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Full Version: Emerging [2075: Game World]
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Note: This thread is intended for Sprogget to explore his Submersion between the 2072 and 2075 game timelines. As such it may contain spoilers for Tribes 2075, although we’ll see how it pans out, it may just drop tantalising hints so feel free to continue reading for now!

[October, 2072; Fre∑dom mall, Puyallup]

Jazz woke in a cold sweat, clawing at the sheets that bound her limbs together. Struggling out of the dreams she felt again Winter’s touch. Although the Disonant had never physically touched her, his digital intrusion had been far more intimate, violating, and she was sure she could still feel the taint of him on her mind. Dimly she searched for what had awoken her until she felt the tentative knocking of a signal to her bionode

"You…" she hissed quietly to herself

Summer’s persona realised itself to Jazz’s vision, she looked wan and pale, especially against the bright blue of her Alice dress…and even that seemed subdued…

<<@Jazz [Summer]: I am sorry! Sorry about what has happened to Fre∑dom. I know it will not seem like it but the futures look better now >>

<<@Summer [Jazz]: Damn you! Jazz interrupted I don’t care about your bloody visions. They’ve brought us nothing but pain. >> Summer hung her head but there was a flash of fire in her eyes

<<@Jazz [Summer]: It may seem like that, but perhaps that is because you cannot see the paths that have been diverted? But I did not come to talk to you about that. I need you to help Sprogget with his submersion. He will be needed and he needs to know the resonance far more intimately if he is going to succeed. >>

<<@Summer [Jazz]: I’ve told him before that I’m not interested in the Guild. Breeze is handling all of that, steering him. And I don’t really see why he can’t find his own way. Daedalus had no trouble guiding me! >>

<<@Jazz [Summer]: Now you sound like a petulant child! You are better than that. I know you are reluctant to touch the resonance again, I know some of what Winter did. But your paths coincide at the Well. Take him there, explain the secret…perhaps that will be enough… >>

And she was gone, derezzing as Jazz scrubbed her hands over her sleep blurred sight. Grimly she disentangled herself and shrugged a loose fitting sweatshirt over her head to keep out the sudden chill

<<@Sprogget [Jazz]: I need to speak to you…>>
Machine Ghost
October, 2072; Mechanicals Complex, Sprogget’s Shop
Bionode: Res 4(5), Sig 2, Sys 4, FW 3; Hidden; Biofeedback Filter(4), Analyze(3), Command(1), Edit(1), Scan(1), Sniffer(3), Spoof(1), Stealth(3), Shield(1), Tacsoft(2), Simrig(1)
[ Spoiler ]

Sprogget has been working on a project in his shop.  One of his own for a change.  Lately, everything has been direct support for the tribe, from the cleanup and repairs after the attack by the Spined Drakes and the rogue Metroplex Guard unit, plus the work to improve the equipment and processes to make detection and response to a similar attack easier if it ever happens again.  That has slowed down somewhat though, so he has a little time for personal work.  Not that maintenance and upgrades for DR are excluded from tribal support.  However, the model he has up, and the simulations of enhanced steampunk looks using the ruthenium polymer coating is more than a bit outside standard maintenance.  Setting up to make the bike look like a giant gear rolling down the street, with multiple smaller interior gears countering the motion of the inner ring with the seat is fun though.  With occasional puff’s of ‘steam’ flowing back along the sides.  That much had been fairly easy.  Now he was working on the smaller details, to visually steampunk the seat itself, and show a control panel with animated mechanical levers, dials and gauges on the interior surface.

The incoming message gets his attention, and he saves the model.

@self:From Jazz?

That brings back some recent memories.

@self:I wonder if we will every find out any more about that unit?  The medical data that Osha insisted on collecting before the bodies were disposed of at least gave a fairly solid confirmation that they were the ones trying to extract Summer, and mistook Jazz for Summer.  At least Osha says that is a solid match.

@Jazz[Sprogget]: «Hey Jazz.  How are things going with you?»
[October, 2072; Fre∑dom mall, Puyallup]

<<@Sprogget [Jazz]: Sorry, no time for pleasantries, there's still a shit load of clearing up to be done around here! That meddler Summer has said I need to show you some things...things that can only be seen over here. Can you meet me this evening after your maintenance shift?>>
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