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Hyundai Shin-Hyung, the stealth car I got from my last run with you.

Yamaha Growler
Troll Mod
Extreme Environ
Gridlink Override
Morphing License

Zugmachine w/trailer
Suzuki Mirage with Morphing License Plate & Spoof chip
no other mods
Zero has no vehicles.
Eklipse is in his running gear but is without his tote bag. His medkit and survival kit are under the bike's saddle. He will also leave his bike helmet with the bike, either in a nearby car park or an alley near his overwatch position if it seems safe enough.

Looking for suitable overwatch position (e.g. easily accessible roof):
Logic 3 + Security procedures 4 (seemed most relevant) = 7d6.hits(5)=3

Agility 5 + Gymnastics 3 + Great leap 2 = 10d6.hits(5)=5 to leap up to a fire escape or low roof.
Climbing test if that's more appropriate / required to get high enough: Strength 3 + Climbing 3 = 6d6.hits(5)=3

Stealth test to do it all quietly:
Agi 5 + Stealth 3 = 8d6.hits(5)=2 - Note he has traceless walk for -4 to tests to detect him and is wearing the stealth suit.

Perception test to see/hear anything of interest:
Int 4 + Perception 3 + Enh. Per 2 (+ keen ears 1) = 10d6.hits(5)=4 - still 4 for visual test even with last die knocked off.
I've no vehicle to add to Fleet's impressive collection.

And nice set of rolls Notsoevildm.

@Group: Is it established procedure for fixers and information brokers to keep what thier paying customers are looking in info and gear a secret or does that cost extra? If it's totally dependent on the individual, what social/perception rolls are required to find out and convince them to keep it hush hush?
Ok, honesty time!

I did not read in detail all that was going on, with the other recon and magical and matrix stuff.

Should I be dressing in a certain way? was there something specific I needed to know to do this physical recon?
BishopMcQ I edited my post for Cypher since I forgot to include the information from your Knowledge skills in the post so give it another read - thanks!

Hamagen you can go two ways with it - dress to fit in and take up a post somewhere with lots of people (cafe, bookstore, etc) or be super stealthy and do like Eklipse though that route does have a higher skill requirement to pull off without having the cops breathing down your neck. Probably getting an idea of what you're looking for and why would be helpful - ask the team. smile.gif

Copperheed as a GM I look at their Loyalty rating first and foremost. Are you just another paying stiff or a friend for life? From there it's RP baby. Treat the contact decently and they are likely to do the same - treat them like tools and they are going to toss you under the bus if their asses are on the line. Posting you arriving at your contact's place - sorry missed it earlier.

Downtown Recon Team I have one of you in place with rolls - can the rest of you post your rolls to set up and begin scouting please?

Magical Recon Team I think you're waiting on them to pinpoint the location of your mage - was there anything else you wanted to do?
SG heads downtown and looks alert, but since I'm not sure what we're looking for other than "a spell caster", or what the plan is for finding them, it's hard to say more.

Can anyone enlighten me so I can start planning and/or shooting things?
Strangeglove at this point you have a rough map narrowing the search area down - you could roll Navigation + Intuition to use the map and being on site to further narrow the area. I was going to ask people to roll that when they all got downtown - you all could even do a Teamwork Test which where I was leaning towards.
To summarize what we know:

Fat Man and Zero saw a building...from the Astral. They aren't sure what physical building it is, so we don't know it's address or anything, we just have a description. Ideally, we'd find out which exact building it is.

One of the residents is a quite powerful mage. We want to get Fat Man to get a look at him, and we'd also like to know more about him. Depending what the building is, we might be able to find out quite a lot, depending what it is (residence, corporate housing, security company, etc). In theory, we could also carefully time an attack on the mage to bring down the magical defenses while we go in, but that may be a terrible idea.
A real quick heads up. I'm going to watch my grandma who just got released from the hospital. I'll probably be gone till Wednesday, maybe longer. Hope you guys have fun and if Q doesn't finish his stuff before you start, I'll not be offended. Enjoy yourselves.
Copperheed thank you for the heads up and good luck with your grandmother.
Back from the week of emotional hell, but I got to see good friends in the process. Will be posting today.
BishopMcQ welcome back!

Downtown Crew let's get your Teamwork Test started - so do any of you have Navigation + Intuition? Whoever has the largest dice pool should take the lead and then each of you roll the same test with every success adding 1 die to the skill test of the lead person. Let's see some posts! Q would be defaulting to Intuition 5 - 1 for 4 dice to throw.

Lain you are downtown as well now tagging along with Strangeglove or Breeze.
Eklipse doesn't have Navigation skill, defaulting to Intuition leaves only 3 dice!

He does have Leadership. Does that help?
Notsoevildm sure go ahead and give me a Leadership + Charisma roll please. Each hit will generate +1 dice that you can distribute amongst the group (not the leader) showing your effort to coordinate their efforts for a better result.
Emilio has Navigation at 2, for 5 dice.
Intuition (4) + Untrained (-1) 3d6.hits(5)=1
Navigate + Intuition (Untrained)

4d6 = 1 hit
Downtown Recon ok so it looks like people are rolling away - it seems you're the only one with the actual skill Emilio so as soon as everyone has rolled you can add their successes as bonus dice to your test.

Astral Recon what are you all going to do?
Would regional Seattle help?

Like I think im downtown smile.gif

lets see intuition -1
1d6 → [2] = (2)
Astral Recon: I think we are actually going to wait on the physical recon before we start poking around.
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Oct 22 2012, 11:48 PM) *
Notsoevildm sure go ahead and give me a Leadership + Charisma roll please. Each hit will generate +1 dice that you can distribute amongst the group (not the leader) showing your effort to coordinate their efforts for a better result.

Cha 3 + Leader 1 = 4d6.hits(5)=2 - I think Lain's character needs them both!
Cypher is in the node attached to Zazane's warehouse, right?
A node attached to the node, I believe.
I'm going to be moving this weekend, so I will be on less for a few days.
QUOTE (UmaroVI @ Oct 24 2012, 04:21 AM) *
Astral Recon: I think we are actually going to wait on the physical recon before we start poking around.

That was my understanding, too. We're just waiting unless Zero sends out a bunch of watchers to ask people how much they know about the Gospel. smile.gif
Lain go ahead and roll the extra two dice that Eklipse is providing to you please.

Emilio add up all the hits the others generated and add those as extra dice to your roll please then roll away!
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Oct 25 2012, 10:05 AM) *
Lain go ahead and roll the extra two dice that Eklipse is providing to you please.

Emilio add up all the hits the others generated and add those as extra dice to your roll please then roll away!

Extra 2 dice: 2d6 → [6,1] = (7)

Woohoo I got a success I got a success yay!
Computer 5 + Browse 6 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2 + Analytical Mind 2 (18 Dice to start) [Threshold Unknown, 1 Minute]

Searching for the Thin Man
2,2,2,2,5,2,4,6,2,3,5,1,4,6,1,1,1,4 (4)
1,1,5,4,4,3,5,2,1,1,3,1,4,6,1,1,4 (7)
1,3,3,1,6,2,4,3,3,5,5,1,6,4,2,6 (12)
4,2,2,1,4,1,6,1,1,4,6,6,2,6,5 (17)
4,5,1,4,2,3,4,6,6,2,2,5,4,3 (21)
4,4,1,5,4,2,6,2,5,4,4,6,1 (25)
Thin Man (25)

Searching for the Troll
5,3,4,2,2,4,1,5,6,3,2,1,4,1,3,2,4,1 (3)
3,6,1,5,3,6,5,5,4,1,4,2,4,1,1,1,1 (cool.gif
4,6,5,1,2,1,3,4,3,3,6,1,3,1,5,2 (12)
1,4,4,1,6,1,4,6,3,6,6,4,2,4,2 (16)
3,4,3,6,2,4,1,4,3,5,5,2,5,3 (20)
3,2,6,2,5,2,1,3,5,5,4,4,2 (24)
Troll (24)

Searching for the Daimyo
5,3,4,1,2,5,4,4,1,3,6,1,3,2,5,5,6,2 (6)
6,3,6,4,2,5,4,1,5,6,1,4,1,4,1,5,4 (12)
6,4,4,1,3,6,5,6,4,2,4,3,3,2,6,2 (17)
4,5,3,5,2,2,6,2,2,4,3,3,6,3,6 (22)
3,4,3,5,3,4,3,5,5,4,4,6,2,3 (26)
1,2,4,3,5,6,2,4,1,4,4,6,5 (30)
Boy (30)
I totally forgot that I have a 3 more services from my earth spirit. I can send Cepheus on a search for our mage. Should I do that?

I feel bad because there's very little I can contribute with regards to non-magicking/non-stunning stuff... grinbig.gif
You actually can't - you need to have a clear mental image of the target for Search. You would need Astral Tracking - but I think it would just get us the same information we already have (astral location, but not a physical one).
Ok, never mind then. smile.gif
Hurricane Sandy incoming. I may lose matrix connection IRL.
Emilio is looking at 3 extra dice on top of his base 5:

Howdy All!

Another week and another update! I'll be throwing up some posts this AM to move things along. Clearly I have not pushed the legwork segment as quickly as I had intended. I think for my part, I enjoy playing things out which of course, takes more time. I would like to be a more mercenary GM (done, now you are here) but I think I have table top damage in wanting to see everything play out and focus on the minutia of the RPing. I am inclined to continue this way so scream out your protest now please so I know who I might be offending. smile.gif

UmaroVI stay safe and good luck.
Posts up!

Downtown Recon to recap I have Eklipse hidden on a rooftop and Emilio walking the streets while he pinpointed the location of the building. Strangeglove and Jon where are you? Are you two together? Let me know.
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Oct 29 2012, 12:02 PM) *
Posts up!

Downtown Recon to recap I have Eklipse hidden on a rooftop and Emilio walking the streets while he pinpointed the location of the building. Strangeglove and Jon where are you? Are you two together? Let me know.

I believe we were heading together in the car to the designated area downtown for recon.
Con roll to cover why Emilio was paying attention to Excelsior, in the off chance anyone's looking:

2 Cha + 2 Influence group:

Strangeglove and Jon are in a vehicle, attempting to retrace Fat Man's path, and more generally tooling around looking for apartment buildings that are up to no good.

Copperhead notifies the group that he is gone but will return thursday.

Buddha: My observation is that it helps for the GM to be more proactive online. Any actual movement on the part of the players seems to require about two question-and-answer steps with the DM, a process which takes about half an hour IRL and a week online. The problem with hoping for RP is players can only RP every three actions or so, once circumstance have actually changed.

The mechanism seems to be as follows:

DM: You see a stimulus, what do you do?
Player: Is it tall? Round? What color is it?
DM: It's green.
Player: If I shoot a laser at it, will I be able to measure the exact reflected wavelength?
DM: Sure. Roll Int + Measuring Things With Lasers.
Player: Five successes.
DM: It's green.
Player: Ok, I walk up and say, "Hi."

3 minutes IRL, one week online. (Repeat x8. At least OOC banter doesn't derail online PbP.)
So, uh, if there was a question, my vote is for a pushier DM. I'm always willing to roleplay as a flash-back or -forward, on the off chance the story moves while I'm still talking.
Shadowing around down town to stay "under the radar"
10d6 = 3 hits (Glitch)

Con for anyone who might be trying to talk to me to avoid any "suspicious activity"
7d6 = 2 hits

My vote would be for a pushier GM. And I actually laughed out loud at SG's description of the action cycle on the boards biggrin.gif

Ok then I am going to throw up a big push forward post before Monday so be ready to start the run on the warehouse then. Let's give it a whirl and see what people think.

Copperheed you back yet?
I do agree with the more pushy GMing to keep things moving.
I'm back for right now and gone again in 30 minutes. I'm going to pick up internet at my Grandma's since I'll be spending half the week with her for the next 2 months and my unemployed time saves the family heaps of money.
I'm for whatever speed keeps people interested. As for RPing missed chances, I'm sure something can be figured out like IM chatting and then posting the bundle or making a separate thread and linking to it. If not, shrug.
If people think this is too inconvenient than I'll bow out and thank you all for having me. Hope you don't mind if I watch the thread to see how it turns out.

As for Q joining the group since the run starts tomorrow, he can get stuck in traffic or his car goes on auto pilot to dodge trouble and takes the LONG way around. Or whatever Budda thinks is clever since he has a great capacity for it.

As for Info I got from Meave, I believe she had one success and tell the price of the info and I'll deduct it. Default Negotiation roll for Q is 4 or 5 if it's required. She's a cool contact so he's not going to gyp, nor is he going to get ripped off.

With the second set of kidnappings, Q'll go see Simon (Simon Andrews, Male Changeling Troubleshooter (C4/L1)) even though he's hesitant since Simon's kind of a maverick, even for Shadowrunners. He does know about dangerous people and has European connections though. My negotiation roll has a -4 for any penalties trying to talk him into keeping it quite.

Negotiation with Simon to find out if he knows anything about kiddnappers of unique kids:
Negotiation: Charisma(6)+Negotiation(4)+Distractions or he doesn't want to help(-4) = 6 6d6.hits(5) = (4)

If no distractions or irritations on [b]Simon's part[/b]: 4d6.hits(5) = (1)

If I get to add +Kinesics(3) and +Empathy Software(2) for video chatting: 4d6.hits(5) = (1)

Budda: if you want to dismiss it because it too late to toss that in the game before the run, I'm not upset.

Have fun all!
Happy Monday all!

I will be doing the big post today - my weekend exploded all over my face - sorry about that. I have errands this AM but should be free for most of the afternoon to get the post up.

Copperheed I might have you outside with vehicles so you can jump in if you're around and I have a copy of your character sheet to puppet you if needed.
Ok so I am smoking crack - I have a family event today that I really should have realized was going to take almost all my time and attention till it was over. I apologize and will be posting Wednesday AFTER the event is over.
Copperhead should be able to participate then, because he returns to the land of the living every Thursday.
All ok thread is massively bumped with all the information thrown out to you all. I left the time somewhat vague since I wasn't sure what time of day or night you were going to hit the warehouse. Throw out your plan and I'm ready to go.
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