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Full Version: A few bugs maybe ? (Chummer)
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Hello everyone,
First , chummer is a amazing program thx a lot for it !

If I didn't do anything wrong, I may have found some small bugs .

The capacity calculation for the Military armor's option is not working.
The Military armor's helmet has it own availability in chummer and and not in SR4A (he is just supposed to come with the armor).
It is not possible to select cyberlimbs option for the Military armor.
The bows have a upper rating of 8 and they can go up to 12 in SR4A.
When a option from a base vehicle is removed, it don't award the related modification slots.
The Evo Orderly drone lack the Touch Sensor and Special Machinery (Medkit 6).
When selecting the power throw adept power, it can only be upgraded to lvl 3 and in SR4A it is explained the adept powers with level can have a level for each point of magical attribute of the adept.

And thx again for this wonderful tool .
Moved to the Community Projects forum for Chummer.
Some info to cover some of these.

The armor capacity has been an off and on issue.

The most up to date printings of SR4a actually do limit the bows to a rating of 8. A custom XML file can be used to add these higher ratings (what I've done).

Arsenal, page 107, removing a standard upgrade does not reward any additional modification slots.

Chummer cannot employ any modifications in a freeform manner, meaning that the Special Machinery (Medkit 6) would have to actually be a modification the program has (i.e., something listed with all the other vehicle mods). A custom XML file can add this piece of equipment.

Street Magic Errata v1.4.1 amends the adept power Power Throw to a maximum of three levels. If it's really important to you that the limit be removed, an override XML file can be used.
Thx for your answers.

I have a new one : ... /Edit/ Well , no, I don't know what happen but it is ok now and I can't reproduce the problem. So It is probably my bad.
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