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I use the Technomancer skillset for hacking etc. If you want to look around for physical devices, RFID tags, etc that can spy on us we can do that as a Teamwork test. Once a plan is figured out, and the team is stable, I was going to walk around and do my e-sensing thing to find any bugs that might be in the house since our visitor.
Gotcha Bishop.

Haven't forgotten about your post Emilio. I'm normally gone for the weekend and just got back. I need to clear something with Budda before I heal up.
Happy Monday All!

I updated the karma post as usual. Ok on to the questions from the weekend.

Teamwork Test I am going to go with skilled meaning actually having the skill for assisting.

Ok I guess that was it - I thought there were more. smile.gif

Let's get rolls out to get people patched up and conscious so we can move forward.
Zero: I was referencing Paladine, nice catch. notworthy.gif

Emillio, Q would like to meet outside in the house's garden's. He's got -1 to healing due to augments and isn't trained in the skill. Should I pick up 1 dot? It seemed like medkit taking off the default penalty would be quite enough. I figure it won't take more than 5 minutes and we can return to the conversation quickly. If not, I can try it myself.
copperheed, asking about the skill was more just to see if anyone was going to help, giving me more dice.

Since no one's stepped up, I'll roll with it being just me.

First Aid (3) + Logic (9) + First Aid (6) = 18.

For SG: 18 - 3 = 15 15d6.hits(5)=7 = 7 hits, -2 for threshold gives 5 boxes healed.

For Zero: 18 - 2 = 16 16d6.hits(5)=2 = 2 hits. This covered the threshold.

Let's edge: 14d6.hits(5)=3 = 3 more hits. So 3 boxes healed.

For Widget: 18 - 2 = 16 16d6.hits(5)=4 = 4 hits, -2 for threshold gives 2 boxes healed.
After that, Emilio heads outside and helps out Q.

18 - 2 for outside - 3 for Q being Q = 13 dice, 13d6.hits(5)=2 = 2 hits which is just the threshold.

Let's edge that: 11d6.hits(5)=6. So 6 boxes healed.

Are there any rolls I need to make for disguises?
The task spirit will assist you, actually. So you can add 1 to those. I think nobody else actually has First Aid it sounds like.
QUOTE (UmaroVI @ Mar 1 2013, 05:35 PM) *
Buddha: I just noticed me and copperheed were doing this differently, and I don't think there's an "official" answer as to who is right. When using Heal, what is the "DV" in the drain code? Is it the amount of damage actually healed? Or is it the total P boxes they have? For example, if SG has 16P and gets Healed for 5P, does the caster resist 14 drain or 3 drain?

This was the weekend question you missed, I think.
UmaroVI Thanks for pointing it out. The DV is the total amount of Physical damage they have.
QUOTE (UmaroVI @ Mar 5 2013, 08:23 AM) *
The task spirit will assist you, actually. So you can add 1 to those. I think nobody else actually has First Aid it sounds like.
Thanks! I forgot that.

Q got max as-is. Adding to the other rolls in order SG, Zero, Widget: 1d6.hits(5)=0, 1d6.hits(5)=0, 1d6.hits(5)=0

Hmmm.. Looked cooler on invisible castle:

1d6.hits(5) → [4] = (0)
1d6.hits(5) → [2] = (0)
1d6.hits(5) → [4] = (0)


Oh! I edged Zero's role. Let's edge the extra too.

1d6.hits(5)=1 Woot! One more box (total now 4 boxes) healed.

Thanks for the reminder Buddha.
5 points of healing takes SG from 22P/10S to 17P/10S, so his hitboxes are exactly filled and he's still unconscious.
Ok everyone - I have some questions.

First - did we want to speed some time by so people can make their Body x 2 (1 day) tests (each hit heals a box of physical damage) for healing to get back up and involved? Pick a number and we can go from there. For people not healing up - I would allow you to do something each day like working a contact, searching the matrix, etc so the time can be productive for all.

Second - what do you all want to do next? The Yaks are gunning for you or at least some of them for most of you. There is your mysterious benefactor - keep working for them or take a break to clear up this current cluster fuck? I know the game has sort of wildly diverged in a way (you're still up against the Yaks but now it's personal) but I wanted to see if people wanted to keep going with this? I would like the thread to keep going myself, SR is one of those games where shit happens and you get epic stories out of it.

Let me know!

1-I'd like to take some downtime and spend some karma after healing, if that's doable. smile.gif

2-I'm happy to keep on the current storyline. I'm not quite sure where Zero fits with the group, or if people still want him around, but he's happy to help out.

I have a question about Edge burning. I had Zero's Edge at 3, and the burn reduces it to 2. If I want to buy it back up to 3 again, do I have to pay the cost to raise it to 3 or to 4?
Emilio is buying one point in Medicine.

1--I'm good with fast timing stuff. It's going to take Rikik time to do some info sortilege and research everything he can about how badly screwed he is now that he's seen the data like everyone else.

2--I'm not sure how the mysterious benefactor is going to play into all of this. (As a player, I'm betting that it's a Yak of some kind either past or present, that is guiding our hand against their enemies.) I'd say to clear up the immediate issue, and determine how much of our mysterious benefactor's agenda that aids or conflicts with.
JxJxA the cost would be to take it from 2 to 3 - the burn permanently spent the point so it reduced the attribute.
Hey, I am totally swamped at work ATM. I will be posting when I can.
OK, on the magical healing:

Q is fine.
Zero is getting a Heal at Force 12. He has been First Aided for 4 boxes, his Physical monitor was full, so he would have 6 boxes left. That's 4 DV soak. 6 Magic + 6 Spellcasting + 4 Power = 2 hits, so Zero is healed 2P more. 6 Willpower + 7 Intuition + 4 Centering = 6 hits, so no drain.

Widget I'm not sure how hurt she was. Emilio already healed her for 2, and she didn't sound like she was on death's door, so presumably she doesn't have a crazy amount of P damage. Fat Man will try to Heal her too, casting at Force 12. 16d6 as above, assuming she has no 'ware, 5P healed. Fat Man soaked 3 drain, so he will take damage if she had 6 or more boxes let after Emilio. Buddha, let me know.

Fat Man is going to try healing Strangeglove. SG can be up and moving in an hour once he sleeps some stun off provided he gets back 1P or more. Fat Man is casting this one at only Force 6 so the drain is stun; Fat Man might KO himself but he's probably just looking at a headache. 3P healed from Strangeglove 5 soaked. Fat Man takes 8S. He's still conscious.

I will put up an IC post with the healing.

On the what to do topic - I don't like waiting for the Yakuza to come after us. I suggest we

1) Come up with a better name for Not Zero. I am proposing One.
2) Figure out what One was talking about with the alibi and deal with it before it bites Zero in the ass.
3) Go on the offensive against the Yakuza, or at least the faction most likely to be come after us. I think we should get in touch with Mysterious Benefactor through Widget for ideas about how we do this.
UmaroVI she had 2 boxes of Physical damage and no ware.

All I am getting the impression that people would like to speed time a bit so I am going to propose jumping forward three days so I need Healing Tests from injured folks (Body x 2 with an interval of 1 say plus any bonus dice you get from medical care) and if people can throw up the last of the IC flavor posts (Fat Man healing, Rikik entering his trance for Info Sortilege, and people reviving) that would be awesome. I would like post the time jump on Monday so the more I get here the more I can post about come Monday. People who aren't healing up I am going to go with you doing one task everyday. Part of the reason is I am assuming people are trying to keep a low profile considering the data dump that happened. Tell me what you're doing and feel free to roll dice in advance - I can adjust on my end when needful. Thanks all!
OK, in that case Fat Man is not hurt by healing her and she's now fully healed.
Can Fat Man cast Increased Logic on Emilio again? Do we want to wait for the Stun to go down and do long-term care then? Do you want me to First Aid the stun?
Go ahead and FA Fat Man's stun and do the Medicine rolls, I think.

Increase Logic: Magic(6)+Spellcasting(6)+Focus(4)-Wounds(2)=14d6, 2 hits, going to retry
12d6 with the retry penalty: much better, 7 hits
Drain (twice) is 7(force)/2-2=1P, both soaked
First Aid on Fat Man:

First Aid (3) + Logic (9) + First Aid (6) = 18.


6 boxes of Stun go bye bye for Fat Man!

Medicine Rolls for Strange Glove and Zero:

Medicine (1) + Logic (9) = 10

SG: 10d6.hits(5) → [5,1,5,6,2,2,6,1,1,5] = (5)
Zero: 10d6.hits(5) → [5,3,6,1,5,5,5,5,1,2] = (6)

10d6.hits(5)=5, 10d6.hits(5)=6

Rule is on p253 of the 20th Anniversary Shadowrun Core Rule Book:

"Each hit provides +1 die to any subsequent healing tests the character makes for healing through rest."

So as you make those Body x 2 rolls to heal (p.252), add 5 or 6 dice respectively.
After the Info Sortilege, Rikik is going to compare notes with Widget. I want to find out if she knows anything about whatever comes up from the sortilege (presume I share it all with her), and what info she can share about the team, their employer, etc. Then probably be diving in to do some Hacking and Data Searches. Specifics to come later.
@ Buddha: Cool, I'll probably spend some karma to get it back up to 3.

@ Emilio: Awesome! That doubles my dice pool for physical healing. smile.gif

Current healing so far: 4P healed via First Aid, 2P healed via magic, leaving Zero with 4P and 10S to heal

Physical Healing:
Bodyx2(6) + Medicine(6) = 12d6 for 3 hits on Day 1. I'll Edge reroll misses to see if I can get physical damage taken care of on day one, for 2 more hits. Cool, so physical damage is gone after one day of healing.

Stun Healing:
Will(4) + Body(3) + Medicine(6) = 13d6 for 8 hits on Day 2, Hour 1. Woo!!! 6 hits for Day 2, Hour 2.

Now I have to decide what to write...
Zero, You have to heal the Stun before you heal the physical. So those two stun rolls would heal before the physical started.
QUOTE (Emilio @ Mar 9 2013, 10:49 AM) *
Zero, You have to heal the Stun before you heal the physical. So those two stun rolls would heal before the physical started.

Even better!
Rikik's Plan:

Talk with Widget and FuzBun to see if any of the names mean anything to them.

Data Search on the three
TraceRoute on the woman if it looks like we need to find her
Hack one or both of the companies.
I'm not really sure what to do at the moment. Would anyone in the group be able to fill me in on what the data packet and/or plot at large relates to? I'd like an idea so that I can go do whatever it is I do with a purpose.

What does everyone think of Umaro's plan? Other suggestions?
BishopMcQ: I'd suggest mentioning the companies to the party as well - some people may have relevant contacts or other sources of information (Fat Man may in particular be able to find out something about the Bodhi Tree).
I hate to be the one to kill the 'let's go do things' motivation, but I do want to point out that the whole point we were hitting Zuzanna's was gear and money that we needed. 100k was nice, but split 8 ways that's only 12.5k nuyen each (That's not counting Cypher, obviously). I don't know about anyone else, but it's not exactly some great windfall for Fleet, even disregarding the cost of the destroyed equipment.

I'm still of the mind that we jump back now that everyone's healed up before she's had a chance to really bump up security or anything. We still have a hacker to deal with the drones, etc, and now the magical team can prep to take care of the security chica when she shows up.
That's a fair point. I don't actually think trying to take that mage on in an astral showdown is a good idea, though. If we're going to do that, I think we do need to hit her physical body with an ambush or something before the alarm sounds (and before she shows up with a posse of bound spirits and the ability to sic them on us while being immune to non-magical retribution).
On a slightly positive note, if we let it go, my Background count will hurt the spirits and wards doubly for the impact it has on most actions the team takes.

Re: Zuzane -- Can we actually complete the job? Do we have the gear and transport needed to get the job done?

As far as weapons and firepower, I think we still can. The main thing that we lost are the grenades for SG. If he has more, then it shouldn't be a big issue. We can also watch the area to see if there is a massive uptick in security or changes to the system. If she believes that the hit was just to get the kids, she may blame her two mooks and beat them for endangering her work, but not go far beyond that. (Data Searches will probably turn up the reward and the fact that it was recently paid out--100k feels like a ton of money for a lot of people and will help solidify that side.)

The biggest problem seemed to be the mage and all of the wards. We don't know which (if any) of the wards Zuzane was part of building and will know when they fall down. The Goth Mage though needs to go down hard before we can do very much with the rest of it. A sniper taking her out as she leaves her apartment would be best. Attacking her at home has tragedy written all over it. Do people see other ways to get her off our backs? Timing the hit with the mage being in the middle of a ritual or separate warding project might do it, since she won't be able to take actions to call on spirits or come after us without crashing her current project. How to arrange that, of course, is a problem.

Management -- Does anyone have any leads or guesses on who Management is, what her bone to pick is, and why she suddenly sprang on the idea of paying us to take out Zuzane after we picked that hit? We know she has a deep seated vendetta against the Yaks, but how do the pieces tie to Zuzane or is Management just trying to get claws deeper into all of us?
Zuzane seems to have pissed a lot of people off - Management might have a grudge too.

I really don't see a much better option than sniping the mage outside her apartment or the like. In theory we could take her out nonlethally.
I'm spending 15 karma to return my Edge back to 3.
I'm holding off on the traceroute and hacking until I know the results of the Data Searches and if the team wants to hit Zuzane's warehouse.

Data Searches:
Start with a Decoy widget (R3) -- Threshold 6
Software 5 + Specialization 2 + Resonance 6 + Paragon 2

Fading DV 6S
Charisma 7 + Resonance 6 (13d6.hits(5)=5) Take 1S

Thread Browse
Software 5 + Specialization 2 + Resonance 6 + Paragon 2 (15d6.hits(5)=5)
Keep 4 hits

Fading DV 4P
13d6.hits(5)=5 Fully Soaked


Dice Pool -- Browse 4 + Threading 4 + Data Search 5 (13 dice start)

The Bodhi Tree 20 Hits
13d6.hits(5) → [6,2,2,4,6,4,1,1,3,1,3,3,1] = (2)
12d6.hits(5) → [2,1,3,2,4,2,1,6,4,5,1,5] = (3)
11d6.hits(5) → [4,5,3,2,4,4,5,4,6,4,3] = (3)
10d6.hits(5) → [5,4,5,1,6,1,1,2,2,3] = (3)
9d6.hits(5) → [1,5,4,3,2,1,6,2,6] = (3)
8d6.hits(5) → [5,5,3,2,6,2,6,4] = (4)
7d6.hits(5) → [1,3,1,5,6,3,2] = (2)

Choon Hee Gu 16 Hits
13d6.hits(5) → [2,4,6,2,4,2,4,4,4,1,2,6,1] = (2)
12d6.hits(5) → [4,3,6,4,4,1,2,1,6,2,6,4] = (3)
11d6.hits(5) → [6,3,6,5,3,1,1,5,2,1,2] = (4)
10d6.hits(5) → [2,3,3,2,4,2,1,2,3,4] = (0)
9d6.hits(5) → [3,2,3,4,1,2,5,1,2] = (1)
8d6.hits(5) → [1,2,4,1,1,3,3,2] = (0)
7d6.hits(5) → [5,5,6,2,3,2,5] = (4)
6d6.hits(5) → [6,4,3,4,3,2] = (1)
5d6.hits(5) → [3,6,4,3,4] = (1)

Brightman Group 24 - 4 = 20 hits
13d6.hits(5) → [1,1,4,2,2,5,1,6,4,5,1,4,1] = (3)
12d6.hits(5) → [5,5,4,5,1,5,2,2,6,2,1,2] = (5)
11d6.hits(5) → [5,6,6,1,5,3,6,4,2,3,1] = (5)
10d6.hits(5) → [2,5,2,1,5,2,2,2,2,5] = (3)
9d6.hits(5) → [6,1,6,6,3,3,5,4,4] = (4)
8d6.hits(5) → [4,1,1,5,2,1,6,1] = (2) *Glitch*
7d6.hits(5) → [4,5,2,2,2,1,6] = (2)
Glitch test (1d6=4)

Questions to group:
  • How should we divide the loot? My proposal is 50% split by the group (50k/8=6.25) and the other 50% goes to Fleet (45k should get a vehicle?) and SG (5k a new but not awesome gun?) to replenish their hardware, because that's a serious blow to their and thus our ability to solve problems.
  • Do we follow Fenris' plan to go back after Zuzane? I'll bite for going after her since three of you think we can do this.
  • Do we want to worry about Zuzane coming after us? We probably got nicely scanned by the goth-mage.
  • How do we go about finding the connection between Management, it's enemies, and Zuzane?
  • What was in Cypher's data burst that reveals anything about our involvement?

Rolls for Budda:
Just using Zero's day to heal, I want to find if there's any inquiry or uproar by Zuzane into our aborted assault and find out what the Shadow community thinks of Cypher's data stream(who's responsible, named names, threats coming down, etc).
Physical Mask: Magic(2)+Spellcasting(6)+Power Focus(3)+Spec:Illusion(2)= 13d6.hits(5) → [6,5,6,6,6,4,5,4,5,3,6,5,1] = (9) capped at 4. Soak vs 3 Drain - Charisma(6)+Willpower(5)+Fetish(2)= 13d6.hits(5) → [6,5,1,1,4,3,4,4,6,4,4,1,6] = (4)

Disguise Check: Intuition(5)+Disguise(1)+Equipment(2) 8d6.hits(5) → [3,6,5,4,1,1,5,6] = (4)

Gather Info attack on Zuzane: Charisma(6)+Etiquette(4)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Kinesics(3)+Veromonasal Organ(2)+Empathy Software(2)+Being very subtle(-4)= 16d6.hits(5) → [4,3,2,2,2,4,3,5,6,5,1,2,5,1,5,3] = (5)

Gather Info Cypher's data stream: Charisma(6)+Etiquette(4)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Kinesics(3)+Veromonasal Organ(2)+Empathy Software(2)+Being very subtle(-4)= 16d6.hits(5) → [2,4,4,3,3,3,4,1,2,4,5,3,3,2,6,5] = (3)
Happy Monday All!

I updated the karma total on the 1st post and I am in the process of responding to questions and actions. We will be bumping forward three days since I didn't get a definite answer one way or the other and I want the thread to keep moving along. I will respond to the current stuff in IC and then move it to the team meeting back up all together at the Office in the Barrens.
E-Sensing -- Perception 4 + Resonance 6 (10d6.hits(5)=2)
NLJD R6 (12d6.hits(5)=1)
Radio Signal Scanner R6 (12d6.hits(5)=1)

Tag Eraser used if any tags are found.

For while I walk around...(IC post inbound)
BishopMcQ the house is clean except for the drones that Widget brought and the AI (Fuzbunbun) in residence.
Compiling R4 Sleuth (9d6.hits(5)=3)
R4 Sleuth Resist (4d6.hits(5)=0)
Fading DV2 (13d6.hits(5)=2)

3 services.

Service 1 -- Traceroute on the commcode for Choon Hee Gu
Infrequent Use 8 - Commcode Known 3 = Threshold 5
8d6.hits(5)=4, 8d6.hits(5)=3, 8d6.hits(5)=3, 8d6.hits(5)=5
Hour 2 -- the last known physical location if she's offline, or current location if online.

Service 2 -- Traceroute on the commcode for Management
Once a day 12
8d6.hits(5)=4, 8d6.hits(5)=2, 8d6.hits(5)=4, 8d6.hits(5)=3
Hour 4 (3rd if Widget provides the commcode) -- the last known physical location if she's offline, or current location if online.
From the look of Q's results, it's entirely possible we'll see One a lot sooner than I thought...
Yep, looks like we'd better warn our contacts. And find a new safehouse, sadly.
On the ideas front, it sounds like the security people at the warehouse got canned. I think we should seriously consider reaching out to them (not telling them we did it, mind you). They sound like they are out of work and pissed - maybe we can get inside information on the security setup from any of them that are still alive? Also, if we hit the warehouse now while Zuzane is still hiring new security, it might be more vulnerable.

I think our Yakuza problem is pretty paramount, and we should also try to stick together/share security as much as possible. It sounds like they aren't sending their own heavy hitters after us as yet, but we don't want anyone caught in a dark alley by mercenaries all on their lonesome.
When Q shares what he finds, I think the best plan is going to be for the team to drain any savings that they may have, and go dark. Bury any gear that remotely ties back to you in a hole in the backyard, turn off the wireless on every implant, and don't contact anyone until this blows over. If they have nothing to tell anyone, your contacts will be safer.

Have Widget or Aideen arrange for any replacement gear that you must have, then go on the offensive.

Kill a few mercs if they find you and the word will get out that there are easier paydays. Talk with the Choon Hee Gu to find out what her part in this is. Talk with Management to find out what side of this takeover bid they're on. Bury everyone in the picture of Dr Takayasu at the Yakuza Gathering.

"An image capture claiming to be a picture of Dr. Takayasu does indeed match what you remember of your former "physician". It was taken at a rare gathering of the higher ups at a Yakuza function of some sort."

Remember: Any Technomancer with Sleuth Sprites can find the physical location of anyone on the team in a matter of hours (it's even easier as long as you are using the same SIN and commlink). Burying them and not going back until everything is clear leads the technomancer to a dead end. If we use burners and disposable commlinks (and keep them turned off except when needed...), tossing them out in high traffic areas every day or so, it will make that method of tracking us substantially harder.
We should similarly be hanging out behind Wards to prevent spirits from easily finding is with Search.
Sorry I've been incommunicado for the past few days. I'm typing this from my girlfriend's Ipad because my computer is infected and I didn't want to come on here until it was fixed. I'll post a short reply in RP that I'll hopefully be able to spruce up later. If we go underground, then I'll follow suit.
The cover story for Q's income on is this: Jason Smith is name on the Fake ID with the fake licenses. He needs the armored workman's clothes because he does maintenance on dangerous areas and he is registered as a magic user with knowledge of defensive spells and without knowledge of combat spells. Could Rikk make it look like Q, as Jason Smith, actually went to work to go hide in the dangerous areas instead of faking it? My intention is to lay a red herring.
Since the apartment and Fake ID will probably burn I'd like to make it seem like Q is covering his tracks for going into whatever random ghoul/para-critter infested area is appropriate. If we can attach the low level commlink attached to the Fake SIN to a drone and send it deep in there, that'd be even cooler.
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