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Thank you, Umaro, some how I missed that particular short from the Lonely Island guy biggrin.gif

I like his plan...with the extra stuff I tossed in to keep people busy will we're ready at the Dude Ranch.
Is Invisible Castle still down for everyone else?
JxJxA Yep go ahead and post manual rolls for now since it's been down for awhile.
Happy Monday all!

Ok karma is updated and I threw up an IC post. Did a little PMing with BishopMcQ over the last few days. Saw the notes about people spending karma. Let me know what your next step is and we'll bump along.

Shared info from the call with the team. It's not my intent to hide anything, so if somebody sees a piece of info that looks important which I forgot in the summary, let me know.
To clarify, is the bounty 5000 per Yakuza, 15000 per Yakuza leader, or 5000 per lower-ranking leader and 15000 for the boss?
The bounty is 5k per member of the go-gang and 15k for their leader.
My next step is going to be to head back to the vehicles I marked out on the trip in, jack them, clean them, and spoof them with Rikik's help and Zero tagging along, and send clean, safe vehicles along to garage spaces that now have empty space biggrin.gif

If possible (not sure how much information is public), but I'd like to verify that the owners have theft insurance before I steal the cars.

After that's done, all three of us are heading up to do some physical/drone/magical/Matrix recon on the Swords of Wind and Water.
I think Fat Man, Emilio, and Eklipse are going to the Bodhi Tree.
Sorry for being absent, I've been running around trying to take care of crap for work and classaes. If you don't .eed him, Zero will prefer not to head out with Rikik. IC wise, the miasma of negative emotions triggers Zero's mental programming. Mechanics-wise, it does nothing because I don't have any negative qualities attached to it. Character-wise, it's an exhausting ordeal.
Or you know, Fat Man could spend a few seconds and Cleanse it for several hours...
Ok I will be doing a big post on Monday moving everyone to their next location/task. I will be gone on a trip till then so no posting. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Okay, IC is back up. I forgot to roll my stun recovery dice on my own, but this is what I've got:

Recover 4S Stun: Body(3) + Will(8) = 11d6
First hour gives 2 hits.
Second hour gives 6 hits.
At the necessary location, we'll just put you a few meters away. My assumption, and Torrey you can correct me if I'm wrong, is that if you're not casting spells or staying astrally present, the aura shouldn't bother you, right?

Umaro, can you go ahead and give us the necessary rolls for warding the van?
Then when Buddha goes to bump, that will be done and he'll
l know how long you spent.
Oh right, I forgot.

Do we want the time for a f14 ward (2-3 days) or a f7 ward (7 hours)?
Just go with 7 on the vehicles, we won't be in them often and the distance will be to our advantage. The odds of a bad guy starting a search for us when we are sitting on their back porch are slim.
Oh, also, that summoning I was doing earlier (when IC was down):

Force 7 Guardian spirit with Concealment and Heavy Weapons.

Resist: 7d6
Summon: 7 (magic)+4(focus)+1(summoning)+2(spec)+2(mentor)=16d6
Drain: 6(willpower)+6(magic)+4(centering)=16d6 6 hits to summon and only one to soak...good thing it's Stun. Accidentally rolled twice for the spirit, first roll is 0 hits so 6 services, and 1 stun taken. Fat Man will just go ahead with the warding:

Magic (7)+Spellcasting(6)+Focus(4) to make the ward: 3 hits (see below)
Willpower(6)+Intuition(6)+Centering(4) to soak 7S: 5 hits

So the vehicle is warded for 3 weeks, Fat Man has 3S to sleep off which he can do in an hour:

Agreed, 7 should be fine. Obviously you'll need to do the truck, too.
Oh right, two vehicles. Sorry, long week.

As above, but 8 weeks. Fat Man took another 4S, but he still slept it off in the hour. So that will tie him up for a full day (14 hours casting + 1 hour rest) but then we are good for a while.
Sorry all I underestimated the catch up I would have to play today for being gone over the weekend so I will be posting tomorrow sometime. Hope you all had a great weekend!
Ok the weekly karma total has been updated and I am going to bump forward one day from the arrival at the bunker/safehouse.

Fenris correct the astral hazing would only affect you if present on the astral (like Fat Man being dual natured) or when attempting magic in its radius.

I have Emilio, Eklipse and Fat Man at the Bodhi Tree. Feel free to roll Perception or any knowledge skills you might think apply.

I have Zero, Rikik and Fleet out boosting cars or trying to. I would like to know your dice pools for Hacking, Hardware and Stealth or spells that can duplicate those effects. If they are large enough I am just going to hand wave you all stealing two Mercury Comets and one Ford Spiral.
GM Note - Taking a background skill in Magical Security, considering everything we've been through. Raised it to 3.

I'm turning Hacking over to Rikik. I've got two dice in the group plus programs (all rated at 6) if he needs a teamwork.

I've got Stealth at 1 (plus Agility) for a total pool of 6. To be clear, I'm using common sense to determine whether or not it's safe to approach a given vehicle.

Hardware is 11 dice for me, and it's actually the whole Electronics group at that same rating. I've got the Electronics toolkit and NLJD.

My intent was to let Rikik crack the car open and erase the current owner and replace it with me, and then climb in and handle disabling security, manually spoofing access ID, and scanning for/disabling RFID tags. Then send the car on it's merry way to one of my garage spaces for complete shutdown and storage until I get a chance to do a more thorough clean and re-write.

Can Zero put a spirit with Concealment up to help out with the Stealth thing, assuming Rikik stays in the car or something?
I was about to make a roll for a spirit, but it looks like Invisible Castle is once again gone. Would it be possible to use the stats for the one that I summoned earlier?

If it's doable, maybe it would be best for Zero and the spirit to just to travel with you in the astral. My stealth is terrible, and there's very little I could do to make it better.
JxJxA--Being astrally present would subject you to the background count, and make it impossible for you to interact with any mundane threats. At that point, just setting the spirit on a remote service might be better. If you come in the car, you can help out and won't be bothered by the background count until you take some kind of action with magic or astral perception.

Rikik has:

Infiltration 8 (4 Agi +4 Autosoft Biowired) & a chameleon suit...
Hacking base of 11 plus threading bonuses (6 skill + 5 CF)
Hardware would be defaulting at 4 dice (Let's use Fleet for that)
Threading 14 dice
QUOTE (BishopMcQ @ Apr 25 2013, 07:56 AM) *
JxJxA--Being astrally present would subject you to the background count, and make it impossible for you to interact with any mundane threats. At that point, just setting the spirit on a remote service might be better. If you come in the car, you can help out and won't be bothered by the background count until you take some kind of action with magic or astral perception.

My intention was to travel with the spirit in the astral and follow you from above the car and BGC. If shit goes down, then I can still command the spirit while watching from the Astral without losing extra services by telling it to act remotely. I'd like to think that a Force 7 earth spirit will scare away any gangers who might harass you.

There's really nothing that I can do to help with boosting cars.
JxJxA--With nearly 200 karma under our belts, forgive me if I don't believe there's nothing you can do. Looking at the posted character sheet, you've got about 50+ karma to spend which could help. That said, here are some things I see that you can do:

  • Perception and Assensing Tests on nearby people
  • Increase Mental Stats on Rikik (TMs use mental stats for matrix stuff)
  • Provide Counterspelling
  • Alert Fleet and Rikik to Awakened Threats that they can't see
  • Summon Spirits to help us: Concealment, Guard (No Glitches), Movement
  • Summon Spirits to hinder threats: Confusion, Fear, Accident, Influence to help us
  • Summon Spirits to help with Skills, if you have Task spirits
  • Summon Spirits to pick vehicles -- Guidance that uses Divination a la Weal and Woe

Also remember that as a Team, we work together. If the astral hazing is a problem, we work around it.
  • Fat Man can cleanse it.
  • Fleet can drop me Rikik at a nearby matrix cafe and send the Access ID of the vehicle that needs to get hacked.
  • We do a drive through the area, confirm no threats and then have Zero sit at a cafe across the street and watch the entrance for people or cars entering the garage.
Agreed - I think Zero has a lot to offer the team in the way of resources and support.

Car Boosting Team looks like you have enough dice in your necessary pools that I am going to hand wave the stealing of the cars. I will say you could boost 5 cars for the day if you moved around to different sections and kept the cars to the solid middle class varieties. Let me know what you'd like to boost and how many.

Bodhi Tree you all need anything else from me other than the Perception roll call out to help you all get started?
Sorry, been travelling and got behind.
@ Bishop: I did not mean that there is nothing I can offer to the group period, mainly that there is nothing I can do to help by being physically present to boost cars.

I'll be honest, the Astral Hazing is a big problem for me because I rely primarily on my magic to make the character viable. It shuts down all of my foci, frustrates my casting, and no matter where Rikik is during the heist I'll have to deal with it if we're getting away in the same car. It would be similar to Rikik having to work alongside Zero if he constantly had a "dissonance haze." If I follow along in the astral rather than being physically present, it allows me to help you while being outside of the BCG and also gives me a chance to GTFO if things get bad.

The 50+ karma is meant to initiate one new grade and raise my magic, but I just haven't had any downtime to do that yet.

@ Buddha: Would I be able to offer counterspelling/spell support by manifesting from my astral form?
@Buddha: Finally updated my character sheet. Mainly weapon skills including specialising Unarmed combat into Blocking, plus Pilot ground craft, Perception (Hearing), Infiltration (Urban) and upping Leadership a couple of points. Also, upped Agility to 6 and self-initiated to grade one (all that time meditating at temple) taking an extra PP to add 1 extra die on combat senses (now +2) and 1 die on blade skill (now +2). Hope all these changes are OK. Current sheet in sig.
I have a question about our communications. How can I contact other team members w/o blowing our cover? Emilio got a text I want to forward, but I more don't want to cast Summon Yakuza. Do we have enough of a group net set up that it'll work for just us?
With all of the Access IDs spoofed, calling among our team should be fine. If you call someone else, they can see your new Access ID and give it to the people with guns, and it goes downhill from there...
Notsoevildm totally fine with the updates.
Okay, I am really behind - I just got back from travel and am moving tomorrow. I will catch up mid next week hopefully.
Let me go ahead with that Perception so Buddha can post any response: Perception (1)+Visual(2)+Intuition(6)+Enhancement(3)=12d6, 4 hits:
Happy Monday all!

So I updated the karma total as usual and I am still waiting on two Perception tests for the Bodhi Tree crew so I will give them till the end of today then bump forward. I also need a decision from the car theft crew which I think is Fenris so I will bug him to post today. Thanks all!
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Apr 29 2013, 08:00 PM) *
So I updated the karma total as usual and I am still waiting on two Perception tests for the Bodhi Tree crew so I will give them till the end of today then bump forward. I also need a decision from the car theft crew which I think is Fenris so I will bug him to post today. Thanks all!
Missed the perception tests. Assuming he is not wearing bike helmet into store.
Int 4 + Per 4 + Enh. Per 2 + (Keen ears 1 + Hearing spec. 2) = 13d6.hits(5)=2 - seems Eklipse is somewhat distracted: a meager 2 hits for hearing, just 1 for visual
Always for the +3 examining in detail (if relevant) = 3d6.hits(5)=1 - takes it up to 3 hits for hearing, 2 for visual
Emilio's perception:

Int 3 + Per 3 = 6d6.hits(5)=4
Checking on timelines--with the 3 day jump for te warding, do we have the new IDs from the Red Queen? My understanding was yes, they were available in the middle of the warding timeframe.
BishopMcQ you are correct - at this point warding is finished and you all have new IDs.
For the car crew, I'm going to stick to the three for now. I'm not trying to start a pattern that can be picked up quite yet.

JxJxA - I'm sorry if I was unclear. My intention was for us to boost the cars on the way to doing surveillance/recon on the gang, which is where I had intended you to handle a lot more of the tasks, being the only magically active one out of the three.

Buddha - As noted, just the two Mercury Comets and the Ford Spiral, assuming they're generally in the same area they were in when we drove down.
QUOTE (Fenris @ Apr 30 2013, 10:35 AM) *
JxJxA - I'm sorry if I was unclear. My intention was for us to boost the cars on the way to doing surveillance/recon on the gang, which is where I had intended you to handle a lot more of the tasks, being the only magically active one out of the three.

Okay, that's where I was confused. I just thought the group was going out to steal cars. I'll come in person.
Ok sorry for the delay and I am writing up an IC post right after I post this.

WIth the car team converting to recon - please let me you know your plan please. Are you driving by or driving near by and sneaking up on foot? That kind of stuff so I know what rolls to ask for and all that jazz.
I think part of that will need to be based on the site. If there is somewhere that we could reasonably park and watch without standing out, I like that plan. If they are really remote and a parked car will stand out, then we'll need to hide and do the infiltration thing.

Free Action -- Check for Active and Passive Nodes

Compiling R6 Sleuth Sprite (Optional CFs Decrypt and Scan)
Compiling 3 + Resonance 6 -- 9d6.hits(5)=3
Resist - 6d6.hits(5)=2 -- 1 Task

Fading 13d6.hits(5)=7 Like a champ!

Ask the Sprite to assist me with finding all of the hidden access IDs in the Ranch
11d6.hits(5)=5 -- 8
10d6.hits(5)=3 -- 11
9d6.hits(5)=1 -- 12
8d6.hits(5)=1 -- 13
7d6.hits(5)=2 -- 15
6d6.hits(5)=3 -- 18

Sprite can buy 3 hits on each Analyze, Rikik could buy 4 hits (5 with assist from Sprite) if allowed. Basically looking to sort all of the nodes (Active, Passive, and Hidden) into Commlink, Vehicle, or Household electronics. I'd feel sheepish picking on of the nodes to hack just to discover that I have their toaster. (MWAHAHAHA Burning everyone's breakfast!!!)
Recon Team the ranch itself would be a little obvious if you did a drive but there is cover (trees, brush and tall grass) to allow sneaking up or finding a spot to visual surveil the location. Magic, of course, would allow you to get much closer but without you can get within 10 -15 meters of the structures. There is a single road that leads up to it on maps.

Sorry for the slower posting - busy week for me but I will try to keep an eye out for posting over the weekend.
My inclination was to avoid putting anyone up close, since we didn't have a serious stealth person with us. My thought is Zero, conceal the group and my 4 drones, and do astral recon. I'd send the drones in, Rikik would do exactly what Rikik's doing. I never planned on getting particularly close to the location. Drones, spirits, sprites...we're like the cannon-fodder companion crew smile.gif
Fenris go ahead and give me rolls for hiding the car. Also for the drones to evade detection please.

JxJxA go ahead and give me a roll to avoid being seen while flying up in the astral.

I saw your rolls BishopMcQ so you are good for the moment.

Bodhi Tree let me know how you want to proceed and we will bump things along.
Fat Man is going to try to keep the elderly man busy discussing tea. He is also going to Assense him and Judge Intentions him. Assensing is Intuition 6 + Assensing 4 + Specialization 2 = 12d6, Judge Intentions is Intuition 6 + Charisma 3 = 9d6. 2 hits Assensing 1 hit Judge Intentions

Unless we turn up something interesting, once we are done Fat Man is going to Astrally Project and buzz the place, looking for Awakened drugs hanging out in back rooms or stuff like that. Let me know what rolls you would like on that front if we get to that.

Emilio, Notsoevildm: Let me know if you have other/better ideas, but what I put up is the best I could come up with for a plan.
Don't forget that we know of a connection between his kids and the Yakuza (and their untimely death), plus the anonymous payments to keep them afloat probably from our favorite money launderer and employer. Jinsei has a standing purchase order for a bunch of stuff from them. Maybe see if you can get a sample of those herbs? If he doesn't have any, his reaction may still be telling.

As another curiosity, the kids just happened to have their funerals at the same temple where Eklipse goes for his meditations...Coincidence or providence?
Stealth for the cars - Agility(5) + Stealth(1) (6d6.hits(5)=2)

It's a new week, so this is actually a good time to raise my Stealth to 2 >.<

Drones rolling: Pilot 6 + Covert Ops 4 (10d6.hits(5)=2, 10d6.hits(5)=4, 10d6.hits(5)=3, 10d6.hits(5)=2)

Just as a note, they should have a -6 dice pool modifier to Perception tests based on size.
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