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So I'm honestly surprised there isn't a thread for this already. But I figured since the Open Beta is starting today, I ought to do my Civic Duty and point as many folks as I can toward Wildstar.

Okay, Elevator Pitch time!

Wildstar is a sci-fi action adventure MMO with a rich and colorful universe and a keen sense of humor. The story revolves around the discovery of the legendary planet Nexus, long lost homeworld of a mysterious hyper advanced alien species known as the Eldan. This discovery has sparked off an interstellar land grab, part of an ongoing struggle between the forces of The Dominion, a sauve galaxy-spanning military empire forged by races hand-picked by the Eldan to be their successors, and The Exiles, a rugged group of outlaws, mercenaries, and refugees from various bizarre worlds, fighting to remain independant (and generally just alive) in the face of Dominion hostilities.

So basically you pick your loyalties, choose your preferred class from some rather... unique... options, chisel out some attractive features for your character (literally in the case of the Granok), and go to town exploring a world of danger, technology, magic, and possibly mounds of immense wealth and treasure. Oh, and probably bust a gut laughing.


I was in all of the earlier betas and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to May 30th when I can start playing the full release of it.
Trying out the open beta. Figured I'd give it a fair chance instead of dismissing it outright due to it being owned and published by NCSoft.

So far it's pretty fun. Not sure if I wanna invest money into it though, especially given my earlier reservations about the longevity of NCSoft games.

Playing Dominion side as GuardiaZero if anyone wants to messge me.

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