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This one I can possibly answer. In my opinion the megacorps have a whole lot of economical leverage over states and governments. Sure, the megacorps produce their goods, but they're bound to use some local suppliers for parts - for cost efficiency. If a national government were to anger them so substantially (and barbed wire does that because it erects all kind of discomfort for the corp citizens - they might realise the prison they're in), a megacorp could put down a boot and get those parts from elsewhere. Sure, it#ll cost more, but not that much, and they can afford to teach the local governments a lesson. This'll hit the local suppliers, and hard. They'll go bankrupt in two months flat if their main customer stops buying. A lot of middle sized local machine shops/factories are bound to one customer.
So, people will lose their jobs which means losing popularity and there will be less taxes to derive from. The megacorps won't pay taxes to their host country either way.
What's the net gain? Because this seems like a loss to me.

Not at all. Let's say El Presidente gets regular blowjobs from the local Mitsuhama PR office, but has a constant argument with the local Ares office. Mitsuhama would be absolutely delighted to take over Ares contracts across La Republica de las Bananas, while the Ares offices get walled off like a cyst. Hell, even the threat of that would probably make Ares either consider open war against La Republica (which probably wouldn't work, because of Mitsuhama backing) or open a branch office of Apologies and Buttsex for the sole benefit of El Presidente and whoever's on his VIP list.

As long as the megacorps can be played off against each other, or walled off, or kicked out and their stuff appropriated (Hi, Aztlan!) they're not going to be supreme in their conflicts with national governments. Even banana-oriented ones.