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Okay, time for my round of casting:

Summoning a Force 6 Earth Spirit:
Magic(7) + Conj(3) + Focus(3) = 13d6 for 4 hits.
Spirit's Roll:
Force(6) = 6d6 for 4 hits. No net hits, so spirit does not come.
Resist Drain 8S:
Will(9) + Cha(12) + Center(1) = 22d6 for 9 hits. No dmg.

Summoning a Force 6 Earth Spirit:
Magic(7) + Conj(3) + Focus(3) = 13d6 for 7 hits.
Spirit's Roll:
Force(6) = 6d6 for 3 hits. 4 net hits, so 4 services.
Resist Drain 6S:
Will(9) + Cha(12) + Center(1) = 22d6 for 8 hits.
Optional Powers: Concealment, Confusion

Casting Increase Willpower at Force 7 on Fat Man:
Magic(7) + Spell(4) + Focus(3) = 14d6 for 2 hits. I'll drop it.
Drain: (7/2)-2 = 1S
Will(4) + Cha(5) + Center(1) = 10d6 for 2 hits.

Casting Increase Willpower at Force 7 on Fat Man:
Magic(7) + Spell(4) + Focus(3) = 14d6 for 5 hits. I'll keep that one, but let me know if I need to recast it. ^_^
Drain: (7/2)-2 = 1S
Will(4) + Cha(5) + Center(1) = 10d6 for 4 hits. No drain.

Zero order the spirit to follow Fat Man's task spirit and use concealment on them both. Concealment will subtract 6 dice from anyone looking for them.
Actually, we want it to turn on Concealment, but then wait - it needs LOS to start concealment, but not to maintain it, and it doesn't have Infiltration.
Okay, cool. I'll have it do that, then. ^_^
I would have to agree - the logic breaks down on why it would give you bonus dice to resist your own impulses.

Intuition + German (+2 from Linguist)
I'll give JxJxA till later today to get his flavor text up in the IC thread then going to bump it forward.
Q's thoughts are in Japanese.

@Notsoevildm: And the bit about helping Eklipse can be considered phrased politely given that Q has way more social skill than his player and he actively doesn't want Eklipse to feel patronized.

@Budda: Did my previous check with Luxury Tastes to see anything I would know on the expensive alcohols tell me anything. I'd gotten 2 hits.

How much of the German did I understand? Intuition(5)+German(2) = 7d6.hits(5) = (2)

I was trying for a soft lead in and can be more explicit about how getting back at Zuzane might restore some of her reputation and make sure that others know that messing with her now carries a cost. Do I need to roll anything else? I don't think I lied, outright or by omission (both of which are covered under Con, right?) and and I'm not attempting to bargain or convince her yet. And please tell me when there are social modifiers to the situation. There seems to be a ton that aren't immediately obvious to the players.

And I suppose I should Judge Intentions Madam Yin: Charisma(6)+Intuition(5)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Vomeronasal Organ(2) = 16d6.hits(5) = (7)
Empathy Software(2) looks like it might apply (Arsenal pg60): 2d6.hits(5) = (0) It didn't add anything this time but this notably powerful program says it adds here. I limited myself to what I can use based on my skills and not its full power.

And my character's Social Fu is being upstaged not by Budda's NPC's, but the flavor text! Nice scene setting. *tips hat* And good job in general running this thing. Thanks for putting so much work, and plain old words per post into this so we can all have a great time.
Thanks! I do try when I can.

Current Social Modifiers
NPC is neutral (+0)
Advantageous to NPC (+1)

Copperheed sorry missed it in the rush of things - it looks to be middle shelf with a narrow selection of top shelf liquors. You are able to follow the general flow of conversation - they talked about the beer. If you are tying to steer the conversation I would use Etiquette at this point. I can't remember if I mentioned that I have House Ruled the the Empathy software to it providing only 1/2 of its rating in bonus dice with a cap of your skill. Also no chairs in the room - just large floor cushions.

Willpower + Charisma (for Madame Yin)
It's cool, you've much on your plate at the moment.
I'm not trying to steer the conversation yet, but I'll remember Etiquette when I do.
And you did mention that house rule about the Empathy Software being limited to +1/2/3 at skill levels 2/4/6 as far as I remember. How does it work for Judge Intentions? The book (Arsenal pg60) says it applies, but there's no skill to go with your house rule. I used +2 since that's what I get when I use my skills.
I would say 1/2 the program's rating in bonus dice.
I think all I need this time is a Con test because of my alluding to having a list of stuff she's fenced. Is that important enough I should roll? Do I get benefits for being semi subtle and/or not outright lying?
I'm not in the scene, but did Zuzane steal the gifts or were they stolen by the team that whacked her boss and fought with her?
Copperhead you would need to roll - with any in depth scene (social or combat) I would like rolls.

BishopMcQ OOC they were taken by another NPC that was in the club during the hit on Micheal Nelson. She tried to pass herself off as a member of the runner team but was unaware that the team was working with Madame Yin's reluctant assistance.

Team--My thought is that the behavior was out of character for Zuzane; everything we know says she's a professional. Stealing from her own client doesn't fit the image. If she did, then it would suggest that Zuzane was already planning her takeover of Nelson's little empire and waiting for the magic group to fall to in-fighting.

Edit: Expanding on this a bit...

So, we know that Michael Nelson was the leader of a magic group, that was up to all sorts of bad mojo (kidnappings, blood sacrifices, etc.) and that Zuzane completely changed when she started working for him. She went from professional bodyguard to leashed-sub, walking around in the buff. That had to screw with her head a bit. The questions that remain unanswered for me are:
--how badly did that whole experience screw up our girl's head?
--did it stick on the long term? (She doesn't seem like the go to counseling type...)
--was she cunning and devious enough to lay a trap for her own boss, and play along with the ambush?
--what is the role of Rosso Regina in all this?
--was it opportunistic thievery of gifts or did someone plan to be there? (If the latter, how did they know?)

Food for thought among the social part of the team--this is by no means coming from the crazy hacker.
Analyzing the Agent
Computer 5 + Analyze 6 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2 (16d6.hits(5)=5)
Access ID
Programs run by Agent
Program Rating of Agent
Function of Icon

Scanning for File Archives
Computer 5 + Browse 6 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2 + Analytical Mind 2 (18d6.hits(5)=4)
Gotcha Budda. I think I'll roll Negotiation to get info on and pricing on this subject out of the way before checking if she'll go for freelance security. And may I edit the post for this Negotiation roll or do you want an a new posting?

Negotiation with Madam Yin: Charisma(6)+Negotiation(4)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Kinesics(3)+Veromonasal Organ(2)+Empathy Software(2)+Advantageous to NPC(1) = 20d6.hits(5)=(6)
@Budda: My post chatting where Q is with Madam Yin edited to be more of a negotiation. I saved the old post if you want it put back to previous.
Are you cool with Q asking Cypher about Rosso Regina? It'll definitely be a when he's ready thing since he seems otherwise occupied.

@Bishop: I'd actually intended to ask Cypher about Rosso Regina. I got distracted when we switched gears. Thanks for the reminder.
I'd pegged Micheal as a 'mindfragger' which he could use natural social with mind altering spells to make her a pet. That she pulled herself out of it is impressive. As for them hitting Body Bag for the loot, it could be luck or planned 2 bird with 1 stone or thirdly, the killing was a distraction for the theft. Personally I would've liked to go after the other person because Zuzane seems decent, as shadowrunners go. The other one sold her buddies down the river. But this is the job and I'm in.
Infiltration roll for Breeze getting out of the car and trying to avoid cameras...

9d6 = 4 hits

He is in Chameleon Suit, but will try to look inconspicuous, not sure if that needs some other kind of roll, or if Infiltration would be enough.

Not 100% on the area, but is the warehouse on the block on it's own? or are there are warehouses on the same block? If there are, Breeze will be going around the near by warehouse and then swing back around from the back, taking the long way
With the level of high tech in the setting you are free to talk to others as you like using your commlink assuming you have a way to do so hands free (datajack, skinlink, trodes, act). If having an in depth discussion I would apply the -2 dice pool modifier for being distracted.

Negotiation + Charisma (+2 SP: Bargaining)

There is a two story strip mall that you think can give you a decent view of the roof of the warehouse. Can I get a Strength + Climbing to make your way to the roof?

UmaroVI & JxJxA
You can roll any sort of skill related to magical security, wards or the like.


Firewall + Stealth

You have the Access ID of the agent. I just went down the list you gave as the order in which you were asking about the agent.

Analyze + Agent Rating

I need another Hacking + Stealth roll please.
She's unaugmented? Color me impressed with her brass pair.

And they were people! That'll make this a smidge harder. Give me a bit to craft a reply. Anyone know the price of reverse kiddnapping? And yes I will ask that IC.
What is reverse kidnapping? you pay people to go away?
Hah! Probably! What we're actually doing is kidnapping them back I suppose. It depends if (group might not be up for a side quest that goes on for too long) and in what condition we find them.

And if mirroring is too basic a technique, please inform Q and I.
@ Buddha: Would astral research/magic theory work for trying to come up with a way to bypass the barrier? biggrin.gif
Negotiation with Madam Yin:
Charisma(6)+Negotiation(4)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Kinesics(3)+Veromonasal Organ(2)+Empathy Software(2)+Advantageous to NPC(1)+Distraction(-2) = 19d6.hits(5) for 5 hits

Poison Testing:
Perception, Smell: Intuition(5)+Perception(2)+Veromosnasal Organ(3) = 10d6.hits(5) for 0 hits
And I had to edit the post show him getting overwhelmed by the smell.

And I'm going try to lead her into talking about security gigs in next post.

@Notsoevildm: I'm also going to try to involve you in the conversation if you're interested. I'll have you make remarks about security once I move it to that subject. Tell me if you're interested or not.

Negotiation + Charisma (+2 SP: Bargaining)

Sure - feel free to roll.
Okay, here are my rolls:

Astral Research:
Log(4) + AR(3) = 7d6 for 2 hits.

Magic Theory:
Log(4) + AR(3) = 7d6 for 2 hits and a glitch.
Avoiding the Agent
Hacking 6 + Stealth 5 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2 (16d6.hits(5)=8)

Data Search for User Log
Computer 5 + Browse 6 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2 + Analytical Mind 2 (18 Dice to start) [Threshold Unknown, 1 Complex Action]
6,6,3,3,3,4,3,6,6,5,1,1,2,1,6,3,5,4 (7)
5,5,3,1,5,4,2,5,1,1,1,4,5,2,5,2,3 (13)
4,1,2,3,5,3,5,1,6,4,6,2,6,2,6,3 (19)
5,4,3,6,3,3,5,5,2,1,6,5,3,1,1 (25)
6,5,6,6,2,2,6,3,2,1,4,2,5,3 (31)
1,4,4,2,3,5,2,1,5,2,4,6,3 (34)

Scanning the File
Computer 5 + Analyze 6 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2 (16d6.hits(5)=5)
Presence of Data Bomb
Is it Encrypted
Edit Date of the File
Logic (5)+Magic Background (6) = 11d6 for 4 hits.

Fat Man can use Masking to sneak through the ward, but he'd need to see the aura of the ward's creator. It's probably a good idea, regardless, to figure out where the creator is, although the answer might be "behind this ward" it sounds like the defenses are mostly automated. If we're lucky he's somewhere else and we can just peek at his aura without alerting him; it might be good to know who he is in any case.

The cat shen can astral track very well; it's probably best it scout ahead and we follow in case the magician in question has spirits guarding him.

Astral Tracking for the shen: Intuition (6) + Increase Intuition (4) + Assensing (6), -1 per retry, interval is an hour. Threshold is 5, +0 because we have a currently active astral link (the ward), and +Force if he's behind another barrier. I'm going to keep rolling to threshold 17, should it be needed:

5 hits:
5 hits:
5 hits:
5 hits:

That was quite...regular.

Climbing the building!! Or at least trying...

5d6 = 2 hits

Also, spent a point of Edge, because first roll had no hits
On further reflection, I realized that astrally projecting without a little more attention to making sure nothing happened while we were out was...ill-advised.

Fat Man is going to summon watcher spirits every hour for one hour (discarding excess hits) and send them back to Emilio with the same orders. I'm going to role out four summons and soaks.

Summoning (1) + Magic (6) + Focus (4) = 11d6,, at least 1 hit each time.
Intuition (6)+Willpower(6)+Centering(4) = 16d6,, at least 1 hit each time.
Sigh. I meant to buy one, I think I may thought I had one. Looks like I'll do a quick edit before I get back to you on that >.< I've edited the old post, i'll go back and edit the new one too.

@Buddha - Looking for an pirated unrestricted Agent (mook) R6, along with an Adaptive R3 (Ergonomic), Cascading R3 (Ergonomic), and Homeground R4 (Ergonomic) autosofts from Maroon Dream.
No worries, it could have been bleed-over from another character. It's happened to me before, like digging a pit and having the GM ask "does anyone have a shovel?"
It was, actually. Jenni, specifically. I remembered an agent named Tex, and there it is, not on this character sheet ^.^
Fenris I am a little swamped at the moment so please add up the cost of the program - post it and deduct it. Thanks!

Hamagen you have successfully made it to the observation spot - feel free to give me a Perception Test (adding any hearing or visual mods you have) along with whatever skills you want to use.
Casting a pair of spells before venturing into the astral.

Casting Increase(Willpower) at Force 4:
Magic(7) + Spell(4) + Power Focus(3) = 14d6 for 5 hits (accidentally rolled one less die, but it's a moot point). Only 4 count. Popping it in my Force 4 sustaining focus.
Resist Drain: (4/2) - 2 = 0 so 1S
Will(8) + Cha(5) + Center(1) = 14d6 for 5 hits. No drain.14d6 for 5 hits

Casting Increase(Charisma) at Force 7:
Magic(7) + Spell(4) + Power Focus(3) = 14d6 for 5 hits. I'll take it.
Resist Drain: (7/2) - 2 = 1S
Will(8) + Cha(10) + Center(1) = 19d6 for 6 hits. No drain.
Agent (R6) - 15000 + Cascading (R3, Ergonomic) - 4300 + Homeground (R4, Ergonomic) - 4400 + Adaptive (R3, Ergonomic) - 4300 + Unrestricted 5600 + Pirated (-30240) + Contact Incentive - 840 = 4200.

UmaroVI & JxJxA 4 hours later you find yourself at the location.
BishopMcQ (I am assuming this in on the User Log)
There is a Data Bomb
It is Encrypted (strong/1 day interval)
Last Edit was 1 hour ago
*Whistles* Alrighty then, time for plan B. Crossing to the next node that was connected to this one.
Fat Man assenses the ward at the apartment, then the ward at the compound. Assensing (4) + Intuition (6) [he's of course dropped the sustained spells, since the shen is out of services and gone] 5 hits on each. In particular, he'd like to know the force and type (to the extent he can identify them, with his knowledge skills) of both wards, and also if they have the same creator or not. It would probably be good if Zero took a look as well, since I think he has more relevant skills.

I'm hoping Cypher and Fleet can figure out which building that guy's apartment is in the real world. I'd guess Data Search, but I'll leave that up to you guys if it is reasonable. I'm thinking it's probably just a wagemage's home, and we can just pull an astral peeping tom on him.

Perception check for Breeze...
8d6 = 2 Hits (Glitch)

Knowledge Checks:

Security Tactics
8d6 = 3 hits

Security Design
8d6 = 1 hit

Security Companies (who patrols the area, how often?)
8d6 = 2 hits

Street Gangs (if there are any signs of who rules the area, if any?)
7d6 = 2 hits
@ Umaro: Fat Man is better at assensing than Zero is. However, I could have my spirit take a look at them. Zero still has a few more services from Cepheus.
Happy Monday all!

I have updated the karma count on the first post as usual. Thanks for following all the changes and the move with the thread - I appreciate it. I would like to wrap up the recon segment this week if at all possible.

Fenris & BishopMcQ let me know how you want to tackle finding the mage's apartment in Downtown. It's going to be challenging since you have only rough area and astral landmarks to use to pin it down.

Strangeglove I'll bite - what's with Nacho Mana?
UmaroVI I need an Assensing + Intuition (3) Test please and the same for anyone else attempting to view the ward around the warehouse.
It's the Nacho Mana spam Fat Man accidentally sent us in his post immediately prior.
Ahh I saw it after I posted smile.gif

UmaroVI I am going to need a Navigation + Intuition (3) roll please to see if you made a serviceable map with more hits meaning a tighter and smaller area that the building may be in.
Assensing that ward: 7 hits.

Navigation: Not quite: Intuition(6)-Defaulting(1)+Edge(2)=7d6, 2 hits. One exploding 6 = 1d6 0 hits. [For some reason Invisible Castle duplicated that second roll, but they both show the same result]. Oh well, at least the edge prevented a glitch there. There's probably some other ways of figuring this out, but let me wait for the tech guys to give this a shot first.
UmaroVI the roll was to see the ward in the astral - was going to use your original roll to assense it. Will post IC in just a bit but you do see it.

Downtown Ward
Force 15
Charged Ward (Street Magic pg 125)

Warehouse Ward
Force 15
Alarm Ward (Street Magic pg 125)


Analyze + Firewall (to detect you entering the node)

I'll need roll to overcome the decryption in this node - standard interval of time used & rating is 6 on this node.

Copperheed & Notsoevilgm was there anything else you are doing at the Body Bag?
Lain & Strangeglove thanks for hanging in there during this part of the run and let me know if you all want to do anything else.
Ouch. I wasn't expecting that kind of wardage. Q and Zero can get in without tripping the alarm by turning everything off as they enter, but Fat Man unfortunately can't. Buddha, question for you: if Fat Man knows the Alarm Ward is there, tries to Mask through it, and fails, does he set the alarm off or can he choose to just not force it? (The rules are on SM 124). For a normal ward, losing the Masking attempt doesn't alert the creator, but I'm not sure if that applies to an Alarm ward too since they don't normally stop you.

We could in theory also go after the ward's creator, but I don't really want to screw with someone who's putting up force 15 wards.
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