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Full Version: Posts displayed in tree-like structure
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Is there a way to disable the tree-like structure in which the posts in a topic are now displayed? This is quite annoying, as it requires clicking on each response in the tree in order to view the corresponding message in its entirety. I don't know since when this change has been applied, but I'm quite sure there was a time when the posts were simply displayed one after the other, page by page.
Or maybe I activated this setting by mistake (but where)?
Nothing has changed and my view is the same... What you are using to read the forums?
Firefox, but I have the same "issue" with IE.

I have in each topic the "posts in this topic" section in which the posts' headlines are displayed in tree format. I can select a particular node in the tree; when I do so, that post (i.e. its whole content) and all its parent posts in the tree are shown. I could have sworn that there was a time when all posts were simply displayed sequentially, page by page, regardless of hierarchy (as is the case on most forums).

But maybe I'm imagining things, I haven't been active on dumpshock for quite some time.

EDIT: for example here, since my response is a child node of my first post, when I select it in the tree, my two posts are displayed, but not yours. I cannot show all three at the same time (my first post, your answer and finally this one).
I use Firefox and my view of the posts is linear. A post which is a reply to an earlier post and therefore quotes it has the link in the quote. Is there a setting in the browser or in this board to change that?
You are displaying in Outline mode. Look for "Options" near the upper right (Under the Add Reply & New Topic buttons), click on options and select "Switch to: Standard"
Yes indeed, I completely missed that option. I have no idea how it got activated either.
Thanks for the help.
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