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Full Version: Dragon*con 2014, August 29-September 1, Atlanta, GA
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The Masked Ferret
This is the big convention of the year here in Georgia - Dragon*con. There will be Shadowrun aplenty there. As more information comes out, I will update this post.

* Update * - GM Signup Google Form -
* Update * - From Dog:

Please use the link to sign up.

Please help out. Please recruit your friends/family that know Shadowrun.

Please forward this to other Shadowrun GMs from last year(s) in case I forgot someone.

Please help me!

Hello All,

All of you have either expressed interest or have GMed for me. I need GMs.. I need as many GMs as I can get for Shadowrun Missions. The Games are still 4 hours.. but the tables are 5 hours.. this keeps me from having to yell at you and your players to get off the table for the next group. Also it gives you a few minutes to run to the facilities.

We have 3 slots F/S/S and 2 on Mon. Technically there is a 4th slot (in the middle of the am when we should be sleeping) that we could use but I am not crazy enough to run anything then.

Please let me know how many slots (hopefully 6) you are willing to run, and what your preferences are I try to always observe your preferences but I cant always accommodate..

your D*CON SRM whipping boy err I mean organizer.

PS> if you know people that have not been a SRM GM in the past for me but would like to do it, please send them my contact into. More the merrier.
DoG XinU
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The Masked Ferret
We are starting GM Signups. Contact me, and I will get you in touch with the Organizer.
The Masked Ferret
Plea from the organizer for more GMs.
The Masked Ferret
Gaming pre-registration is now closed. See you at the Con!
The Masked Ferret
Dragon*Con is almost upon us! Will anyone be joining us there?
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