Does anyone know how to remove the following error. (It appears to have been an update that didn't properly instal).

The error appears after trying to open Chummer. It is headed Microsoft .NET Framework. It then refers to an unhandled exception occurring in a component in the application.

The details start with "System.Xml.XmlException: Name cannot begin with the ' ' character [this may be " character], hexadecimal value 0x20. LIne 33. Position 36."

Then it says this is at about a dozen locations.

It also refers to Loaded Assemblies mscorlib.

There is a reference to JIT (Just in time) debugging which appears only to be understandable to a computer programmer.

I have searched Microsoft NET. Framework. The ' ' (or ") character doesn't appear anywhere.

Reinstalling Chummer doesn't work. This appears to be an error that's not part of the basic Chummer probgram.

The sytem will eventually work if you press the available 'continue' button. A window opens that says 'Chummer Update'. You can't do anything with that window; it just sits on the computer screen. However if you close it, after an interval the Chummer program starts. However it not seems to have errors. Skill Values don't add up properly. Various options from "House Rules" etc. are ignored.

Wondering if anyone might have an answer.

Thanks. hobbitshire.