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I think we're good to drop out of combat time.
Strangeglove did you have a Savior medkit and what rating? Did you want to roll it or me? If just the medkit then just 6 dice - if you have the skill then you can add 6 extra dice. The current modifiers to the test would be your wound modifiers plus -1 for Average conditions and -1 per 2 full points of essence loss your character has.

Ok going to give people till tonight to post hopping in the van then I am going to puppet them in and move the thread forward. I need to know from the players where you are heading next - the office as suggested by Widget or somewhere else? Let me know.
Emilio has First Aid and a rating 6 kit. If his is better, he'd swap.

We may want to have some dialog over WTF has happened with the data, but Emilio's initial intention is to head to the office. He doesn't want to share his pad w/ the rest of the team, and there's a question as to if it's safe.
To check, is the team bringing Cypher's charred corpse into the van?
Not sure about the corpse (I ain't carrying it!) and my vote is not-the-office. Not interested in giving up the location to the fairy god-mother, though god knows she'll have had time to hack everybody's commlink and get the location before we get wherever else we're going.
"Various states of ill health" includes Cypher. For clarity, Strangeglove arrived carrying Q, Zero, and Cypher's body. All aboard the troll train, choo choo.

Strangeglove's medkit is rating 6, but is not a Savior. Also, he's been magically healed, so he can't actually have first aid used until his Adrenaline Pump runs out and he takes 6 more damage, wherein he won't be in a position to roll first aid. Since we're dropping out of combat, Strangeglove's actions are flavor text signaling his rapidly approaching need to be stabilized.
I'd love to stay round by round since I can get a ton of social actions in the few rounds before SG drops again. But I'll not stand in the way of the party or the story.

Question on healing: Medkit takes X (number of hits/dots healed) turns to finish. Can I cast magic heal right after it starts and sustain for 2X or do I have to wait for the medkit healing to finish completely before magic heal?

@tech savy: When I meet the sprite I can use Analyze on her. I think it can tell me what her program strength and load out is, correct? Should I bother?
I presume she'll see me but this seems like a basic maneuver, like sizing up the person across the table from you with Judge Intentions; I don't think she'd have any normal reason to be offended. Am I wrong?
I intend to offer her to scan me as a "look no weapons". Will this give her anything more than me not having attack programs loaded? Can she use it to find weaknesses in my commlink if she uses it on my avatar? Since she might already be in my commlink anyway does it matter?
Copperheed -- You can run an Analyze, if she has a Stealth program it will be harder to get details. If she scans you, she can get the ratings of your matrix attributes and active programs, which basically will let her know what level of threat you are. Firewall and Response 2, pushover. 6 would mean that you likely are a bigger threat.

Buddha -- Perception 4 + Intuition 4 + Vision Enh 3 - Distracted 2 (9d6.hits(5)=2) to see if Rikik notices the body now, or if it's going to be later.
Sorry for the no posting last night - our internet got sick but I should have some time this afternoon to bump the thread and answer questions.
BishopMcQ you are aware of a badly messed up person/body being loaded in. Go ahead and give me some Pilot rolls to represent you trying to stay out of sight and make pursuit a little more challenging if you wish.

Copperheed I would say you would need the healing to be finished since the it is gradual unlike magic's all at once but once finished apply the mojo. I was going to drop into a more free form style of interaction so the speed at which things occur will be largely dependent on how quickly people post. I will try to post as often as possible to resolve the current scene.

All I heard on vote not the office but no actual alternate destination given so going to go with you all driving around until as such time someone throws out an alternate spot - it will take some time for the drive either way. I assume the driver will eventually require a place to go. smile.gif
This is the text I'll use:
Doing away with pleasantries beneath her violent need, "You mean the one called Cypher? He never told anyone of your existence Mighty One nor the importance of your Lord. We only knew that your master had been kidnapped and we were reversing the wrong. It seems this one more thing he was duplicitous about."

I might have to post RP later tonight since there's much description to catch up on.

How do you judge Con tests Budda? Outright lies or any attempts at misdirection? I believe it was the latter from previous posts.
If I have to roll, does having only edited truth in there especially about Cypher not telling us she was there and how important Ryan Shin was to her give any bonus dice for believability? Do I have any penalties outside the Wounds?
Copperheed any attempt at misdirection would qualify once you stray from the facts. The modifiers in play would be -1 Suspicious and +2 for Ace in the Hole to you. There be others depending on the exact skill you use - SR main book page 131. To be clear if your character is telling the truth as you know it then you are not lying or editing the facts.
And by later tonight I apparently meant the next morning. Sorry for the delay.

To my knowledge its all truth. The other duplicity is Cypher backdooring our commlinks. Bishop check me on Q knowing that. If he doesn't I'll drop that.

And I ask because it's possible to "lie" through a D&D Zone of Truth by telling only true statements that cause the other person to come to incorrect assumptions. I categorize this as deception, and thus a Con test, even if there's no outright lie. Right now Q doesn't have to do that, but its definitely a strategy for later survival.

@Zero: part of your confusion is my fault since I've had Q use different names for the same entity, particularly the Sprite. Q knows nothing of Technomancy and thinks that AIs and other (seemingly) fully cogent programs are actual spirits. Hell, even IC could count since not all spirits are sapient and many can be used as guardians.
QUOTE (copperheed @ Feb 14 2013, 02:48 AM) *
@Zero: part of your confusion is my fault since I've had Q use different names for the same entity, particularly the Sprite. Q knows nothing of Technomancy and thinks that AIs and other (seemingly) fully cogent programs are actual spirits. Hell, even IC could count since not all spirits are sapient and many can be used as guardians.

No worries, I admittedly do the same things with spirits. Fat Man calls them Shen, Zero calls the Ravmalakhim.
Copperheed -- He only backdoored the mages commlinks, and whether you would know any of that is unclear since no one was in the node when he handed her the access to Zerone's. She can clearly hack into devices so whether she hacked or he gave her access is unknown. The team could certainly believe that Cypher gave the sprite access to the entire network--he didn't, but it's an easy assumption to make. There is also the question of whether he hid the data because sharing it with the wrong person could get him killed or if he just didn't want the team to know about the Yakuza in-fighting. Talking with Widget would likely shed some light on that, but again assumptions can be made all around.
hey guys, I'm back, I survived, didnt finish the 300 (only 120 or so) due to frostbite but i'm mostly healthy and good to go!
Buddha when its convenient please let me back in smile.gif
Still got all your fingers and toes?
Yep! No black fingers.. just some dead spots.. should heal up completely
@Budda & Bishop: I'm going to play it that Q hasn't considered how the sprite got everywhere at once. He doesn't suspect Cypher right now. I'm deleting that line, unless it'll cause problems. Q does blame Cypher for not telling the team about the sprite and for abandoning his post when the s*** hit the fan.

@Jon: Congrats! Going til the elements try to steal bits of you is pretty hardcore.
Budda, I'm not exceptionally skilled at communication while you seem quite adept with words. I enjoy role playing, but I'll start rolling if at anytime Geisha Sprite becomes annoyed enough to kill Q, talk to someone else, or this slows down the rest of the game, since I think everyone is waiting for thumbs up on not leading an angry sprite home.

And Q doesn't believe that Eklipse is the leader

Can I send a message to Fat Man that I'm talking to the sprite, or is this happening relatively quickly?
Copperheed feel free to message away and duly noted about the dice rolling - in fact go ahead and roll some either Etiquette or Negotiations to ease this along. Sorry I enjoy roleplaying and can get lost in it at times. love.gif

Lain boy, you are crazy! I'm glad you're home safe and you have all your extremities. biggrin.gif
copperhead, did you want to message Fat Man and ask him to confirm that? We might be able to do a Teamwork test.
Sure let me put a little edit into the rp to Fat Man. I mean the rp post to start Fat Man after the leadership and before the swearing to get the kid to his parents.

How does the teamwork roll go?

Are there any modifiers to either of our rolls Budda? does Q still have suspicious -1 and Ace in the Hole +2?
Y'know, someone could always say, "You greased two of our guys and nearly killed another, yet we're still talking with you instead of reprogramming you into a medical algorithm that identifies boils on people's buttholes before turning your 'Daimyo' into sausage... Doesn't that count for anything?"
Copperheed he rolls his skill and every success he generates turns into an extra die for your test. You still have the same modifiers in effect thought depending on what you roll they may change (see page 131 SR main book).
What modifiers should Fat Man apply? Also, can he apply Street Cred? He's trying to bring up his reputation, but I'm not sure if the sprite would know.
I'd love to Zero, but Ax-Crazies don't play connect the dots well when their bloodlust is up. And from my limited knowledge spirits are to be treated with respect by everyone in Japanese folklore. "Respect" meaning that everyone involved understands the faux paus that was made and saves "face" for the superior who made the mistake by not bringing it up directly.

And I hope you don't mind the hyperbole Budda. I understand she's not being unreasonable, just militantly overprotective.
UmoaroVI no modifiers and sadly it has no way to know about your or of you. frown.gif
UmaroVI 2 hits, so +2 to Q

EDIT: That is Charisma (3) + Influence (1)
Negotiation: Charisma(6)+Negotiation(4)+Wounds(-1)+Suspicious Audience(-1)+Ace in the Hole(2)+Teamwork(2)= 12d6.hits(5) = (4)

50% was great. Thanks for the boost.
Can anyone remember which barrens the office was in? Ny search-fu is weak today.
Happy Monday All!

I updated the 1st post with the karma total and going to post IC right now. As a heads up I am sick right now so posting might be spotty as I try to kick this cold.

You all around? Just checking in - the pace on the thread has slowed a bit so wanting to make sure people are still here.
Greetings to everyone. Apologies for the delay. Getting married is a time sink.

Budda, If you want her to interrupt me at any point, tell me and I'll cut it, let her respond, and then post the rest after her angry retort.
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Feb 21 2013, 09:02 AM) *
Who's there?
I'm still here.
Here, just waiting for some chatter IC.
I think it's slow because we're literally driving in circles until the Sprite and Q (and now Fat Man) to negotiate a plan for chinese delivery. Luckily Rikk appears to have kickstarted the RP.

If we just had a scene change (looks like it) we can wake Zero up so he can play. Although I suppose the Sprite might decide to kill us again, so he might want to stay asleep so as to survive the inevitable car crash.

"I'm bleeding to death, how are you?"
"Oh, you know, unconscious."
If everyone wants I can make a negotiations roll and get the thing with the sprite over with. I'd still like to RP it, but I can do that with Budda and then edit into a post.

And what should we do with her. She's going to want to stay with her master. How do we make sure that she stays in his commlink and doesn't sneak out at night to look around the safehouse? How do we make sure she's not in our commlinks when she says she's gone? I can't really oppose her checks even with good programs.

As for keeping us safe, we should keep 2 people around the kid at all times. Do it causally, but definitely as insurance for her good behavior. SG and any other heavily augmented people are excused since she's the bane of them. I'm also going to have Q talk to the kids when they wake up and make friends so they don't report poorly on us when they get home to their big, powerful corporate family.
If Buddha is willing to handwave the RP part, we can have the delivery done through dice rolls. Someone does the Data Search to find the contact info for NeoNET and the Shin Ransom, then the team can contact NeoNET (Etiquette) and arrange for delivery of the boy to XX location. Payment to be made to YY numbered account (Negotiations) and held in escrow until NeoNET confirms health and identity.

That will get the kid off our hands, be a sign of goodwill to the Sprite, and give the team a few minutes to breathe and heal up. Then, we change all the access IDs, security passcodes, and encryption keys on everyone's commlink. Delete all accounts, patch the firewalls, etc and rebuild. It won't necessarily keep the NeoGeisha out forever but makes sure that she doesn't have any backdoors or immediate access, and makes it harder for her to find the team.

While the security and healing is going on, we can debrief and move forward with the RP.
Gotcha. I'd also like to add in there an Etiquette or whatever's required to improve the kid's thoughts on us. Maybe take him carousing or whatever's involved in that.

Anyone's thoughts for if the kid doesn't want to go back? Cause Q's on the send him back cause damn did we take a beating for his butt. I'll play amateur psychologist and make him feel better about returning, but my vote is sending him home for the reward.
Concur. Negotiate to get the Sprite and Shin delivered ASAP so she can focus on him rather than on us.

SG doesn't care what Shin wants, SG wants money. But if Shin wants to get dropped off on a street corner, the Sprite will no doubt make a fuss. Let's burn that bridge when we come to it.
I like the idea for sure! Out running errands right now but I will post the rolls I need. Thanks for the suggestion.

PS Table top tonight so I will be posting tomorrow mid-morning.
OK all this is what I need roll-wise:

Data Search (to get contact info for NeoNET/ransom people)
Etiquette (to make contact with said people)
Negotiations (to make the arrangements for payment)

If you want you can also throw out the following:

Etiquette (to leave things on a positive note with the sprite)
Etiquette (to leave the boys with the same warm feelings)

Throw them out and let's get bumping along smile.gif
Now that we have gotten to the point where Fat Man no longer needs to hold a magical gun to the kid's head, he's going to back Q up on the social skills with Increase Charisma. Force 7.

Casting: Magic (6) + Spellcasting (6) + Power Focus (4) = 16d6, 7 hits
Drain: Willpower (6) + Intuition (7, with Psyche included) + Centering (4) = 17d6, 2 hits (I actually rolled 16, forgot the Psyche, but it's 1-2=0 drain anyways so it doesn't matter).

That would give Q+7 Charisma, but capped at his augmented maximum which I assume is 9, so probably +4?

If I'm acting as the handler for the sprite and kids, do I also get to roll for chatting with NeoNet? I think that was the corp. I'm chill with letting others have some social as well, I just wanted to check how many Budda would let me roll, and how many other want me to roll.

Dice pool questions for Budda:
  • Any teamwork allowed? I figure limited to one and I was going to check with Fat Man since he's in the cab and has already helped out. Thoughts?
  • Does enough time pass that I can get some First Aid and than magic Healing? If not I'll keep my Wound penalty
  • Do I get my in person dice mods for the boys?
  • Any other dice pool modifiers I should know about for the two warm fuzzy feelings rolls?
I'll pay attention and roll by 4pm hopefully.

And better assist Umaro! My current is 6 Cha, with Aug Max of 10. So that puts me to 10, correct?
Copperheed you got the assist from Fat Man from his spell. I am looking to speed this along so throw out the rolls with the wound penalty (you should be fine). 1 person can assist per test and you have your in-person mods for the boys. No mods in play since I want to move this along.
Convince Terrifying Geisha not to hate our guts (positive feeling check): Charisma(10)+Etiquette(4)+Wound(-1)=13
13d6.hits(5) = (5)

Make friends with the boys (positive feeling check): Charisma(10)+Etiquette(4)+Empathy Soft(2)+Kinesics(3)+Pheromones(3)+Vomeronasal Organ(2)+Wound(-1)=23
23d6.hits(5) = (4)

What a weird set of rolls! I really don't think the dice roller likes large pools. Maybe I needed to name the kids as well.
I'm guessing that Fleet will do the Data Search.

If they tell Rikik about it and that it needs to be done, tossing dice in case it will help move things along.

Threading Browse -- Software 5 + Resonance 6 + Specialization 2 + Paragon 2 (15d6.hits(5)=8) Keeping 2
Fading -- Charisma 7 + Resonance 6 (13d6.hits(5)=3) - No Fading

Data Search 5 + Browse 6 (4+2)
[1,4,4,5,3,2,6,1,6,4,3] - 3
[6,3,3,6,5,6,6,3,4,1] - 5 (8)
[2,5,3,2,1,1,1,6,6] - 3 (11)
[1,4,4,4,6,5,2,6] - 3 (14)
[5,2,3,4,4,4,3] - 1 (15)
[1,4,3,6,5,1] - 2 (17)
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