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Full Version: Feature Request
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Hello. I don't know if this was ever brought up. I posted in the wrong topic.

I found something that is missing in Chummer Character Generator.

Military Helmet

Found in AR 51
"Military Helmet: Each helmet incorporates a wireless
military commlink (Firewall, Response, Signal, System, and
Encryption Rating 4), a camera, and fl are compensation, image
link, and smartlink enhancements. The helmet’s military commlink
can be upgraded to hardware ratings of 5 (+2,500¥) or 6
(+8,500¥). These helmets can also be upgraded with any of the
vision or audio enhancements or sensors detailed on pp. 58–60
or pp. 323–326, SR4."

What is missing is the military commlink. I can not find a militarty commlink in chummer at all.
Currently the helmet does have the camera, and flare compensation, image
link, and smartlink enhancements but no military commlink.

An idea for Exchangeable Weapon Modification

Found in AR 150
"Exchangeable Weapon Modification: Th is is a special
option that can be chosen for many of the modifications described
in this list (underbarrel weapons are the most likely
candidates, but with the gamemaster’s permission a character
may also choose other modifications to become exchangeable).
When designing a new modification, the player character has to
announce that this will be an exchangeable modification. Once
built, this special type of modification does not become a fixed
part of the weapon but rather a standalone object that can only
be attached to a weapon via a powered slide mount (p. 152). Th e
number of slots mentioned in the modification’s description becomes
the slot size of the exchangeable weapon modification."

Can we get a flag or modification option to put on the modification or weapon?

You had it right the first time when you requested it in the chummer topic. Nebular is the only one who programs and updates chummer and even then only in his off time as this is a hobby of his. Requests do take time and sometimes it could be a few updates before we see it.
Oh, cool. My bad.

An idea to help with the coding.

I think all we need is to have 3 entries under the helmets section for the Military Helmet. My ideas is to have Military Helmet Rating 4, 5, and 6.
Military Helmet Rating 4
Military Helmet Rating 5
Military Helmet Rating 6

The Military helmet got every minus the Military commlink, so i would just suggest to add the missing commlink information for each entry. This would allow users to add accessories to the commlink.

Hope this helps.
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