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Fat Man is going to join in the astral guarding.

He would also like to mind probe the gang's leader if we can find him. I'm going to go ahead and put the rolls in:

Force 7 Mind Probe: Magic (7)+Focus(4)+Spellcasting(6) = 17d6, 10 hits, only 7 can be kept.

Drain: Will (6) + Intuition (6) + Centering (4) = 16d6, 6 hits, no drain.

Questions he would like answered:

1) Who exactly killed the children of the Korean shopkeeper? (the one who runs the Bodhi Tree - I'm sure we got his name at some point but I can't seem to dig it back up)

2) What does he already know about us? Does he know of any specific plans to attack us?

3) What does he know about other Yakuza operations in the area? In particular, safehouses or stores of equipment/valuables, and leadership.

Any other particular questions people have?
Alright, so time to quantify those actions with dice rolls.

Copy and erase the subscription logs
--Thread Browse (Resonance 6 + Software 5 + Specialization 2 + Paragon 2 - Sustaining Stealth 2)
13d6.hits(5)=7 Keep 4
Fade 4P -- 13d6.hits(5)=5

--Browse for Subscription Logs (Data Search 5 + Browse 4 + Thread 4 - Sustaining Stealth 2)
11d6.hits(5)=6, 10d6.hits(5)=4, 9d6.hits(5)=3, 8d6.hits(5)=1, 7d6.hits(5)=3 -- 17 hits Total (let me know if I need more)
--Browse for Access Log (while I have Browse threaded)
11d6.hits(5)=5, 10d6.hits(5)=4, 9d6.hits(5)=5, 8d6.hits(5)=2, 7d6.hits(5)=1 -- 17 hits total (let me know if I need more)
--Drop Browse thread

[[[This is where I remember that I should have a Hot Sim modifier to all my rolls...doh]]]

Perception Test to look for Data Bomb: (Computer 4 + Analyze 4 + TM Bonus 2 + Hot Sim 2 - Sustaining Stealth 2) [Presence of Data Bomb, Is File Encrypted, Last Edit Date, Last user to edit]
Subscription Log -- 10d6.hits(5)=4
Access Log -- 10d6.hits(5)=4

(Assuming no data bomb, Copy Subscription Log and transmit to Fleet so he has the Access IDs of the drones. Delete Subscription log from server)

Edit the Access Log to create an Admin account for Fleet
--Identified Access Log above
--Scanned for Data Bombs
Presuming I'm all clear...
--Thread Edit (Resonance 6 + Software 5 + Specialization 2 + Paragon 2 - Sustaining Stealth 2)
13d6.hits(5)=5 -- Keep 4
Fading 4P -- 13d6.hits(5)=5
--Edit the File to create Admin account for Fleet (Hacking 6 + Edit 4 + Thread 4 - Sustaining Stealth 2 + Hot Sim 2)
14d6.hits(5)=6, 13d6.hits(5)=3, 12d6.hits(5)=5, 11d6.hits(5)=4 -- 18 hits

Unless there's anything else Fleet needs, Log Off. Drop Stealth Threading.

In the Meat World:
--Post RFID tag with ARO

--Walk around with scanner to find electronics (comllinks, cred sticks etc)
Cyberware Scanner 6; Non-Linear Junction Detector 6; Radio Signal Scanner 6
Cyber: 12d6.hits(5)=4
NLJD: 12d6.hits(5)=4
RSS: 12d6.hits(5)=5

E-Sensing (Perception 4 + Resonance 6): 10d6.hits(5)=3

--Remove batteries/power down anything wireless that the team wants to take
Happy Monday All!

Thanks for the rolls UmaroVI and BishopMcQ - much appreciated. Can I get a Perception roll from Zero, his spirit and Fat Man. Apply a -2 modifier for Fat Man to reflect the split attention of looking for the gang leader and the interrogation that follows. I'll bug Fenris & Emilio to post their actions with rolls so I can bump tomorrow.
Emilio is sorting through bodies and stripping them. He will heed the warnings about the gas and give those areas a wide berth until time has elapsed. He'll go a bit over the stated 10 minutes, just to be sure.

Perception while searching:

Perception (3) + Intuition (3) + vision enhancement (3) = 9d6 = 9d6.hits(5)=2
Fleet's going to start by using his new Admin access to power up all the security drones in a complete passive mode and take stock of what he's got. Since I can do that while wandering around, he'll also start appraising the bikes - he'll especially take note of any of the bikes that have the gyromount mod to let them drive by themselves. I'm looking for expensive components, bikes that will drive themselves, and then expensive bikes, in that order of priority.

Vehicle Tech + Logic: Logic 7 + Vehicle Tech 4 + Pushed 1 (12d6.hits(5)=4)
I'm guessing my gear doesn't add to astral perception rolls. I'm really crappy at it, so I'll assist the spirit by acting as another set of eyes if that's doable. ^_^

Zero's Perception Roll: Assist the spirit
Int(3) + Perc(2) = 5d6 for 0 hits. Oh look, it matters not! wobble.gif It is, however, not a glitch.

Isaias' Perception Roll:
Int(7) + Perc(7) = 14d6 for 5 hits.
Rikik Loot
15 Singularity Battle Buddy Basics (go-gangers)
*Custom OS (System & Firewall 5)
*Hardening 6
*Armor Case 10 (each one unique)
*Maglock 6
*Anti-Tamper Circuits 4
*Biometric Reader (DNA)
*Progams: Agent 5, Browse 5, Encrypt 5 Decrypt 5

7k in other generic commlinks with legal programs (none higher than 3)

15 Contacts (go-gangers)
*Flare Compensation
*Image Link
*Custom appearance (unusual colors, logos, flowing icons, etc)

15 Earbuds (go-gangers)
*Audio Enhancement 3
*Select Sound Filter 3

5k in certified credstiks

3k in personal electronics (tpys, cameras, gadgets, etc)

15 sets of Bike Racing Armor (go-gangers)
*Non-conductivity 5
*Thermal Dampening 5

Fleet Loot
20 Modified Cyberspace Design Dragonflies
*Upgraded Pilot 5 and Sensor 4
*Chameleon Coating
*Improved Sensor Array
*ECM 10
*Improved Take Off & Landing 2

20 Modified Ferret RPD-IX
*Upgraded Pilot 5 and Sensor 4
*Chameleon Coating
*Ammo Bin (250 EX rounds)
*Hardening 6
*Fuzzy Logic
*Gecko Tips
*Oil-Slick Sprayer
*Smoke Projector
*Gridlink Override
*Improved Sensor Array
*Weapon Mount: Sakura Fubuki

10 Unmodified Thundercloud Contrails

15 Modified Thundercloud Contrails (go-gangers)
*Engine Customizations (twice)
*Morphing License Plate
*Spoof Chip
*Smart Tires
*Motorcycle Gyro-Stabilization
*Pimped Ride 2 (each bike is unique)
*Smuggling Compartment
*Mini Drone Rack
*Programs: Clearsight 4, Defense 4, Maneuver: Ground Craft 4, Adaptability 3, and Covert Ops 4

15 Modified MCT Fly Spies (go-gangers)
*Upgrade Pilot 5 and Sensor 4
*Improved Sensor Array
*ECM 10
*Improved Take Off & Landing 2
*Programs: Defense 4, Maneuver: Aircraft 4, Clearsight 4 and Covert Ops 4

10 Automotive Mechanics Kits

Fat Man Loot
Weapon Foci Power 4 Nodachi (1)
Weapon Foci Power 3 Monofilament Sword (1)
Weapon Foci Power 2 Katana (4)
Weapon Foci Power 1 Cougar Long Blade (7)

50k in certified cred (hidden stash)

Emilio Loot
100 shuriken (Ceramic Components 3)

40 Throwing Knives (Ceramic Components 3)

30 Cougar Short Blade Knives (Ceramic Components 3)

25 Ares Predators IV
*2 clips of gel each
*2 clips of EX each
*2 clips of regular each

15 HK 227-X
*2 clips of gel each
*2 clips of EX each
*2 clips of regular each

40 Aerodynamic Flash Bangs Grenades

40 Aerodynamic Thermal Smoke Grenades

20 Aerodynamic Fragmentation Grenades

20 Aerodynamic High Explosive Grenades

Fat Man I still need a Perception test with a -2 modifier please. Feel free to roll any Knowledge skills related to magic for the numb spot in his mind.

Everyone else feel free to ask questions about what you found in case I left things out or missed something.
Did Isaias spot anything, or are you waiting for Fat Man's roll before making that post? ^_^
How distinctive are the weapons? Ceramic is unusual, but I'm wondering if they are obviously ex-yak items.
Buddha--To confirm, we are supposed to be collecting the right hands of all of the gangers right?
JxJxA correct good sir, I am indeed waiting for his roll. smile.gif

Emilio besides being all ceramic (which is kind of unusual), not really - no distinct designs or styles.

BishopMcQ yep right hands for the boss.
Cool. Or, maybe not cool if the wait is because I didn't astrally perceive the incoming Elder god... nyahnyah.gif

I forgot about Eklipse so I have him doing hand duty for now. Was there any particular staging to the scene you all wanted other than the ARO? Let me know and how are you actually killing the gang members? Bleeding out from the removal of their hands, bullet to the head, or something else?
Oh good... I was about to start writing a post asking if someone had a method to remove the hands, since Rikik doesn't and the boss made it sound like something they had done before.
Team--Can we mark this one firmly in the "Win" category?

I'm counting 14 Gangers and a Leader (15 comms, 15 bikes, etc) which means we should be getting paid by Management
5K per Ganger -- 70,000 nuyen.gif
15K for Leader -- 15,000 nuyen.gif
Certified Cred -- 55,000 nuyen.gif

We're sitting on 140,000 in cash, plus the drones, vehicles, comms, foci, and enough weapons to outfit a terrorist cell. (Hello NSA!)

What do people want to claim for their own, fence slowly out, or use as messages to others? I'm thinking that if we really want to carry out the revenge angle, using their own knives to kill their bosses would be fun. Take the photo and each time we kill one of the folks in the picture, drive one of the weapon foci into their chests. The Yakuza will probably be able to recognize the knives themselves, if not the auras bound to the foci. For extra points (it will make our lives harder the more we do this though...) we could pin a copy of the photo to each one, with a little red X over each face as they die. Leaves the others wondering which we'll come for next.

Buddha--Are the weapon foci (specifically the long blades) more intricate or detailed? How many people are still alive from the photo we have?
BishopMcQ of the original 9, 6 are still alive. The weapon foci are distinctive with a lot of personal flair in the shape of the blade and the hilts. The gang clearly enjoyed expressing their individuality through the blades they carried though it seemed to reserved for magical blades.
So, I'm assuming this isn't going to surprise anyone, but:

All the drones. Yes, all of them. Every sweet, shiny, modded little piece of robotic psuedo-life.
Singularity Battle Buddy Basic with Custom OS
15 Modified Thundercloud Contrails (I'm thinking a set for the transportation for the group, since I can direct them and they can drive themselves fairly well, actually, once I put an upgraded pilot in them, a couple for mobile weapons platforms, and then sell the other 7-cool.gif.
5 Flashbang grenades
5 Thermal smoke grenades

I'm 100% behind the idea of using the weapon foci as calling cards, assuming that none of our mages want them? We'll put them in a little warded box with like a Force 15 or something on it biggrin.gif They're going to be extremely difficult to sell discretely, being customized and part of a small stock of them in the city. Even the bikes and guns won't be nearly the same kind of trail that selling the foci will, I think.
Buddha--Just to check, is there a nexus on site to control the drones, and act as the nodes that I was logging into? Or was the ranch matrix connection relaying into remote hardware and just had a "virtual node" set up for the house?

Umaro/JxJxA/Emilio -- Anyone else taking electronics or vehciles from the list above or should I crunch the numbers on what 30% is going to look like?
Zero could use one of the Battlebuddy commlinks and one of the pairs of contact lenses.
Happy Monday All!

I updated the karma total as usual. I'm giving UmaroVI till tonight then I will bump the post along.

BishopMcQ it was a virtual node.
Emilio will take:

Battlebuddy comm link, contacts, ear buds, Automobile repair kit (I have the skills and can fix up our wheels), two throwing knives, two of the Cougar knives, one of the HK-227's with a set of clips as above. While a bit of a gun pack-rat, also taking a Predator seems a bit much. smile.gif

I'm thinking we want to hang onto the flash bank and thermal smoke grenades. While not as convenient as my mini launcher, I think they will help us. The other grenades I'm not so sure about.

If we are going to use the bikes for transport, do we want to each hang onto one set of the bike racing armor?

Also, I got a bit confused by the mention of Weapon Foci and mages alive. We are killing them, yes?
Emilio--In the various intel gatherings, we have a picture of several Yakuza leaders. (Dr Takayasu and others). There are 9 people in the picture, 6 of them are still alive. As far as I can tell, the whole revenge racket that Management is paying us for is going to result in eliminating everyone from that picture. I'm guessing they were the ones responsible for the purges--or at least Management is holding them responsible.

The weapon foci from the dead gangers are distinctive enough that we can bury them in the chest of the remaining 6 Yakuza leaders as we kill them. It will basically serve as a calling card. All of our actions are sending messages to the Yakuza. Our successes and failures each send messages about how they should deal with us. Boeing painted a target on the team's collective backs saying that we were prey. The aspects of the Ranch attack -- striking with overwhelming force, the ARO about the Purges, and the staging of the bodies (dead gangers next to spared innocents) -- are all meant to say that we are not prey, but rather that we are the hunters. Using the weapon foci tells the Yakuza that this wasn't a random hit or other syndicates taking advantage of momentary weakness, it is our team methodically and brutally slaughtering them.

The use of the picture with red X's that I suggested above takes that hunt a step further. It tells them exactly who we are coming after and that we believe we can overcome any preparations they may take to stop us. It also tells the other Yakuza that all they have to do is offer us up these six and our vengeance stops. It introduces the question of how much are these people worth--are they worth a beta-clinic? An entire gang? The whole summary of damages that we are going to do as we climb our way over their bodies to get to the targets? Do the younger members want it to be their bodies that we climb over or can a moment of dishonor be overcome by a life's worth of crime and profit?
QUOTE (BishopMcQ @ Sep 30 2013, 03:15 PM) *
The weapon foci from the dead gangers are distinctive enough that we can bury them in the chest of the remaining 6 Yakuza leaders as we kill them.
Ahh! I was confused about who was still alive. Excellent!
Alright, so I have:
--15 Singularity Battle Buddy Basics (go-gangers) // 12 are being sold. 1 Each to Emilio, Fleet, and Zerone
--7k in other generic commlinks with legal programs (none higher than 3) // Sold
--15 Contacts (go-gangers) // 13 sold, 1 each to Zerone and Emilio
--15 Earbuds (go-gangers) // 13 sold 1 each to Fleet and Emilio
--3k in personal electronics (tpys, cameras, gadgets, etc) // Sold
--15 sets of Bike Racing Armor (go-gangers) // Sold
--20 Modified Cyberspace Design Dragonflies // All to Fleet
--20 Modified Ferret RPD-IX // All to Fleet
--10 Unmodified Thundercloud Contrails // Sold
--15 Modified Thundercloud Contrails (go-gangers) // 7 Sold, 8 to Fleet for outfitting
--15 Modified MCT Fly Spies (go-gangers) // All to Fleet
--10 Automotive Mechanics Kits // 9 sold, 1 to Emilio
--Weapon Foci Power 4 Nodachi (1) // Sold
--Weapon Foci Power 3 Monofilament Sword (1) // Sold
--Weapon Foci Power 2 Katana (4) // Sold
--Weapon Foci Power 1 Cougar Long Blade (7) // 1 Sold, 6 for calling cards
--100 shuriken (Ceramic Components 3) // Sold
--40 Throwing Knives (Ceramic Components 3) // 38 sold, 2 to Emilio
--30 Cougar Short Blade Knives (Ceramic Components 3) // 28 sold, 2 to Emilio
--25 Ares Predators IV // Sold
--15 HK 227-X // 14 sold, 1 to Emilio
--40 Aerodynamic Flash Bangs Grenades // All kept -- Fleet and Emilio
--40 Aerodynamic Thermal Smoke Grenades // All kept -- Fleet and Emilio
--20 Aerodynamic Fragmentation Grenades // Sold
--20 Aerodynamic High Explosive Grenades // Sold

Does that look correct? Are people claiming any thing else?

Buddha -- Using the contacts that the team has (which looks like Aideen unless someone else has a fence) can we sell this stuff at 30%? What time frame are we looking at to sell it?
Loot list looks tight thanks BishopMcQ for crunching that out. I nee to know who is calling who to sell this stuff off and of course, the ever pesky GM question of how you're transporting it all off site. Let me know y'all!
I was thinking - might be worth our time to find a contact that works with a group that's already antagonistic with the Yaks - anyone else that fences this stuff is going to become a target. I'd feel better about getting another organized crime syndicate to take that hit.

What's the thought?
If somebody has the contacts, then I think it'd be worth asking. Dumping all of this on one contact is going to make some waves, or be a slow process to sell it without attracting the wrong kind of attention. If we can use someone affiliated with their enemies, then attracting the attention won't be as big of an issue.

I just want to put it out there as we did before, make sure the contact won't sell you out for the cash prizes. L3 and higher would probably be safe. L1 will likely sell you out, nothing personal it's just business.
@ Fenris: Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Zero's contacts aren't going to be much help here. frown.gif

@ Buddha: I'm suffering a bit of a crisis of conscience. I'm not sure how long my pacifist can hang with the group if we're brutally mutilating corpses, killing people without mercy, and helping one gang kill another. It's my fault for making the Zero character concept in a game called "Deep Vengeance", but I may want to change characters for someone more appropriately bloodthirsty. frown.gif
JxJxA Let's talk it out over PMs and see what shakes out.

As to contacts or people who don't mind working against the Yakuza - you have the Mafia and then smaller groups that have conflicting interests with them like the Rings or the Russians.
Hey, sorry, got a bit behind.

A) Perception at -2, Intuition(6)+Perception(1)+Specialization+Vision Enhancement(3)-penalty(2) = 10d6, (accidentally rolled an extra die but it was not a hit). Not sure if you already handled this but in case not.

B) About the blank spot in his mind: Magic Background (6) + Logic (5) = 11d6, 7 hits. Alter Memory?

C) Fat Man will share more or less verbatim what he got from the mind probe with everyone else. Maybe we should look into Hin-jun?

D) Fat Man would like one of the spiffy commlinks as well.

E) On the Weapon Foci: I will point out that it is 60,000 nuyen of weapon foci to use as calling cards. While they definitely are tricky to fence, I think that's too pricy to be worth ditching just to show off.

Fat Man has a contact who might be able to fence them, but he told James to lay low due to the Yakuza problem. We could stick them in a warded box in the ground and wait on selling them, otherwise I'm not sure where to go.
18,000 nuyen.gif after the 30%, even less depending on other factors (broker fees if we go through someone else, bonus dice trade in, deductions because the Yakuza are actively killing people who have them etc).

Even with the 60,000 nuyen (full price) not added into the pile, the loot on the selling block has a market value of over 1 million nuyen. It feels like a drop in the bucket of the overall haul we just brought in.

For comparison, each commlink has a market value of 35,025 nuyen.gif or 3.5 of the knives.
Actually, on second thought. Rikik will simply claim the 6 knives as his own to be used to further the job (like the other gear folks are taking). If they stay on my person or somewhere that I've lingered for awhile, they will be non-magical because of the Astral Hazing. That, plus the hours ticking by should make them basically impossible to track if I go somewhere without them on me.

Subtracting out the comm for Fat Man, the gear we are selling has a total Market Value of 1,105,010.00 nuyen.gif. If we can fence that at 30% it means 331,503.00 nuyen.gif plus the cash of 140,000 nuyen.gif. The cash we have on hand as soon as Management pays us. The fenced goods will likely take longer.

JxJxA -- Is Zerone going to accept his blood money, or run screaming into the darkness about how we're a bunch of horrible people?

You forgot option 3: Tell the Force 7 fire spirit Isaias to put you to the fiery sword of judgment. nyahnyah.gif

No, Zero won't accept it. Seeing as he's going to be leaving, it'd be silly for me to take resources from the party.
UmaroVI it could be but usually altered memories are tailored to prevent that sort of cognitive gap within the person - to make the alteration less obvious. This feels more mechanical and surgical - like cutting out a section of experience or information from his mind. There is a sterility and harshness to it you don't associate with magic unless wielded by a brutish practitioner or unskilled caster.
I'm gonna go with Bishop on this one. It's a drop in the bucket, comparatively, and those kind of items are much more likely to be trackable back to us through sales - being uniquely created items that all have their own individual astral signature that's linked to whoever last bonded them. It only gets slightly better if someone in the party is going to spend the karma to bond them, which I don't suspect people are going to do.

Buddha - Electronic Tech?
Logic(7) + PuShed(1) + Electronic Tech(4) (12d6.hits(5)=5)

Howdy All!

I will be bumping (in a big way) tonight or early tomorrow when things have settled down - got family obligations and community stuff happening but should be wrapped up by the evening. Karma updated as usual.

Thanks all!
Fenris you are aware of tech capable of editing memories and even go so far as potentially conditioning people and their responses. PAB (programmable asist biofeedback) units can remove, edit or replace memories.
Sorry, I forgot to note that Emilio has a contact, Vinnie, in the Mafia. I don't have his ratings.
There are a stack of bikes that I can't make drive away on their own. I can drive one, how many people are willing to hop on another and drive it back to our hideout down south until we can sell it? I can't think of any other way to get the vehicles away, and I know we're not going to be able to get all of them, but the more of them we can get away, the more money we get.

Also, I'd be willing to come back with a few people later, and, if the scene hasn't been found yet, drive a few more bikes away.

Just looking to see how much effort we're willing to put into getting this cash-on-wheels out of here.
I can drive off a bike, but we'd need to hide the wheels I brought to here well enough to last until we can get them later. Maybe drive them off to a parking garage somewhere and come back? I am willing to put some effort in for more bikes, especially if it is "low" risk; getting "my" bike from a garage seems low-risk. Much better than getting a bike from an already-discovered bloody scene. smile.gif
Rikik doesn't have any skills to add to the question about the memory gap. I can drive a bike, as long as there's nothing fancy. (small dice pool, a little better with a Sprite) I'd only ask that we go en masse through the Barrens so that I don't get beaten up by gangers.

Buddha--could we fit any of the motorcycles into the van?

Anybody got a pickup truck or the like that we can load the bikes into? Maybe a trailer like racing groups use to load up bikes for motocross and the like?
BishopMcQ I'd let you squeeze two in along with the drones.

Emilio he would be 3/5 at this point.

All so I need what vehicle you are departing in and with what please so we can bump along y'all!

We've got the Van, 1 car, 15 modified bikes -- these can all get themselves where they need to go, relatively unharmed, presuming we're not doing anything fancy or stupid.

2 of the Unmodified bikes can fit in the Van. That leaves 8 bikes.

Emilio, Rikik, and Fleet are the only ones who actually have points in Pilot: Groundcraft as far as I know. (Eklipse too maybe?) I see 2 options:

1 -- Move the extra bikes a distance from the Ranch, tag erase and hide them. We come back for them after getting the skilled riders to drive off in one set. Follow the Van and Fleet's car back to the safehouse so that we are a big enough caravan to scare off predators.

2 -- Put everyone on a bike (technically riding down the street won't take a skill test...) 6 runners and 2 spirits covers the 8 bikes. Drive them somewhere we can stash them or have a Fence pick them up from, and then load back into the other vehicles and go to the safe house.

I like the first plan, because we are less likely to have bikes get wrecked and runners turn themselves into so much road rash in case Buddha asks for piloting tests. If we lose bikes to KE doing a search, oh well. Gear is replaced faster than people.
BishopMcQ thanks for the outline - let's get votes!

Sorry for the delay in posting all - I will be bumping tomorrow afternoon or evening no matter what so get your vote in and the most votes is the method I will be going with for the post.
Vote #1!
Vote #1
I agree with #1.
Fat Man doesn't have any knowledge skills relevant to the question he asked IC, but perhaps someone else or their contact might?
I'd say move on without my vote. This may be a good point for Zero and the main group to part ways.
Looks like #1 is our winner! Throwing up the post now.
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