 1 net hit?

And I'll definitely take a second look at my character's skill dice totals. And if I came of as too wtf, my apologies. I was surprised since I'd obviously missed the parts that augment Judge Intentions rolls.
Copperheed no net hits actually and no worries about asking questions - that's how you learn the system or at least I do. You would have to add some harsh language in there to make it offensive.
Perception test to see if he can detect the tailored pheromones:
Int 4 + Per 3 + Enh Per 2 = 9d6.hits(5)=4

Etiquette test to act the part of Mr Johnson:
Cha 3 + Etiquette 2 = 5d6.hits(5)=0 - guess asking for a beer wasn't the best approach.

Composure test to seem at ease in current situation:
Will 3 + Cha 3 = 5d6.hits(5)=1* - expect both Q and Theo can clearly see he's putting on a brave face!
* missed a die = 1d6.hits(5)=0 - doesn't change anything!

Copperheed--also, if you are ever unsure, don't hesitate to kick a note to the OOC thread. Several of us have a lot of experience with the game world and can offer options.
Ah the 6hits is to Q.. I thought I got assaulted, because that's how my nose feels, with 7hits.

And if you've some wisdom Bishop, does Tailored Pheromones apply to the Resisting Impulses (forget the name) Cha+Will roll? It's non magical but that seems counter intuitive. And I believe it also doesn't apply to my use of the Adept power Voice Control, aka Voice. And with it going to Voice Control or not, I can also fool sensors with a Cha+Con check. Since there's a mechanical cyberware that does the same thing, I'd say yes. But to supersede that is the fact that the machine doesn't care how good I smell, so I would rule over all no Tailored Pheromones to fooling voice recog software.

And how's the IC post Budda? Did I presume to much in Q knowing about the nice smelling man? Notsoevildm rolled perception. Should I do that?
Copperheed nope it's fine - I have always played with the understanding that if your character has it they probably have a good notion of how it works etc.
Copperheed: Tailored Pheremones definitely doesn't work with anything magical, so no on the Voice Control for sure. What it does and doesn't work on is more or less Buddha's call; Composure (the "Resisting Impulses") roll is a good example of something that's not magical and involves charisma, but also doesn't make much sense. Some people rule it means only tests that are both charisma and a social skill, not either/or, but that isn't exactly clear.
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