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[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Unknown matrix node, Seattle]

Silk stepped into the rabbit hole and was plunged through a vortex, feeling at once stretched impossibly far and compressed to a pixel, before she was dumped unceremoniously into Summer’s garden

“The only way to travel” she muttered wryly to herself and was greeted with musical laughter that she knew well even if she hadn’t seen the whimsical little girl in a while “Aria, I might have known you’d be involved in something this complicated!”

“Me? No, this is Summer’s game, I’m just here to maintain the resonance link so that we can see and hear what’s going on without our dear overlords snooping on us”

“Are they in then? Have they made it inside the facility?”

“Come and see…”
Summer’s persona emerged from behind a particularly lurid toadstool. For all her youth, Silk thought the young technomancer looked tired. Worn down by the weight of her gift

[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

The teams are in place and the insertion seems to be going according to plan…at least for now. Although security is reasonably tight nobody has questioned your presence too hard and the groundwork is holding up. Surreptitiously laying a trail of RFID tags you have brought the matrix into the dead zone and the link is clear between you all…
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Unknown matrix node, Seattle]

Silk pulled multiple overlays of information from the whispering plant life around her, the petals of the impossible flowers unfurling to reveal pools of glowing liquid filled with scrolling information. The video coming through the resonance link maintained by Aria was depressing. False cheeriness enforced by chirpy AROs were a stark contrast to the poor souls that they had witnessed wandering the corridors. There was nothing to mark them out from the rest of metahumanity apart from sorrow, lots of it, written on their faces and in their lethargic movements. Silk briefly wondered how many of the runners they had sent in would match the profiles of these unfortunates, probably more than a few. The establishment frowned on the undesirables even as they sought to use them to play their games.

"There are two anomalies we've seen so far" Summer started "first, there are far too few staff compared with the rosta. I know patients have been moved away from where the HVAC team have set up but there are hardly any warm bodies, just these Evo Orderly drones everywhere. I guess they aren't worried about technos subverting their work force. There should be around three staff per patient according to the numbers... and look here. This is where the team are working and the duct layout that we lifted from the maintenance host. But these..." and she highlights a host of other pipes and wires "they aren't on the diagnostics list, and they go down. There aren't any records of a basement for this building but they certainly go somewhere!"

Silk frowned and expanded the wireframe of the building "Yes, here and here, they don't appear on the sat views so they've gone to some trouble to mask where they exit too, probably somewhere in the gardens. So Summer, I'm sure you're not going to give me a straight answer about why Collot has gone in there, leaving his son no less, but we need to decide if the runners are going to investigate further. They haven't found any evidence of the three names you gave us yet so I'm guessing they are underground somewhere?"

"I would give you a straight answer if I knew. I only know that it is important to our plans, what happens here today.

Okay, I'll take that as a yes, but I'd let Aria do the cryptic talk, she's better at it"
Silk smiled to take any sting from her words
Tuesday, August 20, 2075, 11:15 AM, at home in a quiet, upscale neighborhood of Seattle

Pacing circles around her house, considering if she wants to go for a swim to relieve some tension...Nikki is just talking to herself

Not my typical job... Breaking someone into a facility and removing people... What have i gotten myself into?

The weapons were cleaned after the last job; I've already loaded them and prepared the extra clips; everything is stored in their cases, ready to be moved into Sam. I've got my comm and other tools also ready and waiting. Too bad the job doesn't start for two more days. I'm ready now.

So what to do? The house is clean of course, no messages to return, laundry and shopping are done for the week. That swim is likely the best way clear my mind...after which perhaps I'll go out and have a late lunch. Maybe later I'll give in to some retail therapy to keep myself from over thinking what could go wrong. Something always does, and this job, however different from my typical, will also have something go wrong. I'm just hoping everyone is also checking their stuff and won't forget something important.

Nikki then heads to her bedroom to change into her latest swimsuit. Glancing out the windows to the pool, exasperated why are there leaves in the pool? That boy was just here this morning cleaning and should have removed any debris. I'll definitely have another chat with him to clarify my expectations. If he can't meet my standards, there are other kids who want to earn some money for what is not a difficult task. Maybe I should check now to see if he washed Sam. I'm not going give him another chance if he didn't get both tasks completed this morning.

[ Spoiler ]
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:05PM, Bellevue Mental Health Facility, Seattle

Something about the place was wrong, Lany thought. Something had been wrong from the start, when Silk had contacted them about the job, and had stayed wrong all through planning on breaking someone Into the facility. Who in their right mind broke into a Psych Ward?

The answer was right in front of her. His name was Collot, though the team referred to him only as "the Mole", and he was disguised like the rest of the team as a member of the HVAC crew. He hadn't said much, and followed the instructions that LeFey and Bolo had given him. Lany was following the instructions given to her, and keeping a close eye on him. They were all setting up the CIC, the destination of all their heavy equipment and the pseudo command post inside the building for the run. Lany and LeFey had just climbed out of the ventilation system, having finished setting up the RFID tag network that would bring the Matrix into the signal shielded structure. LeFey was testing their connections, while Bolo acted the role of supervisor with poise and professionalism. He stayed in close to the CIC, intercepting any curious hospital personnel and dealing with any questions they had.

But fortunately for the team, there wasn't much staff here. Not nearly as many as the intelligence they had gathered on the place suggested, just a lot of these creepy Evo Orderly drones moving quietly up and down the halls on their preprogrammed rounds. Ali and Violet had already started their searches, so far no sign of any of the 3 patients they were supposed to be getting out of there in the confusion.

Lany watched over LeFey's shoulder as she began to boot up the system, some fancy real HVAC software Bolo had brought that actually measured the airflow moving through the ventilation system, giving you the whole layout right on the screen. LeFey's expression turned to one of confusion as the program displayed a large series of vents and ductwork all leading down, into a basement this facility wasn't even supposed to have. "What is all that?" Lany asked in confusion, LeFey's only response was one of silent shock, and even Bolo had noticed the unusual results as he was just passing by the workstation.
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:05PM, Bellevue Mental Health Facility, Seattle]

LeFey did not reply. She had actually been quiet for the first part of the run. The lack of wireless in the facility served as a considerable distraction, and overall, she didn't feel quite right about this job.

She was acquainted with the mole. From what she had been told, the older technomancer had been hiding out back in the UK before her brother and a group of runners brought him to Seattle. When LeFey's Paragon left her, Collot had taken over has something of a mentor. One that was closer to a friend than the idoru had been. Which was not the only reason for her concern. He had a five year old son...

"What?" Lany's question ended her reverie. Her eyes went back to the screen, and down to a part of the facility not included in the blueprints. LeFey frowned. A barely staffed mental hospital with a mysterious basement. "It might be a good reason to call this place a new Bedlam." She adjusted the cap on her head. The technomancer's disguise was somewhat more extensive than the others'. Aside from the repairperson's uniform, LeFey made a number of adjustments to her appearance, intended to create a girl that looked nothing like her. For instance, a black wig and green contacts instead of the normal red.

"I'll explain later, if you want. Let's just say that a few centuries ago, asylums might as well have been called zoos for all the good they did." The question was whether mental health had gotten better in the modern day. And if this place was the exception or the rule. It was a depressing thought, metahumanity decaying in soul as it advanced in technology. She produced a pair of glasses from her pocket. Of course, it was a little to early to make conclusions about this place. They had to find out what the facility was hiding, first. LeFey closed her eyes and slumped against the wall as she slipped into VR.
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:05PM, Bellevue Mental Health Facility, Seattle]

Al's world was a circle.

A circle split into four perfectly equal quadrants, a circle with wind and range readings scrolling across it or popping up on it.

These annoyed Al and he switched them off. He'd never gone in for those sorts of bells and whistles. But the four equal quadrants remained.

The circle slipped slowly along the north face of the building, up and back across the roofline, around the big circular drive. He saw the van the inside team had arrived in.

Their chatter about ventilation systems and toxins and so forth was coming in four by four, so for now no reason to stay glued to the entrance. He'd hear soon enough if anything went south.

It was just starting to get dark out, but that would be just fine by him. The drive was well lit, and the entrance itself more so. Lighting up targets while deepening the shadows of the tree he was set up in, leaving him essentially invisible to anyone emerging from the building.

Of course, lighting up a cigarette would ruin all that, but he was thinking of doing it anyway. The whole thing was so Mickey Mouse in any case.

He'd gotten the call a few days ago. He'd gotten two calls that were pretty much the same around five years ago, when he'd first arrived in Seattle. It was amazing to him how much trid some people apparently watched.

The money had been temptation number one. That had been what sucked him into the first two cockeyed misadventures. Both had seen all or most of their deluded participants killed off until the entire undertakings had evaporated. So he wasn't going to join up with the fantasists this time, paycheck or no.

But he'd gone to the initial meet-and-greet just to get a look at the sort of freaks that tended to play this game. Turned out they were mostly women, puberty a close friend or recent memory to all, and each a bona fide grade A hot thing in her own sort of way.

So that had been temptation number two. But it also meant this little job was even more doomed than the first two. Bunch of little girls running around with guns. He couldn't imagine a quicker way to meet his Maker. Nope, cozy and cuddly as the thing promised to be, he wasn't going to play this time.

And then Peaches had walked in.

He'd known right off that telling her young female self that the whole endeavor was stillborn because it was made up mostly of young females would get him nowhere fast. And equally well he knew that he could now never walk away from this job.

So he'd given her a wink and come along for the ride, and now here he was sitting like some sort of primate in a tree getting ready to shoot up a damned hospital.

He knew the job he'd been paid to do - put some frog into the place, take some other poor sods out.

And he knew the job he was here to do - whatever it took to keep his friend's little girl from getting her blamed head blown off.
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Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:06PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Seattle

Lany looked at LeFey curiously when she mentioned the bit about asylums; she was always hanging on her words, trying to absorb some of the knowledge that flowed so easily from the technomancer. Lany had never been book smart, but tried her best to learn what she could. "You'll have to tell me more about that later."

Lany then realized that LeFey had slipped into the near comatose state she did while venturing into the Matrix, and knew that her response had gone unheard. Excessively curious about what they had just discovered, Lany used their main comm and contacted Overdrive on the outside.

<<@Overdrive: Hey Overdrive, Pandora here, we found something interesting on the inside. It looks like the ventilation system leads into a basement that is not in the building plans. Think you could send in a couple of your drones to check it out?>>

Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:05 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Aunt Frances should probably be in one of these mental health facilities, but not sure this would be the one for me, I mean her, yeah right, admit it Nikki, you don't want her anywhere near you...the team seems to have arrived at their intended location for the command station...not much chatter through the comm yet; wonder if that is good or bad...I would prefer a running diary of events since the reliability of that matrix trail may not stay 100%...having to enter with delayed notice may get someone killed...definitely don't want that...I see lots of potential with Lany...she seems to be a very quick learner... ...

Nikki pauses in her own internal monologue.

Sam is running and parked down the street, south of the entrance. Nikki is ostensibly reviewing an area map and house listings; she's always looking for good investment property with pools large enough for laps.

Regardless of appearance, Nikki is of course ready to move. Reviewing her resources, Sam can be up the road quickly, or I can just run up if another vehicle is too much. Forearm snap blades on the left arm, check...pulsar on the right, hidden arm slide working, check. I've got the Alpha loaded with stick-n-shock and flash-bang grenades in the launcher...the Crusader is also loaded with stick-n-shock...I'm really going shopping after this ~~EVENT~~to stock up on more stick-n-shock, not used to less lethal, well, transactions. Anyway, right, the Crusader, on the hip, sheathed in the quick-draw holster...extra clips for everything, but only regular rounds if re-loading. God, what a waste of ammo if I have to reload. Ok, clips in pockets, strap on the Alpha to grab, glasses running, ears running, comm shows ready...And what did they just say about underground not on the map...

<<@All - Would someone PLEASE tell me what's going on down there!!>>

<<@All - Turn on any cameras so we on the outside can see too.>>
Overdrive, August 22, 2075, 8:05 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility Exterior, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

@Lany <<Can, at least as far as I can maintain the signal... Kanmushi's already in the vents to keep it safe; I'll run that down there.>>

Titus was watching a lot of feeds right now, including tracking comms for any deviation that might be a precursor to their going down. He had diagnostics up on all his gear, all the sensor displays he could access... he was floating in pure datastream at the moment, keeping to VR to better react to changing circumstances. Right when he got the message about the vents, the Kanmushi found the hidden shaft. He added it to everyone's maps and began looking to see if he could identify anything structurally superfluous that might hint at more hidden features - load bearing elements in odd places, elevator shafts capable of running the cars deeper than advertised, that sort of thing.
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Lany Argyle, August 22, 2075, 8:05 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Lany was surprised to hear Nikki's voice come over the comm. She made Lany kind of nervous; the experienced assassin had been brought in by LeFey to help train Lany in her "chosen" discipline, not that Lany had gotten a choice of what that discipline was. But she felt like she had to prove herself to her new mentor, showing that she was really a professional.

Professional was a stretch, she had to admit, Lany had only been on a handful of runs, and she didn't see too much action on the majority of them. But she had been training tirelessly, eager to she her mentor that she had the skills needed for the job.

She heard Overdrive chime in with his response just as Lany sent a message back to Nikki.

<<@Nikki- Hey Ms. Meadows, we just ran the HVAC Ventilation program and the whole system lit up when it found vent shafts leading down into some kind of basement. Overdrive is sending a drone down now to check it out. Wait a moment, I will see if we can set up an Image Link.>>

As soon as she had finished sending the message, she sent a comm to Overdrive to see if it could be done.

<<@Overdrive- Thanks, do you think our signal is secure enough to set up an Image Link for Ms. Meadows, I mean Nikki, so she can check out whats going on?>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Unknown matrix node, Seattle]

Silk, Aria and Summer watched the feed from Overdrive's drone as, with a bit of assistance with a laser cutter from Bolo, it made its way into the mysterious ducting and began to drop beneath the runner's feet. Plotting the readings from the laser sensors onto the three dimensional map they saw the web of ducting open up some five to six meters below the outside ground level, well below where a normal basement construction would begin and significantly under the water table given the lake not that many meters away.

Sensing the change in air pressure the small drone approached an outlet grille and they got the first view of the mysterious facility tucked away out of sight. Although the angle was difficult and the view restricted by the grille it is possible to make out a deep cavernous room with a mezzanine level running around the outside. Visually it looks like the atrium of any corp office development out least it would were it not for the wandering figures dressed in simple white clothes that seem to drift aimlessly around...

Two of the listless figures, more or less under the drone, suddenly look up...

[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

The feeds are coming in from the inside for now, the comms seem stable and the mesh link-up should stay intact as long as the bridge isn't disrupted. Overdrive's analysis of the structure of the main ward blocks doesn't reveal anything that looks like it could be an entrance to the underground it is presumably elsewhere.
Overdrive, August 22, 2075, 8:05 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility Exterior, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

@Lany <<Her security looks solid, I'll link her in.>>

As the drone reached the grille, Titus noticed the gazes of the... patients with a start. Strange... They can't possibly see it yet, and they'd have to be looking for it to catch its silent icon... Maybe they were lucky though; he checked these two against the extraction targets.

@All <<Definitely a secret facility here. Hard to say what's going on, have both possible discovery and possible targets... Stay frosty, suggest no action yet. Absolutely no inconsistecies in the plans that would suggest how to get down there... Possible seperate entrance.>>
Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:08 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

When she heard her last name being used by Lany, Nikki had to take a few deep breaths. Taking a moment before responding...then sending a private text to Lany...

<<Lany...Dear...If I every hear you call me anything but Nikki, or use any of my other names, we will have a problem. Do you understand?>>

Then to the group says...

<<@all-How do you feel about what you see? The images only give me part of the story, so DO NOT HESITATE to share your feelings as well. We should be dispassionate in our actions, but a gut feeling will keep us alive.>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:08PM, the place he will surely die, Seattle]

Al nearly fell out of his perch when the expensive-looking one asked everyone about their feelings. Saints on stained glass and devils in the drink, it was all he'd feared and worse.
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, August 22, 2075, 8:08 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Lany's heart skipped a beat when she saw two of the strange "patients" look right up at Overdrive's drone. "Whoa!" she exclaimed with a whisper. How could they have known it was there?

Then she noticed the message from Nikki, and felt like she would nearly faint. She should have known better then to use her name over the comm. And Lany knew Ms. Meadows was not one to make idle threats. She quickly messaged back.

<<@Nikki: Sorry, won't happen again.>>

Then in response to Nikki's query to the group;

<<@All: "Not what I was expecting. Why are they all shambling around like that, do you think they are drugged?">>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:08PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

@All <<Our feelings? Well, I'm a little bit hungry if that counts...>> He considered something a little more seriously for a moment. <<It's possible... But for those guys to look up at that drone like that, something else has to be going on. Maybe somehow they picked up on the Matrix signal coming from the vents? Some sort of experimental simsense hookup or headdeck, or maybe technomancers or something?>>

He didn't know much about technomancers - Carter had told him enough that that was basically all he knew about technomancers.
[Ali Moneaux, Thursday August 22nd, 2075, 8:08pm; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

For the second time in as many months, Ali found herself donning coveralls over her chameleon suit, a toolbelt slung around her waist various props hiding her real tools for the job and her hair in a messy ponytail beneath a hat bearing a logo of a company that didn’t exist.

For as often as I’m finding myself in HVAC systems these days…

She let her thought trail off as she made a mental note to do a bit more research, perhaps over a few beers with Al, in case she found herself in this situation again. Her commlink was full of chatter, and the visual overlays kept her up to date with all the messages floating up and down their wireless bridge. At least the link was remaining stable for now.

She stood with Bolo, appearing to discuss important HVAC business as doctors, patients and support staff moved past them in a flurry of activity paying very little attention to the pair. She bent down and picked up the toolbox near her feet, double checking that the credentials Silk had provided the inside team were still affixed by their clip to the pocket of her coveralls.

”Shall we get to work?”

She flashed something akin to an uncomfortable smile at Bolo before the two parted ways. She was heading towards her first objective, the Doctor’s Lounge, when the video feed from the basement registered in the upper corner of her vision. She paused only for a millisecond in her step as she enlarged the video feed and synched it with the incoming chatter and sent a subvocal message of her own as she navigated the hallways via the map overlay, disregarding completely the request for how she was feeling. She was on the job, she didn’t feel. She could practically hear Al spitting in her ear all kinds of backwater sentiments over that suggestion, and a genuine smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she picked up her pace.

<<@all: “Technos might make sense as to why they’d be keyed to the drone. I mean we’re about to insert one of our own. I’m on my approach. First target in T-minus 7.”>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:08PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

@All <<Not sure if anyone's thought of this, but we might need a new extraction plan for these guys - if they're down there, they might not evac them for a hazmat situation, and if they do, it might be to an alternative point... We'll know more when I can figure out what the entrance is to this place, but we should start thinking about what we're going to do there... Don't have much for infiltration out here, but if Lany and Ali can slip out maybe they can go in with Nikki. The other option is very, very loud; I've got the combat drones to go in heavy to cover a team, but if it's a bunch of technomancers in there that might bring in a whole different set of problems.>> Planning things out like this came naturally to him at this point; keeping a team's skills and positions straight in his head wasn't much more difficult than keeping track of where all the drones and vehicles were on the board what they were good for.

Didn't really take long for the wrench to come in on this one... Just gotta keep my head straight like Carter always says; might be there's a way to pull this off yet.
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:08PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

Your mole breaks into your team musings at the sight of the faces looking up at the drone

<<@All [..X..]: If they are technomancers down there, walled off from the matrix and the resonance, your drone feed would be like a searchlight in the dark. May I suggest you turn the wireless off and program it to do a mapping sweep of the facility before returning to the duct? Assuming it has the cell life for something that is as extensive as the look of that place...?>>

[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Unknown matrix node, Seattle]

Silk looked up in surprise as Collot's message drifted across the feed

"Is that why we are here Summer? Is this another group of corp leeches preying on your kind? After Sintec and the exposure of Horizon's and MCT's predations I'd hoped not to see such things again but it would seem the corps never learn!"

"I honestly do not know. The visions implied this run is a pivitol moment, that whatever happens here could swing our plans one way or another...I guess we will just have to see..."
Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:10 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Thinking to herself, wireless communications may become a problem...extraction through front door may now be even more difficult...perhaps I should change out the grenades for high explosive, and carry the flash-bangs instead...did I remember to bring along the thermal smoke just in case...

Broadcast message for all to hear...
Overdrive...Do you have any of those flying spies/drones available to look at the property on the water side. I remember the map showed boat docks. Some are probably connected to the homes near water, but if you can see what is available for the facility, we can perhaps consider stealing a boat...

Oh, and next time, eat a small meal just before showing up, or bring along some Soybars to eat.

Why didn't I think of using the water for extraction earlier. DAMN IT!!!
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:08PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

@All <<Was afraid someone would say that. Running blind on the crawler...>> Titus sighed weightily as he doublechecked the autosoft loadout on the drone, set the pilot script, and let it run. This was clearly the smart way to go, but that didn't mean he liked it. Something as delicate as the Kanmushi was a risk to leave unattended, after all.

@All <<Tasking exterior recon flyer for waterfront pass. Check your datafeeds for timeline on availability.>> This one, at least, he could simply run himself.
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:10PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

Hearing all the chatter, Al moaned inwardly. Now a bunch of those damned matrix telepaths. He reckoned he'd better be on the lookout for some Ringwraiths on fire-breathing unicorns next.

It took him about ten seconds to double-check that he was, as usual, a ghost to these freaks - wifi toggled off on his truck, his 'ware, and all his gear, including the transceiver, which was strictly point-to-point with the RFID trail they'd set. Switched to his back-up comm to keep track of all the texting, but it wasn't talking to anything, just receiving. If they wanted it they could have it.
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:08PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

"Technomancers, that would explain the extensive pains the place took to keep out wireless signals." Lany looked beside her at her slumped-over friend, LeFey, wondering why her and those like her were of such interest to the Megacorps. It was still hard for Lany to accept that she had tried to kill her on their first meeting, when Lany had been deployed by Horizon against the Technomancer Uprising that took place in Las Vegas. In Lany's defense, she had no choice in the matter, Horizon had installed a number of autopilot programs to override Lany's own decision making ability, which made anyone carrying the rogue A.I. Fury appear as he did when he manifests in the Matrix, Lefey was just carrying the disc when Lany burst into the final room in the Technomancer's hideout. And Lany was set to kill.

She wondered if LeFey had known that the Technomancers were here, and if she did, why she hadn't mentioned it. Best not to think about her only friend keeping secrets from her.

Impatiently waiting for Overdrive's drones to finish their sweeps, Lany turned to the still wary members of the crew in the CIC, saying "Well even though at this point I think its safe to assume whoever we came here to get out is down there, I am gonna to start looking to make sure none of our patients are up here."
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:13PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

Having little else to do, Overdrive was jumped into the interior Fly-Spy while running the exterior one on remote. @All <<Just be careful; it occurs to me that maybe we can use the existing hazmat plan as a smokescreen for the entry once we find a way in, and you might need to be able to get into position for that.>> The waiting was frustrating; he'd been learning patience but he was more used to the adrenaline soaked wait for the crew to pile in so he could peel out and get the hell out pf there. Not knowing what was coming on the end of this wait, and the sedate rate things were running at, was safe, but it felt like hell - and even at the end of it he'd have so many unknowns to deal with. But another thought occurred to him - they had a technomancer on the run, after all, or two if he counted the mole. If I've got an idea what the risks are here, it should make it easier to keep comms secure and my drones... Mine.

@All <<I'm not really sure what to expect dealing with a bunch of technomancers locked up in a place like that; perhaps someone in the know could give us a bit of a rundown on what to watch out for here?>>
Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:15 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

@All--Since we know the situation is not as simple as hoped, let's have everyone check in at least once every 5 minutes. We'll be able to know if you've gone down, or there is a comm problem, if we don't get your status. Silence is our enemy right now.

I wonder how hard it would be to steal a boat from one of the residential docks?...What I wouldn't give for a simple sniper job right now...Perhaps I'll head back to Casablanca after this job, or maybe Madrid...I wonder if Matthew wants to...
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:15PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

Now that was a damned fine idea.

Al keyed the subvocal mic on the collar of his decrepit brown leather jacket. "Now that is a damned fine idea. Course, reckon we's all gon' need badass codenames. I'll be MovieStar, fer reasons 'at should be obvious. Twenny-fifteen check-in."
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:15PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

Titus chuckled in spite of himself at Al's response. @All <<Some of us already have codenames, chummer. Overdrive checking in; drone status is green across the board save for the silent crawler.>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:15PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

She couldn't call it home, but it was one of the few places she truly belonged. After leaving the company behind, LeFey had simply drifted wherever the jobs took her, occasionally lingering when she found a cause that demanded her time. The digital sea was the only constant.

As LeFey plunged into its depths once more, she traded the coveralls for a black dress and a witch's hat. Normally, the first thing she saw would be the endless expanse of the Matrix. But her entry point had deposited her in front of the facility host, a plain, massive structure as faceless and utilitarian as the building it represented. No matter. There was no time to take in the sights, anyway. The witch floated over to the host's wall. Tracing a magic circle on the surface, she inscribed the shape with a flowing script: the programing language of the Resonance. LeFey repeated the motion three times, with each circle coming to life with a soft glow when she finished.

A section of the wall melted away under her touch, allowing her to simply walk in. @All <<I've cracked the host.>> LeFey paused in the middle of her work as she caught up with the team's conversation. She frowned and closed her eyes. So...that was reason they were breaking in. Another damned lab for experimenting on her kind. It seemed whenever she had any doubts about leaving home for the shadows, LeFey would receive a reminder like this. She couldn't have stayed, even if she wanted. There was no more place for her in the company.

@All <<We need to locate the entrance to the basement. After that, we can order the surrounding area cleared out so no one sees us enter. To answer your question, Overdrive, a technomancer's abilities work much like hacking technology. There has to be a connection to the device they want to break into. In a pinch (like our current situation), you should plan your defense as if they were a hostile decker.>> She left it at that. There wasn't much of a point in revealing what she was. As far as LeFey knew, current technology simply couldn't cope with some of the stranger powers she could bring to bear. For her, that was a considerable advantage, but the same might not be said of her teammates. Why worry them?
Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:20 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

@All--Let's have a status from everyone please. Any luck finding the basement entrance? Is the main floor empty of patients? What's the water situation look like? Remember, silence is our enemy right now. I'm going to assume the worst if no response.

Al, Overdrive - Do you gentlemen want to meet before entering the facility, or go in separate and meet on the inside? Have one of you been recording the movements inside so we have a general map of the explored areas. Are the drones recording positioning to also create a map for us?

That vacation is looking even more appealing now...Oh, this house looks nice...5 bedrooms, 8 baths, with a media room seating 10 and dining/kitchen space for catering too...may have to tour that later...
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:20PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Lany was looking around the main floor for the patient's the crew was supposed to be extracting when she realized the time for her to check-in had passed. "Keep your head in the game, Lany." she said to herself. She found her mind could not seem to shake the images that the patients here were being turned into experiments, just like Horizon had done to her. And it filled Lany with anger towards whoever was responsible.

<<@All: Pandora checking in, so far no sign of our patients or an entrance to the basement. I have a few more hallways to check, but I will be passing through the CIC on my way to them.>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:20PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

"SimStar twenny-twenny check in. Perfect world is we all three goes in together - we's already split up eight ways ta Sunday. Jist keep in mind you got a quiet entry option, but us fellers out here come in, jig gon' be up. Keep that in mind afore soundin' the charge. An' we shore don' wanna git loud afore y'all find that basement entry."

Al could barely believe the words he was saying. finding the entrance to some secret computer telepathy lab, and then going in? But there was nothing for it now - he knew Peaches would go in. Damn. He'd thought switching the plant with one of the extractees was a fairly slick idea, for which he'd congratulated himself several times, but it meant that their primary objective was slaved to their secondary, and that had gotten a helluva a lot trickier with the revelations of the last ten minutes.
Thursday August 22nd, 8:20PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

@All: <<Overdrive checking in. Don't know that they're going to find a basement entry in there - there was nothing on the plans that even remotely pointed to it, even in the stuff they wouldn't be likely to doctor; believe me, I've been taking a pretty close look. Might be a separate entrance to help keep things secret and staff separated. Recon's over the docks now, so I'm looking to see what the situation is there...>> He commanded the drone's pilot to do the neccesary checking, while he pulled his maps and such into greater focus.

@All: <<I've been keeping fairly close track on positions, too, to keep things coordinated. Waiting on a drone to finish mapping the super-secret basement right now; it's set to run completely EM dark while it does this so that it doesn't get somehow cracked by one of the 'patients' down there. Best hold off on making any plans until after we know where the basement is, but I'm considering the idea that we might want to pull a couple people from the inside crew before making an entrance - and I'm probably gonna need some help to keep them all out of my gear when we get in there; damn new Matrix protocols mean you need a deck just to fragging defend yourself from hackers.>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:21PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

Al's voice rasped throught the transceiver net:"Reckon we had a good plan to start, folks, but with patients scarce in whut was supposed ta be the residential area, all bets is off. While we wait fer the drone to come back with a better picture o' things an' as long as no one's tipped to us yet, it is high time y'all in there had a heart ta heart with the frog, cuz if goin' in as a mole means checkin' into a secret technofreak factory farm, he may well be out the door, in which case primary objective becomes a no go. So find out what he wants ta do post haste."
[Overdrive: Thursday August 22nd 2075, 20:21; SMHF]

Titus cursed quitely for not really considering that point - he'd gotten very used to dealing with drones that just did whatever the hell he instructed. @All: <<Yeah, that's a fair point. Waterfront's not much help, by the way - no real docks, just some launches for watercraft for people with more money than sense. Can be sure that'll be secured, too. Gonna start scanning from the facility grounds, and spiral out from there...>> He laid in the course on the Fly-Spy, and pulled up the staff files. If they want to keep the basement facility secret, they'd have to pay the people working there somehow... Might be they're on the payroll here; hell, they could even use coming to work here as a cover, and then move to the basement however that's done... He began examining them in much closer detail than he had at any point in the past, looking for unusual redundancies, unnecessary personnel, and any other indication he could find of some record of the basement facility's staff. Hopefully, if he found something, there'd be logs of the security video they could check through to see where these people were going.
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075 8:23PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

As Lany finished searching the North wing of the building with little results, she passed a few orderly drones on her way back to the CIC, leading one of the few patients she had scene. A young woman, not stupefied like the Technomancers held below, who Lany quickly recognized was not one of their marks. Her face held nothing but despair. She strode quickly past the trio, taking a turn down the next hallway she could.

She listened to the teams chatter, and realized Al had a point. They couldn't just leave the Mole here knowing he was going to be turned into a laboratory experiment. They needed a new plan. She picked up her pace until she reached the CIC, approaching Collot with worry in her face. "What should we do?" she said to the team, "We can't leave you here, now that we know what they are going to do to you; what they are already doing to those people down there. Do we just get them all out of here as soon as we can and worry about the consequences later?"
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:15PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

LeFey rolls her eyes at Al's comment. <<We'll get back to you with Monsieur Collot's answer.>> Frog, indeed. The witch was floating in the host, contemplating their situation. <<L...Pandora. That's not a viable option at all. A mass breakout of mental patients would lead to a manhunt. And if people learned they were technomancers...>> Even on the matrix, she felt a chill run through her body. << could turn into another Hong Kong.>> LeFey shook her head. <<No, we should wait for the drones to finish searching the basement. Someone has to come out sometime.>> They couldn't have a self-contained arcology down there. The witch begins preparing for trouble, drawing another circle on the floor.
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

QUOTE (Always Overkill @ Mar 12 2014, 03:48 PM) *
"We can't leave you here, now that we know what they are going to do to you; what they are already doing to those people down there. Do we just get them all out of here as soon as we can and worry about the consequences later?"
Collot smiled down at Lany as he scratched thoughtfully at the allbut invisible scar from the voice implant"We know nothing yet, only that there are people where there should be none! We don’t even now that they are my kind, although the evidence points that way, non?"

[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Unknown matrix node, Seattle]

Silk brushed away a hovering insect that resembled a small dragonfly-winged horse and watched as it careened off to be snapped up by looming blossom.

“Look, coming up to the driveway, two cars…”

“We see them”
Summer replied and then she sat abruptly down in the loam at the edge of the Resonance well “and I feel something, something that has been lurking at the edge of my visions for the last couple of months. It feels like Winter again…”

“The Disonant rather than the season I assume?”

“Yes, it feels like him/her/it, although I don’t think he will show his hand quite so obviously this time…we had thought our brush with him in ’72 ended too easily, despite the valiant efforts of the tribes involved”

“We’d better warn our runners. It would be too much of a coincidence for him to be just driving by..”

[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

<<@xxx [Silk]: Incoming. We don’t know what to expect but it can’t be good! >>

Two matte black Range Rovers are approaching along Killarney Way and sure enough they pull into the entrance drive to Sound Mental Health. The lead car pulls up to the security building and despite the top-down view you clearly see the muffled flash of weapon fire between the burly human that alights and the unsuspecting and very unfortunate security guard enjoying the evening shift…

The ping from the wandering return of the spy drone is almost lost in the sudden stream of tactical data...but the three dimensional map of the underground facility never the less begins to unfurl across your feeds...
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:24PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

With two major datafeeds coming in simultaneously, Al spit, split the tiny screen on his MetaLink between the real-time satellite pictures and the drone's schematics download, then enabled the wireless feature on his eyes and routed everything to his image link.

The sudden wave of nausea that hit him as the images overlaid his real-world view of the parking area made him throw up a little bit in his mouth. Hmm. He could still taste the soy-chicken from his supper. Those flavor-enhancers were the real deal these days.

He scanned the underground plans with an engineer's eye, and then watched the other feed as the newcomers' vehicles rapidly approached. They had perforated the poor working schmuck at the gate without so much as a how-do-you-do. No kid gloves tonight.

In an instant he came up with three basic options.

The first was his favorite, in which they realized nothing was as it was supposed to be and they were about to get sandwiched between two opposing and superior forces and therefore made an immediate exfil. But he knew these kids would never go for it, so he saved his breath - the Rovers were already headed up the drive.

He switched off the AR and all wifi functions and keyed his mic: "MovieIdol here, seein' two main options. Fast an' dirty has outside team stopping these new bad guys out here, while inside makes a beeline for the main underground entrance in the therapy building, and goes in hard. Tricky an' risky has us all lay low, let the new guys an' site security kill each other, then we do a main entrance-vent entry pincer and clean up. One we end up dead, an' the other'll git us killed, but choose yer poison quick or events gon' pass us by."
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075 8:24PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Lany swallowed hard as she watched the feed of the 2 Range Rovers bursting onto the scene and firing their way through the Security at the gate. "Now who the frag are they?"

As she listened to Al's rundown of their possible next moves, Lany wanted to know more.

<<@Overdrive [Pandora]: Do you have a count on our new friends? How many are we dealing with?>>
Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:25 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

@All - I'm ready now. This sitting and waiting is ridiculous. We have our objectives and the smash and kill seems a bit out of order and will likely make our lives more difficult. I'm heading up to the main entrance now.

Quickly ensuring the passenger seat is available, checking the straps of her alpha and other holstered weapons and clips, Nikki puts Sam into drive and makes her way to the main entrance.

Anyone wanting to hitch a ride with me, be at the gate in 30...Inside crew has 25 seconds to wave me off before I'll make the entrance turn.

Finally - something to do!...I drive up to the gate, pick up whoever wants to head into the facility with me, dispatch the rude visitors and help the inside group get this job done...

[Overdrive, August 22, 2075, 8:25 PM, SMHF]

@All <<Hold off a minute, I need to get into position. Windows are tinted, so their numbers are unknown; based on the vehicles, though, double digits are possible. Going in without fire support may be suicidal, but I've got the firepower - let the Lynx take point. Inside team, you guys need to decide for yourselves, but you can get at the basement level through the vents, and I'd say at least some of you need to. Might be these guys are here for our secondary, which would mean either we give up on it or beat them to it. Besides, I'm sure at least some of you would prefer not to be caught in the crossfire. As for the mole, well, you're gonna need to make a pretty fast decision about whether you want to stay topside or head into the basement.>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:15PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

<<Most likely, they outnumber us. Whoever this group is, they wouldn't be attempting a frontal assault unless they had enough equipment and people. We'll wait for the hospital security to engage them. Knight Errant can't be far behind, either.>> LeFey knew from experience. She once called Bellevue home. <<With all the chaos, everyone should be too distracted to stop us from completing the job. Monsieur Collot? Are you ready?>> It was as good a plan as they could have come up with, under the circumstances. But there was something deeply unsettling about letting people kill each other as a distraction.

The circle began shedding a soft light as LeFey wove the last strand of the Resonance into it. Nonetheless, she had a team to look out for and a job to complete. It was probably the best option available.

"By my will, let the circle be closed," LeFey spoke in a whisper. Not that it was necessary. No one could hear her voice, save the one she was calling out to. As if in response, the circle glowed more intensely. "And by the oath that binds us, let the gate be opened." The interior of the circle shattered, revealing a hole in space from which the Resonance flowed. A direct portal to the Realms. "Come forth, denizen of the Matrix. Come forth, Daughter of Air."
[Overdrive, August 22, 2075, 8:25 PM, SMHF]

@All <<She's got a point. We're not gonna be able to complete the objective fast enough to ice these guys and get out of here before the big guns show up.>>
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075 8:25PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

<<@Outside team [Pandora]: Do you guys think you could get into the Therapy building before our new friends? Its probably the entrance they are heading for, and the facility's Security should slow them down long enough for you guys to set up a nice surprise for them when they try to get into the basement.>>
Nikki, August 22, 2075, 8:25 PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

@All, I think I'll take a call sign of Mother. While we do need to proceed cautiously, we also need to move quickly. The incoming visitors need to be isolated before than can get inside and create more havoc. An outside distraction to buy the inside crew time seems as if it would be the most effective overall. We can let onsite security and local law enforcement handle most of the problem. We then become a last line of defense for the inside to get the job done and help them get out. I'll try to drive up behind, and then around the new vehicles to get in front of them as Pandora suggested. Anyone want to ride with me?

[Ali Moneaux, Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

Ali had navigated her way to the doctor’s lounge and with the passcards they had been issued as the HVAC crew, entered the room without incident. She made a casual quick sweep of the room to make certain she was alone before she targeted the specific doctor’s locker. LeFey had done her research, targeting the one doctor who would be the first to notice Collot’s insertion into the facility. It was Ali’s job to make sure Dr. Evan Braithwaite was no longer employed by the Sound Mental Health Facility before their mole could be detected.

Her insurance to make that happen was stashed in the toolbox that rested on the bench beside her. She located Dr. Braithwaite's locker and was grateful that there was both a row of lockers between herself and the door as well as a cold air supply return very near her target that she could use as her cover should anyone enter. She looked at the lock securing the individual locker, sizing it up and planning her approach before she got to work. She pulled specialized tools of her trade from within the belt slung at her hips and started to crack the lock.

It felt like an eternity because she was up against the pressure of multiple responsibilities on this run, but when the lock gave way with a satisfying click, her smile widened as she looked at the time.

I said I'd do it in 7, and got it done in 5.

The sly smile on her lips was quickly diminished as the scene from the front gates was broadcast across her field of vision.


She slid on a pair of disposable gloves she picked up from the facility and quickly placed the contraband into the Doctor's locker, concealing it within some of his personal items before shutting the locker door and making sure the lock reengaged. She was quick to pack up all her things, putting all her tools back into place before she stepped out of the lounge and back into the hall.

<<@all [Nyx]: My package has been delivered. If we're accelerating our timeline, I can make the descent into the Therapy Building with or without our precious cargo. Anyone have an estimate of Knight Errant's arrival?>>

She picked up her pace as she hit the hallway heading towards their new target as everything they had planned started to unravel.
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:25PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

Al settled into his perch as the airwaves crackled with life in response to the new threat. The computerey one with the blue eyes and auburn hair had made a strong point in favor of his suggestion they let the opposing forces cancel one another out, but several others seemed to be in favor of interdiction, with the expensive-looking one apparently headed north with violence on her mind at this moment. Well, if she hit the bastards, then that was the play he'd have to back. And then high-tail it inside when that was cleaned up, because Peaches, true to form and bless her trouble-loving heart, was still locked onto getting the job done.

He congratulated himself for coming up with not one but two such attractive plans, but wished things were a bit more like on the trid. They always had one character - either a human male too busy to shave but with plenty of time for skin treatments and hair product, or a female elf with racially uncharacteristic bosoms - bark out the plan and everyone else just hopped to it. As it was, he felt a bit unclear on where his new compatriots' plan would be by the time the SK-Bentley hit the parking area, but reckoned if classy-girl came out shooting he and the drone guy had better be ready.

He keyed his mic without taking his eye off his scope: "Overdrive, whichever way this shakes, best git them toys on station. Mother, we's jist north of the parkin' circle, an' will have yore back whatever play y'all makes."
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle]

Mother?!?, Silk blanched at the mention of that handle, although the matrix couldn’t render such a subtle tell. She just hoped that this runner had as much competence as her own Mother had, and that she didn’t meet the same fate. Despite the years the pain was still fresh and she could steel feel the coppery stickiness of that blood in the back of her throat.

She watched as the two Rovers thundered up the drive towards the main building, the lone gun man who had stepped out entering the security building by himself. Either he was supremely confident in his ability to take on the four or five sec personnel that should be in there or there was more going on that was immediately apparent.

Mother was pursuing them in a limo of all things whilst the tactical display showed her the approximate locations of Overdrive and Holywood as they tried to bracket the incomers…

“Aria, Summer, can you tell if an alarm has been raised?”

Aria trailed her hand through the pool of resonance and licked the dripping silvery stuff from her fingers

“Nothing yet…that seems funny doesn’t it…?”
Always Overkill
Lany Argyle, Thursday August 22nd, 2075 8:26PM, Sound Mental Health Facility, Kilarney Way, Bellevue, Seattle

Intently watching the events unfold before her, Lany listened as the outside team scrambled into position to deal with the unexpected threat and debated their next move. Hearing Overdrive's estimates on their numbers Lany chimed in,

<<@Outside Team[Pandora]: Do you guys need me to get into position to give you some backup? Seems like there are quite a few of them out there.>>

She noted the casual way the shooter strode by himself into the Security building, where there were supposed to be at least 4 more guards. Why didn't HE have backup? Lany thought to herself. "Where are the other guards?" she said out loud, then as she said the words a realization hit her, the alarms aren't on.

<<@All [Pandora]: We have another problem, the alarms in this place should be going off by now, and there should be 4 more guards at the Security building returning fire. There aren't any; and the shooter just strode into the place like he was going Christmas shopping. They must already have someone inside disguised as a guard, how else could they have kept the alarms from sounding? I think its a safe bet that Knight Errant doesn't even know anything is going on here.>>
[Thursday August 22nd, 2075; 8:25PM, technowitch central, Seattle]

Eye in the scope, Al could see the headlights coming up the drive. He glanced at a neighboring tree to get a feel for the wind. Into the mic: "That's a negatory, Pandora," he hissed. "Would leave the package…" and most importantly, Peaches, he thought… "vulnerable. Mother, these jokers got some sorta ace up they sleeve. They's a brand o' cocky I ain't none too fond of, an' I'm 'bout ready ta see how their plan survives first contact with a tungsten carbide penetrator out of a thirty-ought-six cupronickel jacket. How you gon' come at 'em?"
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