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Full Version: Unconsciousness
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Something I'm really bad for in new editions of games is 'assuming'. It happens a lot in tabletop games with regular edition changes like the kind Games Workshop serve up; you assume something is one way because it always has been, only to find that it's not. I also wonder sometimes if this problem befalls developers who read and playtest things so often you can easily forget to add into the rules something that you've been doing all along.

Well, in an effort to avoid this I'm reading Shadowrun 5th cover-to-cover, and trying not to skip ahead. I still haven't got to the matrix or magic changes. I'm in Combat.

While reading this section I noticed that it doesn't mention unconsciousness when a damage track is full. I checked SR4a and the sections are almost identical but for this missing paragraph. My questions is, is this deliberate? Can people now act normally all the way up to body-1 overflow? I'm not sure it's a change I like. I think it will devalue stun damage quite a lot. This is only a theory. Maybe playtesting showed that the wound penalties were enough without the need for unconsciousness to screw the players. I'm not sure it's a change I like, and not convinced it's deliberate.

Josh (conscious on 30 stun damage)
QUOTE (p100)
Every character has a Condition Monitor that tells the player how much Physical and Stun damage they can take before falling unconscious.

QUOTE (p137)
If your Stun Condition Monitor overflows and you fall unconscious,

QUOTE (p289)
If all of the boxes on the track are filled, the character still falls unconscious.

QUOTE (p459)
While the pump is active, you ignore injury modifiers and don’t fall unconscious, even if your Stun Condition Monitor is filled.

So yeah, it's not said outright that you fall unconscious when either monitor is filled, but it can be pieced together.

You're not the first to observe the omission, though - it's really just another example of sloppy execution when assembling the SR5 rules.
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