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I put out ideas all the time...some of them are just a little creepy for the team.
True. I'll admit, I'm not a really much use in anti-hero or dystopia settings. frown.gif
Greetings to you all.
As Budda mentioned I'm going to be taking my leave from the table. Thank you for letting me get to know this intriguing set of misfits and I'm sorry that I won't be able continue with you guys and see where this campaign goes.
Thanks for all your help and I wish you the best of luck with showing the Yaks what for.
What was the message from Martha?

Eklipse actually has little interest in the gear or Zuzanne, he wants to find his missing lover and if that means taking out every yak he comes across he is good with that. He is willing to just hand Zuzann's operation over to the local authorities and has a contact who could help him do it. I'll IC that up if people are okay with that approach
I'm cool with that.
Notsoevildm sorry missed you opening it - I will post IC right now with the message.
That works for me.
I seem to remember being asked at one point about the new IDs and SINs. I am going to rule for the mechanic to even work you have to hand wave a little bit of it such as the biometrics, images and etc. So until you do something to blow the ID/SIN, like meet someone who knew you from before trying to pass yourself off as the new you, that it will hold up.

Does that answer your question?
That works for me. Also, I think I'll pick up an R3 running license like some of the other group members.
I was tempted to post something like roll initiative as Yak ninja death squads pour through the windows followed by the APRIL FOOL! shout out but I decided to save it for my kids and harass them. I updated the karma total on the first post. It looks like you all are pulling out of here and heading to a new safe house - let me know which and I will do a big IC bump to the next locale. It seems like you're leaning towards taking Aideen up on her offer of a place to hide out for a bit.

Did you all need anything else from me?

Can I get any street skill associated with the black market, fencing, buying or selling from anyone please.
Buddha--Rikik followed up with the Red Queen, but that can go in the bump. Also, I had a question buried inside of a previous post for digging into the Yakuza. Is there anything in the Data Packet that could point at shell companies Takayasu or other Yakuza used? Any kind of keywords to start the search from oher than "Yakuza Safehouse" for my Data Search.

Team--were we warding the vehicles and then leaving, or getting out of here now and warding from a safehouse in the middle of nowhere. (The Search Power will be harder behind wards, but distance also plays a factor so just not being anywhere they expect can help.)
Alternative Economies is the closest I've got -- No clue if it is relevant to this, but it deals with methods of bargaining and trading without the use of nuyen.
Alt Econ 4 + Logic 5
I just needed something. smile.gif

The contents of the house could fetch a pretty hefty sum or be bartered for significant goods. The clothing, cosmetics and jewelry alone could keep a small family very comfortable. There are antiques, art work, and high end housing items all through out the home.
I think we leave now and ward later. Warding takes quite a while - an hour per force, per vehicle. I think we're going to want to ward the new safehouse, then ward the vehicles inside the new safehouse.

On the data search: if you are OK with the beat up Yakuza and mind probe them for hit locations, maybe search for Yakuza up-and-comers, ie look for people rather than locations? Ideally we would be hitting people who are more likely to come after us.
Followup thought on that second point: we have those two companies (presumably Yakuza fronts, or at least Yakuza connected).

There must be some Yakuza members affiliated with both. There must be someone from the Yakuza who deals with or runs those places, and possibly more who do some sort of security. You might be able to track them down; I expect they would definitely know where some vulnerable places to hit are.

My first thought would be to look and see if there's any Japanese people with tattoos and missing fingers on the payroll at either place. They probably also could be traced through their financials - probably they are either taking money from or sending money to the Yakuza regularly.
Buddha--I have plenty of dice to buy 2 hits on the Spoof test if you will allow it, otherwise I can roll them all out, but I need to know what gear folks are handing me.

I suspect that Fleet can do the same.
Sorry for not posting, I'm still trying to figure out what Zero should say to his contacts.

Bishop-What gear are you looking for? Comlinks?
JxJxA--Anything that has a wireless link (which is everything by default, unless you bought it non-wireless) that you plan on taking with you when we leave this safehouse.
BishopMcQ buying hits is fine with me.

My computer went into the shop and I should have it back by Saturday. I will do a big bump then moving you all to the new safe house locale.
Emilio is trained in Pilot Ground Craft and will be throwing 5 dice. Not a lot, but should be good for us getting around.
Fat Man has a Ruhrmetall HMG (no smartlink, but I think the gun itself may have wireless which can actually just be turned off), 2 commlinks, goggles, contacts, earbuds, a holoprojector, and a GAZ pickup truck.
Since Buddha is letting me buy the hits, and it's a Complex Action (assuming you give me access to the device for the moment), I think we can safely assume that all of the gear has been Spoofed. So until it can be linked to you again, the gear itself shouldn't be a beacon screaming "Here I am" to the Matrix-savvy who run a Trace on you.
Computer back all shiny! Post is up and you all are in the new location.

The contents of the house are worth 300K and you can dump them for the standard 30% or someone with social skills is welcome to try and sell it for more. Another option is barter with a contact - at the tabletop games it's a good way to get 50% of the value but in trade and favors as opposed to cash. Let me know.

So people feel free to begin the legwork phase (matrix, asking around, etc) for your next move which is pruning out some of the Yaks before they come after you.
First, I noticed Fat Man had been sitting on nearly 60 karma. He's going to raise his Magic from 6 to 7.

On Fat Man's end, he would like to make a Magical Lodge in a corner somewhere away from Rikik, take 2-ish days to learn Mana Static, and we also need to coordinate our Warding and Concealment between Fat Man and Zero.

There's 6 of us plus Widget, so we would need Force 7 spirits, 2 per 24-hour period. Zero and Fat Man can I think both reliably summon them and take Stun damage that can be slept off.

Wards last for weeks, so I think it is worth just putting up the biggest ward we can manage.

Buddha: can 700 cubic meters cover the underground complex? If not, how much can it cover/how many cubic meters would be needed?
UmaroVI 700 cubic meters is sufficient to ward the lower bunker section.
Okay, here's what I'd like to recommend for magical security:

1. Fat Man puts up a Force 14 ward around the underground bunker. This will take 14 hours + 2-3 days to sleep off the drain. He's not risking death, but it will take Fat Man mostly out of commission until he rests. The ward lasts weeks. Zero could make it larger or longer laster by helping, but I don't think we need either and I think it instead makes more sense for Zero to cover the other parts of astral security.

2. While Fat Man is doing that, Zero puts up a Force 7 Alarm Ward outside the solid ward. This means if people try to sneak in, or sneak up for a look, they'll trigger the alarm so we know we're being scouted (or at least, they will unless they make a Assensing (3) check, which is not that hard but might be failed).

3. Until Fat Man finishes recovering, Zero needs to cover the Concealment - meaning keep a Force 7 spirit with Concealment around to keep it on us. Spirits vanish at daybreak/nightfall, so that's 2 a day and it does mean Zero will likely have some stun damage to sleep off much of the time. Once Fat Man recovers we can alternate between day shift and night shift.

4. Fat Man would like 2 days to learn Mana Static (he'll also need rating 1 magical lodge materials, but those are 500ny and availability 2, so it shouldn't be hard finding them). It should be helpful the next time we hit nasty magical security. I think he can start on this while recovering (which will mean wound penalties, but such is life).

The reason I recommend Fat Man put up the high-force ward rather than Zero is that whoever does that is going to be taking a good chunk of P damage, and Fat Man heals faster since he has more Body. Also, I think 14P can kill Zero if he gets a sufficiently unlucky drain roll.
Emilio can med-kit stun. While it may not end up making a mechanical difference given that we are taking some down time, IC he'd offer.
Happy Monday All!

Plan looks solid so go ahead and get me some rolls for the wards along with the summoning tests please. Feel free to start the rolls for researching the leads you have - either social skills for tracking them down the old fashioned way or matrix rolls if going that route.

Data Searches:

Thread Browse
Software 5 + Specialization 2 + Resonance 6 + Paragon 2
Threading (15d6.hits(5)=6)
Let's be reckless and take them all

Fading DV 6P
Fading (13d6.hits(5)=4) Take 2P


Dice Pool -- Browse 4 + Threading 6 + Data Search 5 (15 dice start)

Data Search (15d6.hits(5)=cool.gif
Data Search (14d6.hits(5)=4)
Data Search (13d6.hits(5)=4)
Data Search (12d6.hits(5)=6)
Data Search (11d6.hits(5)=1)
Data Search (10d6.hits(5)=4)
Data Search (9d6.hits(5)=2) -- 29 Hits

Companies (Jinsei and Kitai Foundation)
Data Search (15d6.hits(5)=5)
Data Search (14d6.hits(5)=4)
Data Search (13d6.hits(5)=5)
Data Search (12d6.hits(5)=3)
Data Search (11d6.hits(5)=4)
Data Search (10d6.hits(5)=4)
Data Search (9d6.hits(5)=2) -- 27 Hits

Let me know if I should keep pushing (below threshold etc)
BishopMcQ solid rolls and no need for more at this point. I will posts the results tomorrow in the AM after my morning errands.
@ Umaro: Sounds good. My body is 3, so I'm not the best when it comes to soaking physical damage.

Casting Increase Willpower at Force 4:
Magic(7) + Spell(4) + Focus(3) = 11d6 for 3 hits. Dropping and recasting for 3 hits. Dropping and recasting for 5 hits. Only 4 count, popping in Force 4 sustaining focus.
Drain: (4/2) - 2 = 0, so 1S
Will(4) + Cha(5) + Cent(1) = 10d6 for 2 hits. Second cast for 4 hits. Third cast for 7 hits. No drain.

Summoning Force 7 Fire Spirit Earth Spirit: (I was switching between the pdf and the window, and only realized that I was looking at the Earth Spirit block after rolling. Sorry. x_x)
Magic(7) + Conj(3) + Focus(3) + Mentor(2) = 15d6 for 3 hits13d6 for 3 hits. Edge rerolling misses for 5 more hits 4 more hits. 7 hits total.
Spirit's Opposed Roll: 7d6 for 1 hit.
Drain: 2(1) = 2S
Will(8) + Cha(5) + Cent(1) = 14d6 for 5 hits. No drain.
Optional Powers: Concealment, Elemental Attack(Electric)

Establishing a Force 7 Alarm Ward:
Magic(7) + Will(8) = 15d6 for 4 hits. Edge rerolling misses for 2 more hits. 6 hits total.
Drain: 7S
Will(8) + Cha(5) + Cent(1) = 14d6 for 3 hits.

@Buddha: This is one of those awkward things where it's a stupid question that would only take a few moments at a table, but longer in pbp. If I have time to rest before summoning another spirit, I'll do that instead of spending a point of edge to reroll the missed hits on the ward drain. Do I have the time? ^_^
JxJxA: Emilio can also medkit that stun.
Okay, Fat Man:

Fat Man is going to take 14 hours to put up a Force 14 Ward.

Magic(7)+Willpower(6)+Power(4)=17d6, 7 weeks of coverage.

Drain: Intuition(6)+Willpower(6)+Centering(4)=16d6, 9 hits, so 5P taken.

Fat Man is going to sleep that off: 1 night recovery, Body (11)+Willpower(6)=17d6,, back up.

Buying the rating 1 materials: Charisma (3) + Influence (1), I messed the roll up (should be .hits(5) and 4 dice, but that is still 2 hits on the first 4 counting correctly). It's 500ny so that takes a day to find.

Spell learning: Spellcasting (6) + Intuition (6) = 12d6, dropping off the end for retries that takes 2 days.

So in 3 days, Fat Man is good to go.

Buddha: How long do you want to cover the spirit summoning rolls for?

Question: who is dumping the contents of our old safehouse? I think Rikik and Zero are probably the best face-types we have?
Also, Buddha, Fat Man's googledoc character sheet is now up to date (I got a bit behind). He is picking up Navigation 1 and specializing in Astral, and has 15 karma banked for the next chance he gets to initiate with the Hengeyokai, which will have to wait for a few weeks and also until we are less fugitives.
JxJxA you can rest between no problem.

UmaroVI I'm not a fan of needless rolling so how does this sound to you all - take this roll for the moment and if something happens this will be the spirit we use for that encounter? If an encounter happens and the spirit gets popped then you all can roll up a new "stand by" spirit?
I have a Fixer that might be able to take some of it off our hands. I was thinking that we go with Aideen since we know she won't turn on the group (or hasn't turned yet). My Fixer if she catches wind of you guys, may pull me into a meeting off-site and send the rest of you up the river given the responses that Q found, so I'm hesitant to call any contacts that don't have a high loyalty.

If Emilio makes the introductions, I can talk with Aideen. Getting an Activesoft for Etiquette would help though...
I will be posting this afternoon to IC with the data details. Will probably be later than earlier but it will go up today. Thanks all!

Force 7 Guardian spirit with Concealment and Heavy Weapons.

Resist: 7d6
Summon: 7 (magic)+4(focus)+1(summoning)+2(spec)+2(mentor)=16d6
Drain: 6(willpower)+6(magic)+4(centering)=16d6

aaand IC is down, I'll be back with that.
I'm going to suggest that we go after the Swords, and try to figure out a way for Eklipse and their leader to have a katana duel while riding motorcycles.

In all seriousness, I think they sound like the better target because we have a pretty clear idea of where they are. We could hit them going to or coming from one of their known routes, or at the ranch. It is presumably isolated enough that we can hit it with excessive force and not attract attention from outside the gang.

Do we have an idea of about how many of them there are?
Eklipse also like the idea of katana duel (need to spend some of my hoarded karma here and perhaps initiate a level too).

Perhaps not while riding motorbikes, but then he does have the Thrill Seeker flaw, so who knows.
The gang is believed to have actual members at about 25 with a large group of people affiliated with them (mechanics, runners, lackeys etc) about double that. The ranch is reserved for members only and going there is by invitation only.
OK, I don't really want to fight 25 go-gangers, but if we can manage to go after 2-3 smaller groups I think that's doable. We more want the leader, in any case, and I suspect any valuables are at the ranch. We might also just see if we can figure out a time when we know he'll be at the ranch, but a bunch of his gang will be out running a package, and hit them then.
*puts down GM hat on the desk*

Ok I want to check in with the players. I feel like you all are more than capable of handling 25 (assuming they were all there at once which seems unlikely unless you planned for it) go-gangers at this point. You are almost 200 karma characters that started with extra bonuses on top of that. You have two mages who could summon up two force 8 spirits at no nuyen cost and let them tear through them with 16 pts of Hardened Armor and various spirit powers in addition to lobbing whatever AoE spells they have or just snipe people with single targets spells. A street samurai with an grenade luncher equipped on an assault rifle and a rigger who could drive circles around them at this point. A technomancer to help with the electronic side of things and an accomplished adept. I am wanting to place challenges in front of you but it seems I keep over shooting it based on your reactions.

Am I missing something? Is it people sitting on the karma but not spending it so not feeling capable enough? Are you all looking for more assured encounters? Which is fine, I have played in campaigns where that was the theme - we only bite off what we are absolutely sure we can chew. Am I setting the lethality too high? I am looking for insight so I stop setting up scenarios that lead the players to walking away from them.
I wasn't advocating we walk away from this one, but I think I might have been overestimating how tough individual go-gangers are. I wouldn't be averse to just hitting the ranch at a time when we know the leader is there.

I think us walking away from the warehouse really had more to do with moral qualms/deciding we should really just be going after one enemy at a time than concern about our ability to pull it off.

Also, we did kind of botch the warehouse run, so I think we might be being overly careful as that is the more recent memory compared to the much more succesfull runs we pulled off previously.
Ok thanks for the answer - to be clear I just want to make sure I'm not wasting anyone's time (mine or yours) with the things that get put out there in terms of the game. I don't want to keep putting up wetwork if the majority of the players don't enjoy those types of runs as an example.

Anyone else feel free to throw in your opinion. smile.gif
I tend to agree with UmaroVI. While we could probably take down the gang with our capabilities, SR for me is always about the sneaky in sneaky out. If you had to shoot, you messed up and are now relying on the bang bang to get out in one piece.

On the other hand Eklipse would almost certainly be thinking of ways to take down the grunts and finish up with an epic standoff against the leader.
Right now, I'm a little gun-shy on combat given that I nearly bought it. I think I've got 50+ karma I'm sitting on, mainly because I was planning on raising my initiation rank and magic. Once I do that I might be interested in summoning Force 8 spirits, but given my weak constitution I don't know if I'd want to risk having a really unlucky series of drain rolls right now. x_x
I'm not sure where I am with my feelings. I've got the Aries Alpha (Assault rifle + grenade launcher), and I was in the tabletop game where Strange Glove became Grenade Troll. I've seen what my gear can do. With the armor I'm buying, I'll do well in combat. I just don't yet have the experience to turn it into confidence.

Also, I have demolitions, and I have a second lifestyle under a fake ID with a facility (warehouse) for making explosives and guns. One thing I want to do is see how good that fake ID is. My history is that the owner of the facility wouldn't care so much that the ID is fake. I care if he can turn me into our hunters. smile.gif

So if we want to make a boom, we certainly can.
We should give BishopMcQ and Fleet a chance to weigh in, but pulling it together, here's what I'd like to float as a plan:

1. Do some recon to find a time when Sword Master and most or all of his gang - in particular, his most likely successors/second in command types - are at the ranch. We would ideally be doing recon either over the matrix or with vehicles. I expect this probably isn't too hard to figure out as they take recruits there to train.

2. Hop into warded vehicles, head over, and hit the ranch with an all-out surprise assault. Take Sword Master alive and wipe out the rest of the gang that's there.

3. Grab anything valuable that's not nailed down, plant Emilio's explosives, Slow Walk away from the explosion, and head back to our safehouse.

4. Mind Probe more information out of Sword Master, fence the loot, and then plan based on what we learn. He appears to run the Yakuza Postal Service so maybe he knows more about this awakened drug connection.
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