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Black Swan
Is it possible to upload my own Avatar?
As I've understood it, you can donate a few dollars to belong to the Dumshocked group of benefactors ... If not, you can use a wide variety of available avatars from the galleries.

I may be wrong about that, so take that with a grain of salt until someone official tells you how it is wink.gif
Oh, and welcome.
Dumpshockers are allowed custom avatars.
Dumpshockers are sponsors of the board, covering a month+ of hosting (currently at $25/month).
For those interested, send the money via paypal to, insure that you note your Dumpshock username in the donation.
25$ hosting per month? o.O
dude, is that server plated in gold or something?
Dedicated server, lots of disk and backups.
The issues we had in the past with performance, etc were all resolved with this switch.
Ah, i see.
i'll see about sending a bit more your way via a buddy of mine.
Paypal does not like me.
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