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Full Version: What's the best way to twink you've ever heard of?
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Personally, I prefer making combat monsters with Muscle Augmentation and Toner. Good shit, that is!
Enhanced Artwinkulation.

'Nuff said.
Mnemonic Enhancer and Trauma Damper need to be mentioned, might as well get that out of the way.
Albino gnome shaman with bonus willpower. Never done it, but I've seen it done before.
Chronic Osteocupus.

Mnemonic Enhancer has been nerfed as per Errata.
Don't forget Tailored Pheromones for an Elf Face. Kudos to the first person to tell me why the Bio versions of Augmentation and Toner are better than Muscle Replacement.
Yes, I am aware of the Mnemonic Enhancer nerf. For those not aware of ME nerf, it now reduces karma cost of learning skills by 1 regardless of level, instead of 1 per level. Of course, this just means that most characters can get away with only needing to get one level of it for the primary advantage. For my money, the single best piece of 'ware in the game, even post nerf. Levels 2&3 are cool, too, just not munchy.
Other than that they are natural? Many advantages to being natural you know?
The correct answer is that they actually count towards the appropriate attributes in terms of buying and upgrading skills. The cybernetic versions just add dice.
QUOTE (simonw2000)
Don't forget Tailored Pheromones for an Elf Face. Kudos to the first person to tell me why the Bio versions of Augmentation and Toner are better than Muscle Replacement.

more reaction is the thing that springs to mind, but of course they are limited by racial attribute limits...
Elf Night One Gun Adept...Imp. Ability: Pistols (Geas: Night), Imp. Rea. 3 (Geas: Night), Vision Mod: Mag 3 (Geas: Night), Exp Att (Qui), Qui9 Int6 Pistols: 6 makes for Init 13 + 4d6. Add in a laser sight and custom grip on your pistol and you're throwing 12 dice before combat pool at least 4 times a turn and as much as 8 with base TN of 3 at up to 50m. You can toss a touch of cyber/bio and push it higher than that to geas it off with a fetish too. Anyone else get it higher for a starting character? I think I missed something, because I thought you could get a theoretical 50-something init score at chargen...

The Abstruse One
Trauma Dampener, Platelet factory.

GM: You just got shot in the chest, and took an M wound. But your platelets and dampener took it down to an L and L stun. The knockback of the bullet took you off your feet. Roll athletics and Body.

PC: Rolls and doesn't get any successes. "Crap"

GM: As much as you flail and try to grab onto something, you can't quite reach... and fall off the building. 30 Meter fall. *Figures out the damage* 15 D

PC: *thinks for a few moments* *rolls body* one success.

GM: Cromedome hits the ground with a horrible crunch, the concrete shatters under the impact, bones snap everything goes grey, you see a wonderful light at the end of the tunnel.

PC: Wait wait, I get up... and walk over to the Rigger's van and crawl into the back.

GM: No you're dying. You can't move.

PC: I have a trauma dampener and the platelets, that D wound comes down to an S and two extra boxes, and another L stun. I'm alive, and able to get up.

GM: Dam, I forgot. Yea you live.. but your legs are broken and your arms are putty.

PC: Ok, I wiggle like a worm to the van.

Most priceless set of bioware you can get. it's like a reusuable Hand of God.
Unless a sniper or a really good shot hits you for body overflow. Even then, all you have to do is hope that its only +1 box.

Mage with a trauma damperer. Magic 5, casting Force 5 spells, only have to stage it down to light.

Bringing fresh chocolate-chip cookies on character creation day.
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (OurTeam)
Bringing fresh chocolate-chip cookies on character creation day.

And we have a winner!
Platelet Factory, Chemical Gland (Anti-Coagulant), Trauma Dampner.

Eyelights with natural Low-lite.

Synaptic Accelerator and Boosted Reflexes

Ceramic Bone-Lacing and OrthoSkin 3

Alot of these have been said before though..
A Clockwork Lime
Night One with a pair of Cyberlegs loaded to bear with body plating (Ballistic 10, Impact 10, Ablative 10), Dermal Sheath 3, Kevlar Bone Lacing, Muscle Toner 4, Suprathyroid Gland, and Bonus Attribute: Quickness. Then on top of that, Armored Vest w/ Dikoted Plates (5/4), Dikoted Forearm Guards (+1/+2), Form-Fitting Body Armor (4/1), Secure Jacket (5/3), and Heritage Line clothing (4/2).

Quickness 14, Ballistic Armor 22 (23 in melee), Impact Armor 16 (18 in melee).

Lame as all get out, and you're probably suffering a Combat Pool and/or Quickness penalty, but who cares when you have that much armor on? Just twink your Body and use an Intelligence-linked rocket launcher instead.
You could do what I'm doing in Sphynx's new forum game and make an Ambidexterous Drake Physad/Sorcerer.

Take sorcery so you can use Enhance Aim for -3 to ranged TNs, pursuade your GM that drakes are troll-sized so they don't get penalties on wielding 2-handed firearms 1-handed (as per CC p99), then take two ares alphas with GV-IVs and lay-down 4 bursts each with TN1+mods. It works with trolls too, but they're just not in the same league of twinkyness as drakes.
QUOTE (A Clockwork Lime)
... Dikoted Forearm Guards (+1/+2) ...

I'll have to remember that one.
Herald of Verjigorm
Forearm guards only apply their bonus to melee combat. (cc page 51) so the +1 to ballistic is rather wasted. The extra +1 to melee impact has its uses (and can be the difference between scaling levels on many occasions).
Or you could do the Spriggan thing.

John Campbell
QUOTE (A Clockwork Lime)
Night One with a pair of Cyberlegs loaded to bear with body plating (Ballistic 10, Impact 10, Ablative 10), Dermal Sheath 3, Kevlar Bone Lacing, Muscle Toner 4, Suprathyroid Gland, and Bonus Attribute: Quickness. Then on top of that, Armored Vest w/ Dikoted Plates (5/4), Dikoted Forearm Guards (+1/+2), Form-Fitting Body Armor (4/1), Secure Jacket (5/3), and Heritage Line clothing (4/2).

The FFBA and Heritage Line stuff do absolutely nothing for you in this scenario.
A Clockwork Lime
Only if you abide by the silliness that anything beyond a single layer of armor is moot. Not that it really matters even if you remove those two pieces. But if you do, just change him to a troll and focus on Body. Same end result; idiotic armor and idiotic Body rating.
QUOTE (John Campbell @ Apr 28 2004, 08:16 PM)
QUOTE (A Clockwork Lime @ Apr 28 2004, 02:26 PM)
Night One with a pair of Cyberlegs loaded to bear with body plating (Ballistic 10, Impact 10, Ablative 10), Dermal Sheath 3, Kevlar Bone Lacing, Muscle Toner 4, Suprathyroid Gland, and Bonus Attribute: Quickness.  Then on top of that, Armored Vest w/ Dikoted Plates (5/4), Dikoted Forearm Guards (+1/+2), Form-Fitting Body Armor (4/1), Secure Jacket (5/3), and Heritage Line clothing (4/2).

The FFBA and Heritage Line stuff do absolutely nothing for you in this scenario.

Also the cyberlegs will lower your overall quickness quite a lot, unless you spend ludicrous amounts of money and essence on them (you would have to give them +9 quickness or so to prevent this)

Edit: yea only if you follow the rules. But you aren't really twinking if you arent cheating a bit, eh? devil.gif
A Clockwork Lime
Not necessarily. With unaugmented Quickness on the legs, his overall Quickness would be (14+4)/2 = 9. The legs provide a Ballistic Armor rating of 8 (40/5). So the legs alone won't cause any Quickness penalty at all.

The Armor Jacket and Secure Jacket would lower his overall Quickness to 1, though. But the Forearm Guards or Form-Fitting Body Armor won't have any effect on that. So he's still mobile, just not very. And as long as he avoids any Quickness-related skills, he's still quite effective. Just adding 3 poitns of Quickness to his leg (no FCU requirement) will increase his overall Quickness to 2 or 3 (depending on how you round in that case).

And when you're tanked up to 20 points of Ballistic armor, mobility isn't your main concern anyway.

Edit: ohplease.gif Yeah, because it's obvious that wearing more than one layer of armor is a physical impossibility and that the rules clearly intended for that to be the case. It's wholly unreasonable to see a character in armored clothing, with a secure jacket and form-fitting body armor, afterall.
A Clockwork Lime
Anyway, one of of the more interesting combos follows.

Cyberhand with Guardian Angel Nano-Biomonitor, Damage Compensator 2, Trauma Damper, and the Quick-Healer edge. The combo that basically lets you stage down a Deadly Physical Wound to a Moderate or even Light wound without batting an eye. You even have a distant chance of ignoring it completely. No high Body score required.
Austere Emancipator
Nobody said you can't wear them. A common intepretation of the rules simply says that only the 2 highest count. The rules don't make that much sense on the whole, so you can't use logic as an arguing point here -- a weakling but limber Elf can wear more armor with less penalties than a hardy Dwarf.
A Clockwork Lime
I'm aware of that. I've been working on some extensive house rules to completely replace them for a little while now.
I don't hink you need to count the body plating in for armor layering anyway. It is rating of highest layer + half rating of second layer and sum of all layers for penalties. Still getting above 9 worn ballistic armor is possible, so the gm needs to know your quickness isnt 14. Quite obvious how that is supposed to work, but it is classic twinking to pretend a clear rule is ambiguous to get higher stats.

Vest/plates/dikote 5/4
RT hvy jumpsuit 2/4
ff3 4/1 -- no layering penaltiy
security helmet +1/+2
riot shield lg +2/+3
riot shield ballistic +3/+1 (like one in each hand, right? smile.gif Have to take an eye gun or articulated gun arm or something so you can fight.)
forearm/dikote 0/+2melee

Bone lacing titanium +1/+1, or could you do ceramic and kevlar smile.gif +1/+2
Dermal sheething 3 0/+2 or orthoskin 3 2/1
Not sure if this is quite legal, however because two cyberlimbs might reduce the armor bonuses from bone lacing, sheathing, and orthoskin.

Can't remember exactly how the cyberlimb armor plating is limited, or averaged either.

effective worn ballistic armor
5+2+1+2+3 = 13 + body plating & cyber smile.gif
penalty total worn
5+2+1+2+3 = 13

effective worn impact armor
4+2+2+3+1 +2melee = 12(14 melee) + body plating & cyber smile.gif
penalty total worn
4+4+2+3+1+2 = 16

With 9 Q you are in some heafty penalties.

edit hrm fixing a few minor errors in here, sheesh lots of addition
edit I guess you could dikote the shields and the helmet too for another +3/+3 to ratings and penalty sums
edit and of course you have to toss in some gel packs.
Holy shit. You people are evil.
Running jumping guy (could be maxed more, but this is actually a partial playable legal starting charachter):
6 quickness
ork, human, or elf
2 lower cyberlegs
+3 quickness (total 7Q) + 3 strength (total 6 S)
hydraulic jacks 5
retractable cyberskates
enhanced articulation
synthacardium 2
muscle toner 2
balance augmentor
also take strength to 9, for an ork its easy, for the others have to buy some more bioware
Athletics 6

Overall average quickness is still 9.
Running multiple is 3, 6 with skates extended.
3 bonus athletics dice, 5 more bonus dice for running & jumping.

1 round = 3 seconds

without athletics
27 m/round = 540 m/min = 32.4 kph
rolling 14 athletics dice vs t#4 for +1 running Q
48 m/round = 960 m/min = 57.6 kph

without athletics
54 m/round = 1080 m/min = 65 kph
rolling 9 athletics dice vs t#4 for +1 skating Q
81 m/round = 1620 m/min = 97 kph

basically an open test with 14 dice
After a couple tries has a good shot at a 3 meter vertical jump, I think the maximum possible is 6.
Max running jumping distance is 18 meters, but the t#for that is 18, so more like 8-10 is what is reliabally acheivable.

so falling is meters fallen / 2 power, and the damage level goes up to deadly at 20 meters.
Hydraulic jacks drop the power by thier rating if you make an athletics 5 + ((meters fallen - 5) / 4)) test to land on your feet. The balance augmentor ought to help this test for -2 t#. With 9 athletics (or should it be 14? is this jumping?) you have a really good chance to make this test at t#9 in a 30 meter fall. However that is still going to be 10D - half impact armor damage, which would probably hurt (but might not kill) so to be safe this charachter should only jump out of windows less than 25 meters from the ground for 8 or less D vs half impact, unless it is an emergancy rotfl.gif. You can also roll athletics to stage that damage down, but the t# is really high (I think it is just distance / 2).

So he can run as fast as a crummy car, skate as fast as a typical car, jump up to grab a second floor window, running jump between two buildings separated by 10 meters, and jump down from a sixth floor window and land uninjured most of the time.

In SR2 he could jump up to a third floor window, but the new jumping rules make it impossible to jump up very far (t#'s way too high, hydraulic jacks don't work as well as they used too, in sr2 it multiplied your final jump distances up to 5x, now they just increase the theroretical maximums up to 2x and add skill dice, but the maximums are fairly unachievable due to ludicrous target numbers).

Edit: Actually it is quickness test for hydraulic jacks falling power reduction, and this guy can probably do a 5 meter vertical jump after a couple tries (T# is twice meters jumped, and he has 14 dice for it), his max would be 6 with strength 9 (its str/3 normally *2 because of hydraulic jacks 5). That is enough to jump through a second floor window. smile.gif
One way to get around the "adepts can't start out with bonded weapon foci because they have no spell points to bond them with" thing is to make an adept of the magician's way. (Note that this is impossible to do with the Priority system unless you use Sum-To-Ten).

Get an adept of the magical way with A: Resources. For powers, take Magical Ability: 4, geased, and Improved Ability: Edged Weapons: 6. For 18 of your starting spell points, bond a Reach: 0 Weapon Focus such as a katar. For skills, take Edged Weapons: 6, Pentjak Silat at 4 at least (enough to buy Close Combat and Close Combat/Edged Weapons), and Sorcery/Spellcasting: 5/7. With your remaining 6 spell points, get Manabolt: 6. As well as the weapon focus, buy a Force: 6 Manabolt Focus. You can't bond it yet, but you're only 6 Karma points away from doing so. If you take a Totem like Dragonslayer, you will be able to pump 16 dice into that Manabolt before Spell Pool once that Focus is bound.

But your real effectiveness is in melee combat. The final touch is buying the 6-point Ambidexterity Edge. Let's look at your dice now: 6 skill + 6 from the weapon focus + 6 from adept improved ability, and you add 1/2 of your skill and bonus dice due to your Ambidexterity. So you are looking at 27 dice before adding Combat Pool, and you ignore reach modifiers. If you geas all of your powers, you can also afford 2 levels of Counterstike, raising it up to 30 dice when you are defending. Don't forget to have that weapon focus Dikoted now! smile.gif
If you're using Ambidex, don't you need two weapon foci? Or am I confuscurbated?
You don't need two, though having two would certainly make you rather nastier.

I Eat Time
Best way to twink I've ever experienced OR heard of?

Leaving a min-maxer alone with Rigger 3 pre-errata (or, tell me, would the errata even matter?). Along with being a GM who doesn't read rules down to the f'ing letter.

Motorcycle that accelerates from 0 to the sound barrer in under two seconds without the handling going above zero anyone? Come on, back me up here Captain. sarcastic.gif sarcastic.gif sarcastic.gif
I can back you up on that one. I made a dirt bike that went Mach .5 or .6. I just didn't bother with the Rapier or I'm sure I could get him approaching speeds where he could test the theory of Relativity (the whole "faster you go, time goes slower" thing...)

The Abstruse One
John Campbell
Pre-R3 Revised, it was possible to build a miniblimp drone that carried a 6LN railgun and enough armor to bounce assault cannon fire, and came in under 160,000, and thus that critical Availability 8. The blanket modifier on the Availability of military-grade equipment has closed that hole in the revised version, so I guess you just have to load up on Strato-9s (which are still available to starting characters, MMG and all) instead.
Take a centering adept. Buy centering on knowledge skills. Center against penalties on pretty-much every knowledge skill whilst defaulting to int. Take a high Int and get better at centering than Azathoth. We're talking skill, initiate grade, and centering foci verging on doubble figures.

You will know everything there is to know, Ever. Most skill rolls you make will be devoid of penalties, even if you're just defaulting to the attribute. It's either that or you just get a bucketload of complementary dice.

Centering can be extremely, extremely powerful. You just have to... Focus. nyahnyah.gif
Eyeless Blond
Except for the part where you can't ever answer any questions with a base TN greater than 8 (Limits on Defaulting, pg 58.)
Well, Yeah. But otherwise you kick ass.

[edit] And you may be able to default to the skill that is knowing exactly what the goal of your knowledge is.

IE: Knowledge skill: What is nehind this door?[/edit]

[edit2] If you had a mage friend cast analyse divice on you, or are a physmage yourself, then you could instantly accquire basic knowledge skills about everything vaguely technical nearby and use centering for successes on these skills. [/edit]
A Clockwork Lime
That still allows the adept to answer anything up to Intricate Knowledge. As long as it's not totally Obscure (which, technically, it can't be since he could default from a very specialized skill dealing with said topic), he can default to it.

For instance, say he needs to know what the average rainfall during the month of October in Lichtenstein is. He can default from Lichtenstein Percipitation Trends at which point that's pretty much General Knowledge. His base TN would thus be 3, modified by +4 from Intelligence, lowered by his successes on the Centering Test.
Perhaps I should spend longer phrasing my arguments like ACL here?
Herald of Verjigorm
Great, so such a fount of excess knowledge could also default from "Things Shadow doesn't want the rest of us to know" to instantly understand that dark secret flaw, and know exactly why he should never accept a sandwich from Shadow.
A Clockwork Lime
While it is a bit cheesy, it does open up some interesting ideas.

Take an adept (Magic B) with quite a bit of cash (Resources A) and buy enough Spell Points to initiate at least three times (31 Spell Points +2 for the Group, costing 825,000 nuyen). Take Centering (Physical and Knowledge) and Divination. Use something like Pyromancy as the linked skill for both. Call yourself Oracle.

You may not be physically strong or skilled, but you're a font of wisdom with a full 9 points of Adept Powers to augment yourself to fit any role you desire. You also have a cool 175,000 nuyen to blow, too, perhaps reflecting some gambling you did with your powers. biggrin.gif Blow it on a Mnemonic Enhancer or Cerebral Booster, snag Bonus Attribute: Intelligence, and be the Jeopardy champion you always dreamed of being.

Maybe after that you can spend two of your adept powers on Astral Perception, make sure you max out Aura Reading, and try to snag Psychometry on your next initiation. Then you'll know everything there is to know, quite a bit about what might be, and you'll be able to figure out just about anything you didn't already know just by studying some trinkets. Hell, just keep going with it. Take Sixth Sense 9 and as much Improved Reflexes as you can on top of all that. Now you'll be a dynamo when it comes to Surprise Tests, too. smile.gif

I see a lot of potential for a character like that, especially if you give him the Hunted flaw and say it represents one or more megacorporations desperately trying to capture the character so that they can use him for their own nefarious purposes. Hmm, I might try something like this one day, though I'm definitely toning down the defaulting cheese. Thanks for the idea, Lilt.
I like the idea of defaulting from "shooting you in the right eye with a subsonic titanium bullet."
Troll with 16 strength and two dikoted cyber spurs.


Ahh the sweet pain of death.
A Clockwork Lime
Err, that would be 25S; [(16+50%)+1]S. smile.gif
Oh, yeah it would, s'okay 25S. grinbig.gif
Austere Emancipator
Ain't got nothing on Wallhacker 2.0 Beta.
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