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Is Dumpshock accepting new members still? A friend of mine tried to join a few weeks ago (sent the email manually as well) and has yet to be able to post.
Jolly Buccaneer
Apparently I derped it up and can actually post.
Absolutely. Because of the advancements in exploiting auto-registration by spam engines, we reverted to a manual registration process a few years ago. The time spent manually validating accounts was literally less that 10% of the time spent dealing with spammers that could get around the various controls on auto-registration.

We apologize for the confusion it causes, but in the long run it makes a much cleaner board with less resources to maintain.


There is a stickied topic in the shadowrun forum. I will copy it here for posterity.
* LINK *

QUOTE (Redjack @ Jun 6 2011, 10:07 AM) *
For a number of reasons automated activation of accounts are disabled. Given the number of issues this has resolved related to the Terms of Service [ See link in the upper left corner], this process will not be changing anytime soon. Most relevant examples include:
QUOTE (Terms of Service)
2. No spamming the forums.....

6. No alternate accounts. Users of DSF may post under one account only. If multiple accounts are discovered to belong to one user, the additional accounts will be terminated.....

To have your new account activated, once you create an account, simply send an email (from the account you registered with) to forums (a) requesting activation.

Thank you for your understanding,

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