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I feel like my observation didn't improve matters.
UmaroVI everyone except Fat Man and Emilio
Strangeglove granted that is the case but I would prefer to keep the game reality as intact as possible. If it helps this was going south long before your arm got involved - I see it more as the cherry on top of a "we're fucked" sundae.
@ Buddha: Yup, I keep Zero updated online and on an excel hardcopy to figure out karma/nuyen costs for advancement and gear. I just haven't updated the burned edge point yet.
The version of Eklipse in my sig is most up-to-date. Just hadn't updated the karma total or spent any in a while.

Don't see any way he could survive those blasts even if he was inside a car so only hope is to get out of the blast radius.

Full dodge (hoping all of this counts):
Reaction 5 + Dodge 2 + Ranged 2 + Combat sense 1 = 10d6.hits(5)=4 - I'll edge the misses if needed.

Edited last post to reflect the change of action.
Copperheed you are correct with the damage you take 5P. Roll a Perception - 6 to see if you are aware what happened to your meat body unless you have a biomonitor hooked up then it will be displaying your new set of injuries. There is no further damage to you from the car getting slagged though it will no longer serve as a getaway car. Zero saved his ass with the Hand of God but your ass is still out there to be toasted so to speak.

Notsoevildm assuming the car makes it you are welcome to take your actions you posted of driving up and seeing who is alive, etc. I will ask Fenris to post rolls tonight after he gets home from work. You will clear the blast.

Lain you will clear the blast as well.

I am still needing current character copies from Strangeglove and Q.
Buddha allowed me to retroactively take back the point of edge, seeing as how I now have 6 vehicle/drones to roll for smile.gif

So, first one's toast...three others coming down.

Body(10) + Armor(20) + AP (-2) (28d6.hits(5)=7, 28d6.hits(5)=13, 28d6.hits(5)=11)

One got thirteen! I'll spend a point of edge for that one! Rerolling failed previous dice. (15d6.hits(5)=7)

Awww...almost got it.

The Flyspy's are, to be brief, toast.

Rolling for the Rotodrone, which was a little higher and, according to Buddha, will only be taking 11P, and can ignore stun.

Armor(9) + Body(3) (12d6.hits(5)=3) - Still thumping along, if barely.

The Optic X's - Armor(20 - From car) + Armor(6) + Body(2) + AP (-2) (26d6.hits(5)=5, 26d6.hits(5)=15)

w00t! Another 15! Gonna spend another point of Edge! - Rerolling failed dice from soak roll (11d6.hits(5)=5)


Okay, so, total carnage at this point - All three Shin-Hyung's are destroyed, the Jackrabbit's destroyed, FlySpy's are destroyed, both Optic X's are gone. Kull and Stormcloud are out of blast radius.

Oh yeah, and me. Definitely burning my next action - ReaKT(2) + Reaction(6) + Dodge(3) (11d6.hits(5)=7) - and the grumpy rigger survives!
As soon as I get the last of the soak rolls I will post the IC flavor of the rolls, in addition I need a Perception roll (visual) from people - if you get one hit you will see the large jungle cat exiting the vehicle where Jon entered.

EDIT: I will also be posting the data drop IC post after all the rolls are resolved as well.
I saw 'im! I saw 'im!

Perception(3) + Intuition(3) + Visual Enhancement(3) (9d6.hits(5)=2)
Woo math:
33 P -2 AP
Personal armor: 32d6.hits(5)=9
Forgot -2AP, and the car's armor, so add in the car: 18d6.hits(5)=8
33-17=15 P taken

Spend Edge to reroll misses:
Roll for Bad Luck: 1d6=2

3 P - 1 for platelet factories

So 2 lethal taken from the HE grenades.

39S -3 AP
Car + Personal armor: 43d6.hits(5)=13
39S - 13 = 26S

26 - 1 for platelet factories = 25 Stun damage taken

Stun track is 10, which is filled. 15 overflow.

15 + 2 = 17 lethal damage.

Plus the arm: 7 S resisted with body: 13d6.hits(5)=4
3S - 1 for platelet factories = 2 stun overflowing.

17 + 2 = 19 lethal

Total damage taken is: 10 Stun and 19 lethal
Total life track is: 10 Stun and 16 lethal, so SG is at -3 boxes of lethal damage. Which being less than his Body is unconscious but not dead.

That went better than expected.

SG--the overflow means that you will bleed out one more box each (Body) turns unless you are stabilized (someone first aids you). If you have another point of Edge to use, you can likely stave it off. (30 odd dice hanging on the HE soak.) Otherwise, Emilio or FatMan will have to tag you to keep you alive long enough for the team to flee.

Team-- A trauma patch on SG will work to stabilize him. He's got a pretty hefty Body pool for the test. In case someone else can get to him before Emilio/Fat Man.
@ Bishop: I just wanted to apologize for getting Cypher killed. I know it was my misreading of everything that started this shitstorm, and I feel really bad about it. frown.gif
JxJxA--there were a lot of contributing factors, not just one person, but Thank You. And, I had the Edge, I could have gone with Hand of God but from Cypher's perspective that may have been worse than death.
Perception vs damage to body while in VR: Intuition(5)+Perception(2)+VR(-6)+Wounds(-1) = 0

So I'm still confused about what's going on, but that's ok since I don't even feel my body taking the hits. At least I've got Fire Resistance 6 on my armor. Now to find out how that works versus burning car. *groan* I'd have liked to jump out of this and go help SG, but I guess Q doesn't realize there's even a problem.

Well I guess I'll read Cypher's Last Hurrah while I sit on my haunches twiddling my thumbs...

JxJxA, don't feel too bad. If this mission was so deadly serious that one mistep would cause us to implode than it's not training mission we were sold. I imagine there are many things going on in the back ground. One of them being that Cypher didn't tell any of us about the Sprite and that subdual by force wasn't allowed.
Another might be that Q was asking for a chat from the cab. That's when she, the Sprite, started this craziness, past 3 successes on Etiquette I might add. Though how she knew it was me to specifically aim at the car I was in confuses me.
A third is that grenades can be hacked?! Time to grab some hardware skill and gut the wireless out of everything I own, cause I don't want the toaster fighting with me when I just want some breakfast in the morning.

In the end don't feel too bad, it was a group effort.

And Budda, when this is all over, is it out of place to tell the newbies what went wrong so we can do better in the future?
As for updating my character, I haven't spent any Karma since I was going to wait for this mission to play out and see what glaring holes were left in my character. I also wanted to gather as much Karma as possible so that Q could Initiate and get more magic. It sounded both fun and very useful.
Copperheed--I don't think the Sprite was aiming at Q for the call, as much as she was aiming at Zero who happened to be in the same car. If anyone starts shouting in the wireless you will see it. Otherwise, the TacNet would normally be a good way to track the real world while in VR, or use a biomonitor.

Also, the Sprite looks to be reacting to Strangeglove's actions to shut her down that triggered the readied action to throw the satchel. And yes, grenades can be hacked. They use the wireless link to coordinate with the smart link, air burst and rangefinder. (And can even be rigged to talk to a remote detonator, so you can shoot the grenades without arming them, then detonate them as a separate action for bonus fun.)

Mistakes I Saw:
Compartmentalizing information (Sprite and her relationship to the kid)
Carrying astrally active stuff through wards (GloMoss and shape shifters)
Subduing the hostages (see item 1)
People with guns getting in with the hostage after the sprite tried to kill someone (again, see item 1)

Really, it all comes down to communication and secrets--the team was keeping secrets from each other, either actively or just forgetting to say stuff, which led to a few keystones being pulled and the foundation of the plan collapsed. If it was just the sprite or the wards, I think we could have handled it. Both was too much.

Oh, and you might get bonus dice on the Perception test for the stimulus being very different.
Copperheed going ahead and add +2 dice to the Perception test. This wasn't one misstep to deadly, it was more a series of choices that lead to this scenario - some from way before the run and some with this run. It was not a training mission but rather a run for you all to try things out as a team and I am sorry if it came across that way. I offered a run that wasn't essential to the main storyline for players to acquire gear and see how they function as a team. At this karma level it can get lethal fairly quickly. The Sprite was indeed going for Zero in particular and then trying to stop the rest of the team from following it and her maker, seeing you all as a threat. I also want to point out that your actions happened but that the order was in motion already, like dominos too many had fallen to prevent the outcome in play. I have been accused of being an optimist but I still think this run is salvageable at least as far as securing the boy for the reward.

JxJxA with using Hand of God you are stabilized with a full Physical Track and Stun Track.

Autocab Driver: Pilot (Guard)
*Fat Man

SH #1 Non-functioning

SH #2 Non-functioning

SH #3 Non-functioning

Jack Rabbit Non-funcitoning

Initiative Order
Strangeglove 17/2 IP
Ninja Sex Kitten 17/1 IP
Gothic Mage 16/1 IP Delaying
Jon 16/2 IP
Fat Man 16/1 IP Delaying
Emilio 14/1 IP <<<
Zero 14/1 IP
Fleet 12/1 IP
Cypher 11/1 IP
Q 11/2 IP
Eklipse 10/1 IP Delaying

Emilio is up!

I'm going to have Fat Man delay since UmaroVI probably can't post till Saturday and I would like to keep chugging along. I have posted the data drop in the IC thread.

I will try to post tonight or tomorrow morning if I can. I just want to quickly clarify what ended up happening:

SG and Zero are KO'd, SG is dying.
Jon, Fleet, and Eklipse are alive and not in cars.
Q is conscious.
Cypher is dead.

All the vehicles except some drones and the autocab are destroyed.

Is that right?
JxAxA: IMO I'm at least as responsible as you are. If I'd secured my commlink/arm/smartlink, it would've been somewhat harder to instagib Cypher (not to mention the rest of the team).

copperhead: Being in VR, you might miss your body being injured, but I don't know how you could miss %90 of our data feeds going offline, biomonitors redlining, and so on. Literally everything you could possibly be looking at right now just exploded. Your armor has no biomonitor? You don't have any video feeds open? At the very least, you just received a message from Cypher saying "If you are reading this, I am already dead." That's a clue.

Umaro: Thanks for the status update, I was wondering how badly off everyone was, but it looks like the trick was getting to dodge.
I want some of the blame too!! I triggered a ward smile.gif
sounds like Buddha is right.. just a bunch of bad things at once..
with that said.. I do want to remind people of incoming vehicles etc..
Doubt the explosives were silent so .. well we arent so quiet anymore..

Its not over yet..
Emilio's actions:

Reactive Perception: Intuition(3) + Perception(3) - 2 for distracted = Rolling reactive perception (4d6.hits(5)=1) so one success.

Simple: get out of the auto-cab
Move over to SH #1
Simple: Pull someone out. I'll roll to decide whom. Even Zero, odd Q:


So Q is coming out of the car now.

EDIT: tweaked text around how I decided who to pull out. I was speaking in-character-chopped-fast
Note: I'm asking the following for discussion, clarity, and learning. As I read the preview, I can read snide bitchiness into this question. Please, don't. smile.gif This question really is about learning for next time.

QUOTE (BishopMcQ @ Jan 15 2013, 08:39 AM) *
Really, it all comes down to communication and secrets--the team was keeping secrets from each other, either actively or just forgetting to say stuff, which led to a few keystones being pulled and the foundation of the plan collapsed. If it was just the sprite or the wards, I think we could have handled it. Both was too much.
If you were someone else on the team (other than Cypher), how would you have handled this?
UmaroVI that is a accurate recap - and a large jungle cat was seen fleeing the car Jon entered moments before.

Copperheed part of the issue is that the tacnet was taken offline before the explosion so you were already in a void zone for input but as Strangeglove said any of your stuff should still be wired in and you are seeing the "Cypher dead" data drop.
Emilio--Honestly, I don't think the team knowing "hey there's a sprite helping us" would have helped and as a Player, I didn't think to say "Don't hurt the hostages when you rescue them." I talked with Widget and she said "keep your word and everything is good" which I figured would be fine. Even with stunning them, I think we could have pressed on with Cypher getting the kids to the car while the rest of the team finished clearing the facility of security guards. My Back-Up Plan (FML Take Two) was actually setup to let the team keep advancing while Cypher kept his word to the Sprite that everything was good.

Tripping the alarm ward and trap ward, again came from no spite or ill will, but rather them simply getting activated when the team came in. Jon didn't tell folks he was dual-natured, the mages didn't know that Strangeglove had GloMoss. So, in that case, the alarm was triggered when the team first came into the area. Cypher didn't know at that point that pressing on through the compound was non-viable. Was the laughing that some characters heard a sign that the Alarm Ward was triggered?

Once we had subdued the kids, and triggered the trap ward, the team chose to bail. At that point, Cypher could have shouted to get out of the car but people were yelling and screaming, and he was trapped in Flashback land of dangerous genetic experiments gone awry.

My AAR would show that Cypher:
* should have looked more carefully at what the sprite had done while the team was getting ready
* failed to clearly explain the mission objectives for the rescue
* didn't mention that he had a backup plan for saving the kids when his paranoid brain said the team would do something wrong
* should have taken his meds to deal with the Paranoid Schizophrenia.

As a character other than Cypher:
* Did Jon have problems with the warded vehicle? That could be a sign that he was dual-natured, even if Assensing didn't catch it.
* Mages may have been able to notice the GloMoss in SG's arm and warn him not to take it.
* Mapping out the wards throughout the building may have told us stuff--which rooms were obviously warded, which ones weren't, are there things in those rooms which may suggest warding? (Magical Security Procedures)
* Are we getting too greedy with the kids and the stealing? Should we focus on just one since we know that the building is a security nightmare?

I think it comes down to several factors and the team being ready to handle one at a time, but not all of them.
The reason we didn't map the interior wards is that we had no reliable way to astrally scout past that alarm ward.

I think we need to have a "matrix security" and a "magical stuff" in-group seminar once we escape.
I second the seminars on matrix and magic, because I didn't know either of them and screwed them both up.

Seriously, who puts wireless access on an arm? Easier to just skip the middleman and punch yourself in the face.
Umaro--I understand that and I'm not trying to pass blame around. I was just trying to think of ways that we could have foreseen a Trap Ward before stepping into it. If we found big obvious wards around the storage areas and the alarm around the overall building, then yeah no way of really foreseeing it. If Big Ugly Wards were on all the main rooms except one, then that screams Trap.
Does bone lacing count for body-only resist tests?

Doesn't matter today: 2d6.hits(5)=0, 2d6.hits(5)=0, 2d6.hits(5)=0

I really need to get my character sheet organized.
@ All: Thanks for the feedback and understanding. ^_^ I've been writing Zero for I think over two years now, and I know that I inevitably get attached to my writing projects. I hate it when I lose a character, and I feel even worse when I cause someone to lose theirs.

@ Buddha: Thanks for writing the tag for Adeodatus, I really liked it! I always try to convey that Zero doesn't treat spirits as tools/means to an end, but as parts of creation worthy of courtesy and respect. I'm glad that it shows through, and doesn't end up portraying him as preachy (another reason why all scripture cites are internal and meant as a very religious character coming to terms with 'Our story so far...' events).
Perception vs FML (to pay homage) in physical world: Intuition(5)+Perception(2)+VR(-6)+Wounds(-1)+Circumstance(2) = 2d6.hits(5) = (2)
Wow that was lucky. So I've noticed everyone's messages and will get back in the game

@Emilio: Go for Zero. I can get back to my meat.

@Budda: The Sprite was going for Zero, of course.

@Umaro: A primer would be great.

@SG: And wireless grenades, yeesh!
@Bishop: Could I get a brief reminder of what Cypher told us?
I think it was Kids were part of Neonet.
Parents were offering 50k.
And the two named NPC security goons had nabbed them on Vory territory.
Nothing about Technomancy or the other 50k?
Fat Man is delaying (and will continue delaying into next pass or phase). If it looks like the sprite is taking another aggressive action, he's going to try to preempt it.
Copperheed--the kids was kidnapped with a friend, there's a 50k ransom, and the IDs were the people holding him. I'm not sure if they were the kidnappers as well, or bought the kid off a trafficker.
UmaroVI your action would be resolved first since you delayed and it hasn't acted yet.

Initiative Order
Strangeglove 17/2 IP KO
Ninja Sex Kitten 17/1 IP
Gothic Mage 16/1 IP Delaying
Jon 16/2 IP
Fat Man 16/1 IP Delaying
Emilio 14/1 IP
Zero 14/1 IP KO
Fleet 12/1 IP Action used to defend
Q 11/2 IP <<<
Eklipse 10/1 IP Action used to defend

Q is up!
Right, I mean he is continuing to delay. I'm not sure about the "right" way to hold a gun to someone's head in SR, but that is what he is trying to do.
No problem - was just clarifying. smile.gif
Nice plan, Umaro. Anything that makes the Sprite sweat is good with me.

Does anyone know how to kill a sprite?
You summon Grant Hill.
Get the child to say I dont believe in fairies? should be easy with a gun to his head
We can't do anything at all to hurt the sprite. Our sole leverage against it is that we have the kid.
I don't think anyone has the right skills and programs to go in and kick its digital ass. No technomancer to decomplie it so a lot harder for sure.
My plan get back to my body. Heal SG and place Healing in Heightened Concentration. Get the two of us out of there while talking the Sprite into not killing us after we leave and talking to Neonet at the same time.
  • So how does getting to my body work? Complex action to go back commlink and Free action to drop VR?
  • How do I contact Neonet and the Shin Family specifically? What actions do I take to get there? Q has Computer and Data Search at 1.
  • Do spells remain sustained while I go into VR incase I want to cast some and then jump in again?

And if Goth Magess jumps us to capture, I won't be upset as long as it's capture and not kill and we'll be able to talk our way out of it. Of course with Zero and SG's 3dice that'll be much harder. We must surely make a tempting target.

And I recommend everyone not stuck in a car to flee with Fat Man if Goth Magess comes out. Unless you're a master spirit hunter who can take 4+ elementals, a great spirit, and the magess herself.

Re-posting Kid's names: the Daimyo is Ryan Shin and his friend is Louis Magana.
Not sure offhand, we can probably look them up but we better do that as/after leaving, yes but you still eat the -2 on VR actions.

We should really prioritize getting out of here before Gothic Mage and/or that nearby FB facility get pissy. We can sort out negotiating later.
Copperheed You need to spend a Free Action to Switch Interface Mode (VR to AR) to be back in your body. You could do a search (Complex Action) to find a contact number for either Neonet or the Shin family. You can sustain spells while going back into VR you would need to deal with the -2 modifier for sustaining which Heightened Concentration would handle.
Here I go
Nil: Leave Sprite a method for contacting me that doesn't lead directly back to me. ((Ala Mailinator))
Free: Go from VR to AR.
Complex: Cast Heal at Force 4 on Strangeglove
Spellcasting: Magic(2)+Spellcasting(6)+Focus(3) = 11d6.hits(5) = (5) ((Forgot to subtract the wounded penalty of -1, but it still leaves 5 successes)) Limited by Force 4 for 4 successes so 4 boxes of damage healed ((Please check my heal math and tell me how long I need to sustain it for. Couldn't remember the section on that.))
Soaking Heal Spell DV2(4dmg-2): Charisma(6)+Willpower(5) = 11d6.hits(5) = (6) ((Does this suffer wound penalty of -1? If so I still soak with 5 successes))
Nil: Send Fleet and Fat Man the auto-cab access data that I got from Cypher.
Nil: Send A a warning that this place, my commlink, isn't safe. ((If I can't do this now because of too much talking, I'll save it till next turn.))
Crap I forgot. Do I have line of sight to SG? Should I roll perception?
Copperheed--Heal is Touch range.
Did you take into account SG's essence of 0.52? (5.48 Essence lost)
If its not even possible for you to magically heal SG, perhaps something medkit related would be better.
Copperheed movement is free so you can get to him to touch him no problem - his low Essence on the other hand is a little more challenging. His current Essence would give a -5 dice modifier on the casting of the Heal spell.
I apologize for this taking forever. I can get up and go over to SG and use Medkit or Magic. Does SG's lack of Essense also decrease my hits or just the dice? Even if I drop the last 5 dice from the Magic roll I've got three successes. I want to stick with Magic because that's Q's gut reaction, I think it'll work instantly even if I have to concentrate to keep it going.

Spellcasting: Magic(2)+Spellcasting(6)+Focus(3)+Wounded(-1)+Target's Essence(-5) = 5d6.hits(5) → [3,4,5,5,6] = (3)

Anything else wacky with using magic to heal chromebutt, I mean SG?
And can I drop the healing spell into Heightened Concentration this IP?

Is this good enough for me to post in RP?
The mechanics look good to me.
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