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Yeah, it mentions that it's considered a "sleep" spell in the 20th Aniv ed because it renders people unconscious. When I see "stun" I think Phasers-Set to: It's not pleasant, and they'll drop only to wake up with a headache in a bit, but it's better than beating someone into unconsciousness.
The shen is moving and making an unarmed attack. It's movement is 15/40; I'm assuming it can make it into melee range without running but if not it will run (and take -2 dice).

Agility (cool.gif+Unarmed Combat (6) = 14d6, 4 hits, base damage 4S.
UmaroVI I need an Assensing + Intuition (3) Test from the shen, don't forget the -2 Distracted modifier.
Assensing(6)+Intuition(6)-Distracted(2)=10d6, 5 hits
UmaroVI it will see a faint shimmer of an astral ward across the doorway - feel free to modify its actions.
Did Adeodatus cross the ward already? Did Zero cross the ward with Guard or Concealment on him, or did he Stunball through the ward? Also, is the ward only on the doorway (ie, could the shen get around it by going through a wall) or can it tell?
UmaroVI my understanding was that they were still outside the room since no movement was put out in OOC. He did cast the spell into the room and the ward can be seen shimmering on the interior of this room.
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Dec 7 2012, 11:49 AM) *
UmaroVI my understanding was that they were still outside the room since no movement was put out in OOC. He did cast the spell into the room and the ward can be seen shimmering on the interior of this room.

Is there a second ward on that room? I had posted that I had crossed one ward and then cast spells earlier. Oh well, I figured there would be a wizard's duel coming up some time during this campaign... nyahnyah.gif
There was definitely a stunball in the room, and I got the impression Adeodatus was in the room proclaiming woe upon evildoers. I suppose he could be gesticulating from outside. Less intimidating that way though.
Okay, then I have a question. I think any consequences of putting magic through that ward on the doorway (ie, setting off an alarm) have already happened, since Zero didn't know there was a ward there and cast Stunball through it. Would the shen draw the same conclusion? Spirits don't have any knowledge skills at all listed, but it seems odd that they wouldn't understand how something like wards work.
To clarify you all passed the alarm ward set up outside the warehouse then came to the door. The Shen has now noticed another ward along the interior of this room as it tried to cross it. It noticed it before it hit it so the action can be edited in the IC thread - one of the hazards of PbP games. Unless you say something explicit in IC or OOC about movement I assume you are remaining right where you last said you were. It feels safer and cleaner that way. Sorry if it has lead to or caused any confusion.
That's no problem - what I'm referring to is that, if it's an alarm ward, I would think Zero unknowingly tripped it when he threw a Stunball through it. But I'm not sure that the shen would know that or not, and I don't want to use metagame reasoning on how it acts.
To determine the kind of ward you could roll a related Knowledge skill like Magical Security or Astral Security or Wards - I don't think the spirit has any of those but it's under your control and fairly intelligent so I don't see a problem with it pulling up short and changing its action while informing its maker of the ward's presence or even looking for you to explain what to do next.
I'm just glad it didn't reflect the stunball back...
Ouch, no kidding! At least you all would've had CS defense and the non willpower buffed really need it. Yet one more thing to add to my bag of tricks list: wards.

QUOTE (Strangeglove @ Dec 4 2012, 10:13 AM) *
[This content has been removed or disabed as a result of a third party notification by Universal Music Group under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act.]

What's that about SG? Did you really get contacted or are you being funny? If the latter well then I have say sorry for killing it; it was a decently tasty though.
OK house is settled down and kids asleep - to address your pondering about what spirits may or may not know. I think it could go many ways - spirits are clearly altered and shaped by their summoner - from their appearance to the fact they are given different abilities when summoned by the mage. The game mechanic suggests their is a limit to which they can flex - you can only draw from a finite list of optional powers and each spirit type has preset powers/abilities. There's nothing to say that their realm of experience has any resemblance or bearing to our own - in fact the main book says they have an experience deep in astral realm outside of metahuman experience and that no one theory explains why they can be bound or summoned by mages. Astral wards being a creation of metahumanity I'm not sure they would know what they were or could do. There may likely be no analogy to their own realm or at least the game isn't providing a clear and definite answer. The closest spirits they have introduced into the game with skill choices that suggest an understanding of metahuman world is Guardians (with Combat skills) and Tasks (with BR/Technical skills) - all the others have skills that seem instinctive or necessary to function in the game (like critters have unarmed combat).

I can see the argument that they are being of pure astral or magic so could have an intuitive understanding of it and its applications but I have always shied away from that. I see spirits as minor NPCs that mages have control over as an asset for their role - like drones for riggers or agents for hackers. I prefer to keep them alien and somewhat disconnected from the metahuman world so that the focus is still on the mages - just like I would like it to be with riggers and hackers. If a mage is really looking for a more reality savvy spirit then the ally spirit option exists to do so. Which I am fine with since in almost every case it ends up deepening the character who creates said spirit vs one that is imminently disposable like summoned and bound spirits are.

As to Strangeglove, the music industry apparently has eyes everywhere - even in quotes and links in our little forum game.

QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Dec 6 2012, 11:39 PM) *

This brings up an interesting, but totally tangential question: Outside of being fun to play, do you all think that the concerns cyberpunk raises are relevant anymore?
I'm quite a fan of the genre and I think that its still relevant to think about and pay attention to as technology keeps having quicker and more astounding progress.
And if this question is better served on a separate forum post, I'll make one. Unless there already is one.

Spirit mechanics noted.
And did Zero's angel/fire spirit manifest inside or outside the building? I'd taken it to have manifested in the room with it's fire spirit glow on. Can they turn off emiting light being made of fire?
I realize I didn't write where I manifested the spirit, so I'll defer to Buddha to make that call or make a coin flip/dice roll for it. nyahnyah.gif
I'm inclined to leave it as it is - outside the room since it would require extensive editing to correct on the thread at this point.
Sounds good to me smile.gif
New to Board Posting Game questions:
Is there a way to track where people are at? Like X's on the diagram? I'm inclined to just start shooting and let Buddha Sort out who gets shot.. but I have the feeling I wont make many friends that way smile.gif
It might be that as we do this more I will pick up locations a little more intuitively.. How does everyone else track locations?
Copperheed--To answer your earlier question, yes it is quite likely that his heart rate just spiked.

Lain--Sometimes maps are updated with locations. Otherwise, its a lot of reading the posts clearly and building a mental picture. If I ever have a question, post the intent of action and understanding of positions. Buddha is good about clarifying his understanding of the layout as well.
Lain: Right now it's pretty simple, the team is outside shooting in, the bad guy(s) are inside the room along with the kids. The Shen has maybe run inside, that's up in the air.
Two security people are awake and woozy, and two are unconscious. One hostage is unconscious, one is awake.
The security person has instructed the remaining hostage to push a panic button on one of the unconscious security guys' comms.

All: Does anyone know who Magana is?
Also, my post wasn't really removed because of a DMCA complaint. I removed it because it was out of turn order, but a DMCA takedown seemed appropriately dark-present.
Okay, based on that, if it isn't sure, the shen is going to delay. If it sees the security guard actually get her weapon out, though, it will shoot first.

It's not actually going to stop people that have Guard/Concealment from going through the door, but to be clear the 'don't go through' was addressed to the metahumans near the door; whether you want to listen or not is of course your call.
All: When Budda wrote "the Shin" that was our primary rescue target, the technomancer kid. Magana, is the mechanically inclined friend. Their relationship status just bumped to boyfriend, according to a mildly abrasive very woozy guard. And I count only one guard standing.

QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Dec 4 2012, 04:18 PM) *
Security 1
3d6.hits(5)=1 10S KO

Security 2
3d6.hits(5)=3 8S

Security 3
3d6.hits(5)=1 10S KO

4d6.hits(5)=1 10S KO

4d6.hits(5)=3 8S

SG: Well congratulations! You and Budda successfully convinced me that you were being wronged by overly-protective Big Brother-esque corp.

And hope no one thinks I'm being pushy if I tell Fleet and Cypher that they're up.
Budda: Please check me if this is correct. We agreed that I was looking through the astral and could watch the computer monitors. I would see the stuff but suffer a -2 to physical actions. I'd then suffer another -2 distraction for paying attention to multiple things. I can't enter VR in this state.

I'd like to check my action ahead of time so that I'm ready to roll when it gets here. I intend to drop out of astral sight as a simple action and make a social check as my second simple action. I'm going try to convince the kid that the guards have orders to kill them instead of letting them go. Would this be Con since I don't know if its true or Etiquette since I'm trying to diffuse the tense situation. (SR4A pg125)
I'd get Empathy Software since the people can see the kid, Magana. I'd be denied Tailored Pheromones, Kinesics, and Veromonasal Organ. Would I get a bonus from tacnet since multiple different people can see the kid and his non verbal ques from different angles?
And is it ok for Q to come to the conclusion that the Geisha Sprite might be after Cypher, should I roll or let him inform us?

And Cypher, I should ask you if you've told the group about the sprite. I thought you had but needed to check.
Cypher has told Widget about the sprite. Everything else has been in the first person.
Buddha, just wanted to clarify. When you said they were dressed in "light security armor", did you mean "Full body armor?" Or "SWAT Armor?" I'm trying to get an idea of how heavily armored they are.

3-round burst on security guard: Agility(5) + Firearms(2) + Smartgun Link(2) + TacNet(2) + Walking(-1) (10d6.hits(5)=4)

3-round burst on Magana: Agility(5) + Firearms(2) + Smartgun Link(2) + TacNet(2) + Walking(-1) + Switching Targets(-2) + 1 point of unmitigated recoil on a shotgun(-2) (6d6.hits(5)=0)

Edge: Agility(5) + Firearms(2) + Smartgun Link(2) + TacNet(2) + Walking(-1) + Switching Targets(-2) + 1 point of unmitigated recoil on a shotgun(-2) (6d6.hits(5)=3)

So, 3 hits on the boy.

Both hits should be 8S, +1 AP versus Impact Armor, and (boxes of damage done) + 2 versus Body for Knockdown test.
Morning on Monday.
Budda: I guess you can ignore the talking to the kid questions. And no sprite knowledge for Q. I'll wait for my turn in Initiative order to pester you with questions since we'll "be on the moon" as SG says.

And did Fleet just unload 3 round bursts from a shotgun? Twice? That must cover the entire room!
Spread on a home defense shotgun is only about 1' at 10 yards.
However gel rounds are almost certainly slugs, so no spread at all.

For those of you that keep track of such things, William McWaters is one of Strangeglove's low quality IDs.
SG is correct, gel rounds are slugs. You have to specifically order "shot" rounds for shotguns, and they use the shotgun choke and flechette rules for damage.
Happy Monday all! I have updated the karma total on the 1st post.

Lain I have seen more ambitious GMs do edited maps and the like but I find I have a finite amount of time to devote to this medium though I am certainly open to players doings so and very grateful when they do like Strangeglove did. I do try to give individuals some unique feature so they can be selected with little or no confusion. You are always welcome to ask questions here or PM me.

Copperheed correct on the penalties thus far and you could go into VR but you would lose your astral perception since it would be over written from the feed from the matrix.

Fenris it's Full Body Armor

Magana (adding Edge to the roll)
7d6.hitsopen(5,6)=3 KO with 6 boxes of Physical Damage and 10 boxes of Stun Damage

Security 2

Edge Reroll
8d6.hits(5)=3 9S

Surprise Pass
Adeodatus 9 hits
Zero 8 hits
Shen 7 hits
Fleet 6 hits
Cypher 6 hits <<<
Eklipse 5 hits
Jon 5 hits
Emilio 5 hits
Ninja Sex Kitten 5 hits
Fat Man 4 hits
Strangeglove 4 hits
Q 4 hits
Security 2 4 hits
Security 2 3 hits

Cypher is up!
Simple Action -- Transfer Data
Free Action -- Switch Interface Mode
Free Action -- Logout
Bishop: I don't get it, if Cypher can log out before the Sprite can even make any attacks, why give her Zero?
Also, is Cypher going to actually tell us the Sprite is now hostile?

I imagine the Tacnet tells the team Cypher has gone offline, which actually gives us a fair amount of information.
1. The doors are no longer under our control. A simple action to jam this one open would probably be a good investment.
2. Surprise is lost. Anyone who can take control of the node has access to comms, cameras, and can notify on-site security, Zuzane, offsite security, etc.
3. Drones incoming.

If someone can verify the Tacnet tells us when Cypher logs out, Strangeglove will notify the team of the above, and give the following commands:
A. Finish off the last security guard.
B. Jam the door open.
C. Check the kids for hostile hardware; tracers, bombs, etc. (We should probably strip them and send their equipment separately.)
D. Check the kids for hostile magic.
E. Bring the car around.
F. Throw the kids in the car and get them someplace safe. (Q don't forget to restrain them.)
G. Install a tap in the drone rails. (In case Cypher hasn't been turned into a drooling vegetable.)
Strangeglove--Cypher spends way too much time in the Matrix to risk having his brain turned to goo for someone else's mistakes. He was told by Widget that sprites can ruin his life if he goes back on his word to them, so he is forestalling that by offering the person that her rage is truly against.

Cypher hasn't dropped the TacNet, he just logged out of the node with the Sprite.

The doors are still operating under my script unless the Sprite takes actions to stop it. There is a new script operating now as well (FML take 2) which was the contingency script programmed in case the team hurt the kid and put his brain on the line with the Sprite. That one will cause all the doors to unlock, the lights should all start strobing, and bring in the auto-cab that Cypher hacked before to rush the main kid out.

The drones are a completely separate matter--their activation is independent of the Sprite which is why we needed the tap into the rails to gain control of them. The drones and inventory computers were not under the Sprite's control or access as far as we know.
You may have also guessed that he is not exactly sane, though this is the first time his crazy will directly impact a member of the team.
Ah, all becomes clear. I wasn't aware sprites were so dangerous.

I'll post in the IC thread, then. Even if Cypher hadn't warned us about the FML script, the FML call plus the lights going disco tells us the Matrix has gone just as pear-shaped as the ground game.

I have to say I'm terribly amused things have gone this wrong before the enemies have gotten to act. I can only imagine what will happen when they actually get to participate.
this may have come up with planning and I missed it..
we dont have to be nice right? other then trying to rescue some kids.. probably should know that before I start throwing lead downrange
Save the kids, don't make a big enough noise to wake the neighbors. Everything else is fair game.
From a mechanical standpoint, we're all throwing stun for the efficiency of only having to fill one track.
RP wise, IMO stun is polite; we're in it for the money, they're in it for the money, no need for anyone to die. Also you can shoot first and ask questions later.
But if you prefer lead you're welcome to, other than the teens and the noise issue, the bad guys don't have to survive the encounter.
QUOTE (Strangeglove @ Dec 11 2012, 08:45 PM) *
From a mechanical standpoint, we're all throwing stun for the efficiency of only having to fill one track.
RP wise, IMO stun is polite; we're in it for the money, they're in it for the money, no need for anyone to die. Also you can shoot first and ask questions later.
But if you prefer lead you're welcome to, other than the teens and the noise issue, the bad guys don't have to survive the encounter.
Agree. We're here to rescue the kids and acquire gear. Not a killing spree.
Actions for Eklipse:
Two narrow bursts at the knocked on her ass security lady. Also firing Gel (4P, +2 AP, resisted with impact)
First burst: Agi 5 + SMG 5 + smartlink 2 = 12d6.hits(5)=6 - if that takes her out, he'll hold the second burst.
Second burst: Agi 5 + SMG 5 + smartlink 2 - recoil 3 = 9d6.hits(5)=2

Tacnet! 2d6.hits(5)=1, 2d6.hits(5)=1 - one extra hit on both rolls if needed.
<<@Team: Mages, I need zis barrier down now or I'm going in regardless. Both ze kids are down; one has been shot.>>

Fleet is shooting gel rounds. Not sure if you count that as "getting shot".

Rules clarification: Wouldn't the ward over the door have been triggered by Zero's stunball, so anything further going through is irrelevant?
SG--when the riot police fire rubber bullets into the crowd, people always scream that they've been shot. Remember Gel Rounds and Stick/Shock are less-lethal, not non-lethal.

And if it's an alarm ward, then yes, the stunball has already set off the alarm. More astral things going through are just going to ring the bell again.

On the bright side, the astral, matrix and physical sides are all equally on alert and aware that we are here. We're equal opportunity hell-raisers.

Anyone want to nominate anthems for the team? Here's my suggestion: My Own Worst Enemy
Bishop: Wow... when you said you had it covered I was not expecting that maneuver.

SG: I think the ward probably was triggered, but neither mage is using Astral sight and so they can't look at the ward the spirit can "see". And as Budda already discussed the spirits don't have Knowledge: Wards to tell us what they do.

Interestingly, the physical seems to be lagging behind, since none of the opponents in the room have gotten a turn. Of course without Cypher monitoring video feeds that's all about to change.
And is that the anthem for this team or this entire campaign?
QUOTE (Strangeglove @ Dec 11 2012, 11:24 PM) *
Fleet is shooting gel rounds. Not sure if you count that as "getting shot".
Eklipse is just giving the hobgoblin a hard time. biggrin.gif
I concur that adrenaline and shock make it difficult to tell when you've been shot, to a trained observer standpoint I suspect the difference between a beanbag and a lead slug (namely red mist) is observable if not obvious.
I was mostly pointing it out because I want to make sure Notsoevildm is clear, regardless of how confused Eklipse is.

Can we forget about the people we killed while on the run?
I didn't mean to shoot you there;
I can't remember what was said or who threw that stunball

Bangarang may refer to: A Jamaican word meaning "hubbub, uproar, disorder, or disturbance."

Also I already threw my musical suggestion in IC: We rowdy.
Copperheed--that was for the team anthem. Campaign wise, I think each character has their own perspective. For Cypher, I'd go with "the Worst Day Since Yesterday".
Emilio is almost up, and will start first-aiding the rescuees if security's down. The spell he's babbling about (not being a mage and all) is Sterilize.

If security's up, he will of course kiss them with the Aries Alpha.

He said, "Can we please speak English?". Well, that's what I typed into babblefish.

Buddha, I'm spending XP to take First Aid up to 4. Seems like a sensible alternative since we have so many gun bunnies right now.
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